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Rutger Hauer has signed on for True Blood Season 6.

The veteran movie star and Golden Globe winner will join the cast as a series regular, TV Line reports, coming on board as a sinister character named Macklyn. Look for him to have close ties to Sookie and Jason.

Rutger Hauer

Season 5, of course, concluded with Bill going all Lilith on us and with the strong hint that the vampire Warlow would continue to haunt Anna Paquin's Sookie. Might Macklyn have some kind of connection to this mysterious blood sucker?

Hauer has guest-starred on episodes of Smallville and Alias, but this will mark his first steady television role.

True Blood kicks off a gory new season in June 2013.

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I know Rutger Hauer from the movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which he played a vampire. He also was in the tenth kingdom as the huntsman. Both of them he was excellent in. I can't wait to see him in True Blood Season 6 as Macklyn. Wonderful actor and excellent choice.


I'm sorry although Hauer is a good call for the upcoming part in regards to playing this part, I really would love to see David Bowie in here, For some reason David has an old school sex appeal that would rock the show and a kind of charisma to flow. As in regards to Billith, I totally didn't see that coming, I figured he would be possessed or die, but not reborn into a demon like vampire. although it is quite exciting. I wonder Why Jason is seeing his parents, but why didn't sookie hear this conversation going on in his head? If she was that concerned about her brother she would have spotted that. Now Tara and pam....? wtf!!!!? I'm not gonna go there. I'm a little worried Warlow is distant relative to the stackhouse family who was turned long ago. It would make sense. Has anybody questioned yet if sookie is capable of becoming a vampire?


Rutger WAS Anne Rice's inspiration for Lestate, yet he was too old to play the role when it finally filmed...Need I say more? BEST addition to the cast in years....this is going to be a must-see season.


Best. Casting. Decision. Ever.


Before I clicked my guess was Warlow so I am going to stick with that but I just had a random other thought...there is Sookie and Jason's great faerie grandfather (Claude's grandfather if I remember correctly) he is very important to the faerie war and closing the portals. And he knows Eric...if I remember correctly when the grandfather learned of Bill and the vampire hierarchy's interest in Sookie he enlisted Eric to keep an eye on her.

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