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"The Plague Dogs" was a disappointing episode - and I really hate saying that because all of the ingredients for a good installment were included here. 

But, when everything is mixed together and you taste the end result, things just end up turning out bland and overdone.

The Search For Miles

Maggie’s death is supposed to bring dramatic weight and spark a change in the characters she’s surrounded herself with, and while that change might have come to fruition in Miles... did anyone of us actually think he would pack up and leave Charlie?

That kind of emotional plot threat doesn’t ever work because viewers know that isn’t going to happen unless he gets skewered by an arrow, and only Charlie’s head nearly intercepted an arrow’s flight path tonight.

Getting back to Maggie: it’s sickening that the only decent character that sparks any resonance in the post-apocalypse-pack aside from Miles is getting axed almost immediately. She literally went to the ends of the country to get back to her children in England after the lights went out, and she had the pleasure of reliving all the things she wished she could have done better had she been given a second chance.

When she got denied any opportunity to get to England, Maggie lost all hope. And she was so defeated and searching, without any success, to find the words that accurately described her helplessness and her guilt. So much so that she poisoned herself. Is a character with that much potential really one we should be sacrificing when the rest of the cast hasn’t been elevated to that status?

Nate is supposedly a militia member, but whatever amazing skills he brings to the table suddenly vanish when Charlie is around because he’s so completely, unbelievably, love struck that any and all attempts to save her are rendered useless. Miles might be a giant jerk, but Uncle gets the job done whether it fits Charlie’s highly evolved moral compass or not.

Check box number one: overdone.

Revolution’s continuing epic saga of walking in Danny’s general direction would have a whole lot more impact if it could be set up in a way that made me care about Danny. But aside from the family bond, I don’t particularly have any interest in his character. Zero of the plot has been set aside for his character in terms of building it up in any way whatsoever, and, aside from his run in with Grace, hanging out in the back of a horse cart gets old quickly.

Charlie continues to be a character that I flip flop on. At times there’s moments of greatness and heroism, and at other times she is full of bad decisions and teenage meltdowns. Those traits don’t exactly fit with the girl that has been forced to grow up too quickly. The only reason I don’t wish that arrow went right through her skull is because of Maggie. Maggie sold me on that special something Charlie brings to the table, but I do hope it shows up sooner rather than later.

Check box number two: bland.

So, what did I enjoy about the episode? The core three of Miles, Tom and Rachel elevated this episode from hair pulling. There are layers and motivations for their actions, and it seems they are all beginning to come together. Tom knows what Danny’s worth to Monroe, and he’s proven himself to be a smart man who can read people, so it’s not hard to imagine that Danny is just the bait to get what Monroe really wants: Miles or Charlie.

Monroe probably thinks that one of them has the pendant, not Aaron.

Miles being a part of the Militia at one time continues to bring up interesting questions, and the list grows longer as we find out he is the one that ripped Rachel away from her family. Speaking of Rachel, the scene as she walks away from her family is incredibly powerful in the way it’s set up.

In the first shot we’re just shown her back, and there is nothing but hardened resolve. For Rachel to show anything would break her children’s confidence, and that is something she didn’t want to do in that scene; so, as we near the end of the episode and are treated to what’s going on with her back to the children, it becomes readily apparent she didn’t want to leave them - in fact, she was barely keeping it together.

Two other thoughts:

  1. Rachel is drawing up plans for a machine. Please don’t be human powered.
  2. Do all flashbacks happen on one paved road?

What did you think of tonight’s Revolution?


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I have been very disappointed with this show. I had such high expectations for Kripke. Supernatural was one of my favorite shows when he was still on board. The problem that I have so far is that it's just not believable. Post-apocalyptic worlds are not this clean. The characters look like they just finished shooting a make up/shampoo commercial. Also there's not enough chaos. Governments have collapsed which means no order. The Road or the walking dead is a better example of what a post apocalyptic world LOOKS like. For me its the look test. Also the acting is horrible. I feel like at times I'm watching the A-team or some other 70's action sitcom.


I love billy's character and charlie is quite OK for me. Aaron's harder to warm to. Was disappointed that danny fell for evil tom's rhetoric, why so naive danny? especially after all those years of survival training. maggie was a bit unappealing looking but a great character. but i hadnt quite got her under my skin so wasnt too sad when she died nate' s a wanker so far.


In last week's episode I actually liked Danny, because it was shown he's quite clever and willing to save himself. But all that was negated this episode - absolutely disappointing.
And I am still annoyed with Charlie. Nothing that character does works for me. But Miles, Monroe and Rachel are just great! Their storylines, the background, the actors... I like it all. It's actually their story that keeps me watching.


Maggie was the one character with a lot of potential. I really wanted to see her meet rachel and more. She is the one that almost makes me like charly and she dies? I love Billy, but he can do only so much. And danny.. what the hell was that? to show he is such a good boy? ugh why on earth would you save that. and miles shouting at Charly, good for him, please shout some more at her, maybe then she'll shut up. Still can't get over the fact that they killed maggie. I don't see the point. Why would they do that? To show that nobody is safe? could have killed someone else for that, not the one character who is a bit interesting.


I for one am one t=of the people that watches this show because... I actually like it. What a concept. This episode was the best but I did enjoy it. Maggie was a good character and as sad as it was to see her die, I totally get why they did it. Also to how they got the dogs to stop barking, if you watched, Miles grabbed the mad mans whistle. Stii like Charlie, sad because she has now ost pretty much everyone in her life now. Love Miles and Nora by far my favorite characters right now.


The episode had many faults. Perhaps because I have a toothache, I kept wondering about dentistry too. I didn't know Maggie well enough to care about her enough to feel sorry that she died. It might have been useful to put more of her backstory in other episodes. Instead, we learned about her story, then she bit the dust. I had to watch some parts of it twice online just to figure out holes in the plot. Then there were the dogs. When Miles said he took care of them, somehow he apparently managed to kill them all at once because they instantly stopped barking. If you want to watch a good post-apocalyptic series (cancelled too soon) watch Survivors, the 2008 British series which is available to watch instantly via Netflix or Amazon.


Ugh this series! The only time I liked Revolution was Maggie's scenes this episode and now she's dead. I guess I give up on Revolution.


i agree they shouldnt have kill maggie. miles would ever leave charlie. maggie was a great character and she brought alot to the time. its very sad they kill off so quickly.


I am glad Danny didn't let Neville die, because it showed his goodness and innocence. Something which their post-blackout world is seriously lacking. Charlie still has a little bit of it herself. It was sad about Maggie, especially given how sad her backstory was. But I figured she wouldn't last long when the real mom appeared alive and secondly in this ep when it started to build up her sad backstory. I don't really like the actress that plays Charlie, but I guess Charlie as a character is somewhat decent. I really don't like Nate or whatever his name is - I think it is in part due to the bad casting for the character IMO. My favorite characters in terms of being interesting to watch is Miles, Neville, Monroe, and possibly Rachel. I also like Danny more than Charlie. And I liked Maggie.


They really need some new writers on this show.
These writers are some of the weakest writers for any show I've seen recently. They are ignorant about the basic things in real life. The chase scenes with the dogs ... LUDICROUS. Those people wouldn't have gotten more than 10 feet, from the spot they were standing on, when they had started to run away and that's in both scenes with the running dogs. Then it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO predictable:
After the tornado, Danny saves the evil guy and the evil guy does what he does best; turns on Danny. Was anyone but the chimpanzee's surprised? In real life, if I had been mistreated and held prisoner, I would assessed my circumstances (free) and my evil captor (pinned like a stuck pig) as a sign. I would have said. "I'm not murdering you, in cold blood like you have done so many times I'm leaving it up to God. If God wants you to live then that big thing hanging up there won't fall on you and your men will find you." Another thing that's HORRIBLE about this show is this. The show's characters came from an INFORMATION Age. Even if there are no digital things to see there are still libraries. Are you telling me that there are no steam vehicles (trains, cars, boats) or no tall ships using wind that have been built or any other types of transportation vehicles that have been created? That's bullshit. I'd bet in the real world, after the panic, famine, looting and other crap, we'd be on our way to something like the first industrial revolution prior to electricity. This show is stupid on so many levels that I hardly see it lasting a full season. If it does last then it clearly shows how incredibly dumb the average television viewer is about science, physics, survival, animals (dogs run much faster than humans) and many other things. It's got me sucked in, for the moment, and I watch cause I keep hoping it will get better.

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