Sons of Anarchy Review: Laid to Rest

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Having no chance to match the brutality and drama of last week's Sons of Anarchy, the FX thriller didn't really attempt to do so with "Stolen Huffy."

An especially slow episode dedicated to the burial of Opie and a new alliance with Nero, not a great deal went down in terms of the broader plot.

But that's what happens when one of your own dies, right? It feels like your world simply stops spinning.

Nero with Jax

Not that this is actually the case for Jax Teller, of course.

He's dealing with the presence of Damon Pope in his club's life, while saving the life of a rogue escort, comforting a widow, striking a deal to co-own a brothel and checking his mother's ego at the door of his darkest hour.

Jax was a very busy man, and also an angry one. That final glance was not one of sadness or regret, although he's undoubtedly filled with both. It was one of pure rage. Someone will pay for Opie's death, starting with that guard at the prison I'm sure.

But will SAMCRO's revenge extend all the way to Pope? The status of their new enemy - Bobby summed it up well, he can kill them with a phone call as quickly as a bullet - makes him a foe unlike any other the club has encountered. Seriously, when was the last time Jax admitted he was scared of someone?

While Jax tried to keep numerous balls in the air, Gemma and Tara rolled up their fists into balls and went at it with Nero's right-hand woman. I must be honest: I'm growing sick of these two.

It's the same old story every week regarding their feud, and I'm not entirely sure I even buy why it started. Or, to rephrase: What did actually start it?!? Tara's attitude and actions toward Gemma seem to be nothing more than her exerting her power as First Lady of SAMCRO, while Gemma's frustrations stem from being shoved out of her club and her son's life.

I get that, I can understand her viewpoint. But I still find it impossible to believe she'd cozy up to Wendy in response or continually manipulate every situation in her favor. Gemma is a complicated woman and certainly unafraid to play people off each other to get what she wants - but that's all she's been so far on Sons of Anarchy Season 5. Her beatdown of Nero's assistant seemed shoved in just to give Nero an excuse to feel fine about ending their dalliance.

So where do we stand heading into next week?

Pope is taking half the club's gun-running money; Nero is working with Lyla and company, aligned with Jax; Clay is putting up a surprising amount of weight on the bench press for a guy in his condition; and, with Opie now in the ground and Sons of Anarchy having taken a breath from last week's high octane shocker, SAMCRO can rev up its engines once again.

What did everyone else think of "Stolen Huffy?"


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The wake brought me to tears! Jax looking at the picture of him and opie as kids, then putting it in the casket. Wow! The look on Jax's face when he slammed the hearse door after the wake. Someone's gonna pay! I'm tired of Gemma! And I'm tired of Tara being manipulated by Gemma. Tara is smart...she should know how to pick and choose her battles, and a battle with Gemma is not worth it. Gemma's behavior got Nero's place raided. She pounded the hell out of Imogene-over brokedown, sneaky manipulating, this-is-all-his-fault Clay! Clay is the one who called the cops. Then,she manipulated Tara into the beatdown of Carla....which Nero is going to use to end his relationship with Gemma. Did you notice Carla's smirk at Gemma as Nero helped her into the truck? It's time that Tara really stepped up as Queen and start handling her club's business.


Kudos Kurt for using the hellcats cheerleader outfit spread on the bed of the working girl. That´s really funny.


Pope isn't actually taking half of the the gun running money, just half of the Coke haul )which i imagine is less than the gun cash)


I really liked last night.. It was what we all needed..No one being killed for once..
Gemma is the one Kurt needs to change not Tara she is great.. She is doing just what she should be at this time..
Gemma does the same thing every season...
Find a new interest for her... Let tara & Jax have more parts together...
I sure hope this all ends with Jax and tara and the boys all sitting at the big table together...


Oh, and wtf is wrong with tara - the whole getting stoned in the garage after beating on carla instead of being by jax's side while he said goodbye to his best friend. Did anyone else take his angry look at the end - which seemed to be in her direction - as annoyance at her?


I am SO SICK of Gemma and Tara I don't know what to do! They are sickening. Ope is dead and Jax is trying to get through it the best he can and these two idiots get into a fight. I actually love Gemma's badass character but this is ruining it for me. Tara is a surgeon for god's sake she really needs to pull it together and get smart about all this.

Jaxs girl

Ditto on the comments about Gemma/Tara. Tara needs to stop and think. Gemma is really playing her. Gemma has been in the game a long time and she knows how to get what she wants. Tara is just reacting, not thinking. I think Sutter will get her straight before the season ends, at least I hope so. This season started with a BANG so I have no doubt Sutter will keep it going. "R.I.P. Opie"


I'm so tired of the gemma/tara bs& throwing wendy in there to shake it up. the scene with gemma & wendy at the beginning had some amusing lines but really? I dont believe for a minute that gemma would have called her; she would have callef unser or bobby first. and i really didnt get the whole tara, gemma & neros madam thing, what was the point. it all felt so forced & not at all what those characters would do.


wow. the last few scenes made me cry. i don't think i've ever cried before watching this show. well except one time in season 3. that was a powerful moment there, when jax put the kid picture of him and opie in the casket. i'll miss this guy. i hope ryan hurst gets to direct another couple episodes, i like his style, and that way he won't be gone entirely.

Matt richenthal

@nan: It's by Greg Holden and it's titled "The Lost Boy."

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Clay: You want distance, you got it. I don't even know who you are anymore.
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