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Is it just me or was Scandal one insane hour of television from opening to closing credits? My heart is still racing. I'm maybe even still on the edge of my seat, though it's probably safe for me to lean back now.

"Hunting Season" was seriously intense in more ways than one.

Huck and Olivia

Normally, I find the case-of-the-week aspect of shows like this to be less important than the character development that takes place. Not here, though. This week's case of domestic espionage provided the perfect avenue to drive the show forward.

NSA data-entry man, Artie Hornbacher, comes to Olivia for protection. He knows that the government has created a program, Thorngate, that allows them to spy on average citizens in the name of anti-terrorism and believes they are trying to kill him, or will kill him. Artie gets stashed at Huck's apartment for safety while Olivia does damage control both personal and professional. Her client is aware of her late night phone calls from the White House, as is Cyrus Beene.

Cyrus knows Fitz is a ticking time bomb. At any moment, he might implode and take the country down with him, and Cyrus sees it as his personal mission to keep that from happening, even going so far as to arrange clandestine meetings between Olivia and Fitz if it keeps him happy instead of self-destructive. (That speech was a stellar delivery and is captured on our Scandal quotes page.)

It was fantastic to learn just a little more about Olivia tonight. To date, she seems to be the keeper of the secrets, including her own. We know more about almost every other character than we do about her, so small bits of information are always welcome. Information like the fact that there was a man before Fitzgerald Grant and he's a Senator on the Intelligence Committee now. And Edison Davis was just the man Olivia needed to see. But seeing him causes problems, namely jealousy.

(Side note: What's up with male characters in power having last names as first names, Shonda? Call me. We'll talk.)

Fitz's rage over knowing that Olivia had seen her old flame was insane. No, really. Insane. The scene in the woods between the two of them has momentarily squashed my desire to see these two together, or to see Fitz with anyone at all for that matter. When he gets mad, he gets ugly. He knows exactly what words to use to hurt people.

I was so excited to see Olivia stand up for herself I high-fived her from my living room. She's not the President's property and refuses to allow him to treat her as such. Even though her spurning of his advances caused him to go "nuclear" to stop her case, she needed to put a stop to things, for herself and for him. She cannot move forward as long as she allows herself to be pulled back in. And he is, after all, married.

While Cyrus had the power of Thorngate to spy on the President, Mellie had women's intuition.

The tender moment between Mellie and Fitz while she folded baby clothes and they laughed together made me think that perhaps his icy apology in the limo during the last episode hadn't been a farce. Maybe he was trying to make amends. But that happiness was short-lived. And Mellie, too, refuses to be treated like a pawn in his game.

She's making a plan and her plan involves another spin on the campaign trail. Without Fitz.

Other notable moments from this episode include the rest of the team at Pope & Associates.

  • Aside from Olivia's apartment, Huck's is the first interior of any of the members of Pope & Associates that we've seen so far taking us one step further into his world and his mind. For a second it felt like I was at a very low-grade CTU with Huck hacking away trying to crack the program. And since it's Huck's mind that may actually be cracking this season, learning more about him tonight was fantastic.
  • After catching heat from Abby for weeks now, Quinn has finally put Abby in her place and asserted her own as a member of the team instead of just the coffee and random errand girl.
  • Speaking of Abby, can't say I saw the hook-up between her and David coming, but I also can't say I hate it. I think those two could be good together.
  • David, while not actually a member of Pope & Associates, doesn't doubt that Olivia did whatever it is she did for good reason. Here's hoping his active pursuit of alternate theories behind the bombing don't earn him a spot on Olivia's client roster.

What did you think of "Hunting Season?" Watch for the Scandal Round Table in the coming days, and until then sound off in the comments!


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"Huck and Olivia's relationship is one of my favorites.Complicated as it is. They're kind of each others lifeline. I love that she finally noticed that he might be slipping and his protectiveness of her always moves me. I love Huck." WELL SAID, Blu! I feel the same way every time I see Huck and Olivia together, and I always feel so scared for Huck, because there is that tension within him between the killer and the shy, sweet man that he is.
Last nights episode had it all, breakneck plot evolution, great emotional scenes and witty banter, plus all that power in play to set you on the edge of your recliner, and not let you go until the moment the show was over. I am not a fan of the character of Cyrus, but man, can that guy ACT! Whew! This show is amazing, well written and beautifully acted.


Scandal was great last night!! if you agree come to and tell us about it !! give us your thoughts on last night show! #tellybumdotcom


Could he have laced up her shoes with any less rage. Olivia could have done it herself. As much control the president may have, it's good to see Olivia overpower that with her strength and to not be easily controlled. As for Abby and David, did not like that pairing so much. David suggested getting information on Olivia from the 'inside', which may be tough if he is using Abby for that reason. Was that bar meeting coincidence? Doubt it. Olivia keeps almost everyone in the dark, including Quinn.


My head was spinning last night because all my fave Thursday shows pulled out their A game. I loved this episode. Abby and Harrison have a fun relationship. I was so glad when Quinn finally put Abby in her place. And I'm not opposed to Abby and David.
Huck and Olivia's relationship ia one of my favorites.Complicated as it is. They're kind of each others lifeline. I love that she finally noticed that he might be slipping and his protectiveness of her always moves me. I love Huck. The case of the week was very interesting. Loved it.
I'm not a romantic sap but Olivia and Fitz draw me in every time. Ridiculous chemistry the actors have. They both push and pull and we seen a more intense side of Fitz but it was kind of necessary. It would have been hard to keep buying him as someone who isn't a pushover or lovably pathetic or as presidential if we didn't see him fired up. I love and loathe Mellie. Loved the quadrangle this week.


@Miranda Wicker Fair point. But I see Olivia and Fitz as equal players in their drama. They both have the power to hurt each other terribly. They lash out at each other, but never completely let go.

Miranda wicker

@Janey, I agree about David and Alissa's scenes! They were much needed to balance an otherwise heavy episode. @Simone, Yes, she loves him and she'll keep getting pulled back in, but he was incredibly out of line and has shown himself to be borderline verbally abusive to the women in his life two times now. If he keeps that up and she doesn't at least TRY to stand up to him? She won't be a strong female character that I can respect.


I have to say that I disagree with the reviewer about Olivia standing up to Fitz. I simply did not believe Olivia when she was telling Fitz that she was not his because her every action indicates the opposite. While Olivia does fight it, her love for Fitz clearly overwhelms her and drives her actions. Even after she has made her declaration of independence and has stormed away from Fitz, seeing him on the news breaks her heart.


I loved watching David and Alissa working through the case, she's clearly going to be some comic relief for the show and I'm glad she's there! As for David and Abi, I'm not opposed to the idea of them as a couple, but surely we can all agree that his primary motivation at this stage is information? She's the one that has the biggest problem with Quinn/Lindsay, so he can use that to find out what she knows. I love Scandal, I look forward to seeing it every week!


I wasn't swayed by Mellie's rage towards her husband. I don't agree with Fitz's choices (even though he did honestly fall in love with Olivia) but at the same time Mellie is a manipulative little thing, who works things in her favor ultimately for her own gain.. Her threat did create this new arc, seeing Fitz finally realize that his dream of being with his true love are never going to happen, so he needs to give it up.. I look forward to the heartbreak that comes.. nothinglike amping up the drama. I wanted to punch Abby so bad, but I do every week lol. I'm glad Quinn/Lindsey put her in her place, though I wouldve preferred a more physical approach, but either way I likey. David is ultimately a good guy, and I liked how he figured out that Olivia was the good guy in this


#scandal was great! go to and join the discussion!

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Edison: I took an oath to do the exact opposite of what you're asking me to do.
Olivia: You always did put your career above all.
Edison: Takes one to know one.

Quinn: My story didn't make any sense at first.
Abby: Still doesn't.
Quinn: Everyone thought I was crazy.
Abby: Still do.