Nikita Review: Give Me the Damn Glock!

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It's a whole new Division on Nikita Season 3, but in many ways it's just the same.

With Percy dead, Division has been revamped to do good. Ryan Fletcher's at the helm with Nikita and Michael by his side. The government offered amnesty to any former Division agents that came in; and while many did, some of the most dangerous decided to go rogue.

Post-Coital for Mikita

In "3.0," the first task of the new Division was to track down these rogue agents, The Dirty Thirty, and take care of them. Their inaugural mission was to hunt down Martin, who discretely killed a CIA asset in Hong Kong.

The mission didn't go according to plan at all. Martin was smart and got suspicious when the model he was sleeping with received a wrong number phone call. With that chaos ensued, Martin broke the model's neck and called the police to report the assault in the hopes that Nikita and Michael would be taken into custody.

Right away, it became apparent that the task to bring down The Dirty Thirty is not going to be an easy one. Nikita and Michael will be tracking down basically themselves. These are former Division agents; they are smart, talented, physically formidable, and not going down without a fight. Each take-down will be a kill or be killed situation.

Ryan was previously an analyst, which predisposes him to run the mission in an analytical manner. While Nikita is used to making her own decisions, running her own missions, and using her field experience and intuition to get the job done and safely. These two polar opposites working together is going to be a challenge.

It's difficult to question Nikita's actions since she knows what's important, she's on the ground, and is aware of what needs to be done. At the same time, Ryan had a point when he told Nikita that he can see everything and may have information that she doesn't have. Going forward, these two are going to butt heads and often. It will be a fun ride!

Will Ryan be able to maintain the moral integrity of the new Division? Or, is a secret organization such as Division destined to be corrupt? Within the first few hours of the first mission, Ryan already strayed from his convictions when he gave into Birkhoff's request to hack the CIA. One small step toward disaster....

The tone of Nikita has changed going into season 3. The angry Nikita seeking revenge and the destruction of Division is gone. In its place is a happier Nikita, who does yoga and considers having tea with a couple of regular gals. Her fight now is legitimate and sanctioned by the President. 

It's the same team, but a whole new feel. Alex's cover is blown, but as a team member she can use her notoriety  Sean is by Alex's side. Birkhoff's in the pit guiding the missions. And, Nikita and Michael take the lead with Ryan heads it all. 

None of them are running or hiding for their lives any more from Percy, Division or the government. They can have more normal lives, while remaining secret agents. That's why it was the perfect time for Michael to propose to Nikita.

What a proposal! I loved that Michael wouldn't leave without the ring. The shocked look on Nikita's face was awesome. For two spies, it was the perfect engagement story. Wonder who will be Michael's Best Man? Alex has to be the Maid of Honor, right? Aww. Can't wait to see her walk down the aisle. That's assuming they actually make it there. Anything's possible on Nikita.

The quest to track down The Dirty Thirty is going to be dangerous, but if the pace of the premiere is any indication, each episode will be a non-stop thrill ride. 

Odds and Ends

  • What did Birkhoff do to upset Sonya? They had such good chemistry together.
  • Alex's Alexandra Udinoff persona was a nice touch on the mission. While she can't go undercover anymore, I hope they don't overuse "Alexandra." 
  • Sean looked good by Alex's side, but he didn't have much to do this week. Looking forward to him being more than just arm candy or protection for Alex.
  • What's up with Alex and Sean's relationship? Didn't really see anything about it in this episode. (For insight into what's coming, read our interview with Dillon Casey.)
  • What is Amanda up to? How many rogue agents aligned with her? With Percy gone and Division reclaimed by the government, what could she want now?
  • A female President? Nicely done, Nikita!
  • Birkhoff cut off Nikita's communication on Ryan's order. Which side will he ultimately take if a life or death situation comes up? 
  • What a horrible situation for Ryan to be facing with the President willing to burn Division down. Will he let Nikita in on what's at stake?
  • Michael: Give me the damn Glock!
    Nikita: Where are you going?
    Michael: To get your damn engagement ring. | permalink
  • Nikita: You had me at "Give me the damn Glock." | permalink
Do you love the new tone of the show? What about that proposal? Oh la la!
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Finally, the best action show on tv has returned!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Love the new division!! Ryan looks mighty hot conflicted!! Nikita looks glowing in this episode. Birkhoff's Oh No You Didn't crack me up!!! hahahha XD Alex giving the cop a headache over her earrings. Love the line Nikita throws back at Martin, "Loved ones are a liability. I'm glad I have more than one." Badass and heart-warming.


And the best show on the CW is back !! Ahhhh Maggie Q,how i've missed your exotic looks on my t.v. Awesome return,Is it Friday yet ?




I look forward to the 'one down, twenty-nine to go' goal for Division. It's something to look forward to in future episodes in regards to the rogue ex-Division members.


villain-of-the-week format was real danger


Loved this episode. The show as changed a lot and so have the characters. It was great seeing Michael going back for the engagement ring and Nikita having the shocking look on her face. I can't wait till the next episode it looks even better and I think this season will be awsome.