Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Stolen Huffy"

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We're back with another edition of the Sons of Anarchy Round Table.

Following an especially somber installment of the FX hit, TV Fanatic staff members Chris O'Hara, Carla Day, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando are joined by Heather Ragsdale of to breakdown Opie's memorial and figure out whether Jax made a smart business move this week.

Jump in and sound off now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chris: Jax saying goodbye to Opie was the most touching scene, from the tucking of the picture in his cut to his parting words. Lastly, while Jax slamming the hearse door was jarring, I took it as a sign that he will most certainly get revenge for his fallen brother.

Carla: The entire memorial scene. From what I could see through my tears, it was a fitting tribute to Opie and probably one of best done memorial/funeral scenes I've ever seen on TV.

Dan: The memorial. Did anything happen before the memorial? This entire hour seemed like nothing but fall out from last week and lead up for the memorial. It didn't stand on its own two feet all that much.

Christine: It was the scene where Jax tells Lyla that every member of that club is her family now and if anyone says no to her they answer to Jax. It's the only way he can still have his best friend's back.

Heather: Opie’s wake. But you have to go back to the beginning of the episode with the boys riding their bikes. Jax obviously saw him and Opie in those young boys, and at the beginning of the wake we have Jax looking at the picture of him and Opie as children. So as we begin with the boys... we end with the boys.  he final song was perfect for the wake and that is when I ended up crying the most. We came full circle in this episode and it ended with Opie ‘The Warrior’ being put to rest.


Is it a good idea for Jax to get into business with Nero?
Chris: I definitely is. Like he said, he needs to get the club away from the things that are killing them. Nero hasn’t shown any signs of being a bad guy. I liked his talk with Jax when he described his exit plan for his son.

Carla: I've been worried there is a nefarious side to Nero; but if there is, he has hidden it well. It's not exactly in line with Jax's original plan to move the club into legit businesses, but it is a move in the right direction.

Dan: If it keeps Jimmy Smits on my television, I'm all for it. I worry for Jax, and everyone for that matter, that Nero said he's stay away from Gemma.  Undoubtedly he'll break that promise, and who knows what will go down.

Christine: Good might be a stretch, but it's not a bad business plan. Right now they appear to be two like-minded individuals looking to expand. The hope is it will be lucrative for both of them. The odds of that happening without incident are pretty slim.

Heather: Yes and no. I can see where Jax is coming from with this deal because he is honestly trying to get out of the business, but logically I know that it’s not much better. I mean, we are going from guns and drugs to prostitution, so even though the latter can be seen as better…it really isn’t.

Choose a side in Jax and Tara's debate: Should they tell Abel about Wendy?
Chris: They should tell him... but I agree with Jax that now is not the time.

Carla: They are going to have to tell Abel at some point and I think Wendy finally got through to Tara about that. It won't happen immediately, but Tara is slowly coming to that realization. If Wendy remains clean, I can see a future where Tara and Wendy actually become friends.

Dan: I don't know about Tara and Wendy becoming friends, but the kid definitely deserves to know who his birth mother is. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

Christine: Yes. If they tell him now they can control it, put their own spin on it. Then their version of the truth will be what he believes. If they wait until he's older, he'll have a lot more questions and wonder why Mommy and Daddy kept the secret from him for so long.

Heather: I can see both sides in this situation, but I think Abel needs to know about his mother. In the long run it will be better for him and everyone involved. Wendy made some really great points when she was explaining to Tara and I think that is why Tara changed her mind about it. So I guess this time around I am on Tara’s side in the debate.

Grade Ashley Tisdale's appearance on the show.
Chris: Tisdale’s performance was forgettable and could have been filled by any random actress. She really didn’t have to flex any kind of acting ability with all those hard hitting lines they gave her. “I didn’t sleep with your old man…You have to call first…etc.”

Carla: It was fine. Nothing extraordinary about it, but she was a decent Emma Jean.

Dan: The best I've ever seen. How was she not given more to do?!?!

Christine: Eh. It wasn't a major role. She looked the part. I'd give her a C+. Hopefully Emma Jean is safe and sound back in the midwest.

Heather: I am giving her appearance a D. I don’t see what the point of her being there was, honestly. The only thing that came out of it all was we got the girl fight between Gemma, Tara. and Carla…which was pretty awesome. We would have never gotten such a good girl fight if it wasn’t for Emma Jean. Overall, I thought she was terrible, but something awesome came out of her appearance.

What song do you want played at your memorial?
Chris: Pat Boone's “Now the Day Is Over."

Carla: Green Day's "Good Riddance."

Dan: No songs. Everyone just cry until your eyes bleed.

Christine: To heck if I know. My musical taste change by the day. I could pick books, TV shows and movies that mean something to me, but a special song eludes me.

Heather: Because I am pretty old school, I would have to go with “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas... and “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Two different songs, but two songs that scream me in the end.


Yes, late to this party, too :P One thing that puzzled me--Jax telling Lila (Lyla?) that she would have to do like every other single mother and earn to take care of the three kids. I thought that the MC would take care of 'its own' and Lyla wouldn't have to worry about money, as far as taking care of Opie's kids? (maybe I'm thinking about mob families and trying to apply same to the MC?)...and where was Opie's mother?


Hard to say goodbye to Ope, the whole wake was the best part of the show.
Definitely a good idea to get in with Nero, and remember, Sutter said before the season began that Nero was going to be sort of a mentor to Jax. So although there is definitely a shady side to him, I don't think he is going to be a negative influence on Jax or the club, in fact, I think the club is going to welcome getting into the girls (no pun intended) as a way to eventually get away from the cartel. Best scene is definitely JAx closing the door of the hearse, you know with that look some payback is coming. I completely agree with Jax, tell the kid when he's able to comprehend what the hell went down and has the ability to understand that Tara raised him. No problem with Tisdale, she did what she was paid to do! I like how that part of the story helped to solidify the trust between Jax and Nero. For me, I want it sad. "Sweet Melissa" by the Allmans, "Little Wing" by Hedrix, "Angel of Montgomery" by John Prine & Bonnie Raitt


1. the wake.. It was gut wrecking to watch. Ope is really really gone.
2. I think that Jax always wanted something better for the club. He loved this club forever, but he always wanted it to be legit, be about the bond and the family and not anything else. He was always looking for a way out for the club. I think this move is a smart one. But I also think that this is going to bring some unexpected bd things to the club, as per usual in SOA
3. Jax. He's right, Able should know, but not now, that kis went through hell, the last thing he need is to more confusion..
4. F. That's it?! All this talk about her coming on, and that's it?! Pointless. Could've been any nameless person. I thought her role will be more like Ima's..
5. I rather not think about it.


1.Jax and Opies old lady, when he tells her that the club is her family.
2.It is a good business plan for Jax, it gets the club away from death. Granted will it be good if Pope finds out?
3. I think they should tell Abel about his mother, not only will it save alot of court time and drama but also a fallout incase anything happens to Jax and Tara
4. I think Ashley did a decent job, as well it set up a bond for Jax and Nero. It also set up a good reason for Nero to leave Gemma.
5. Dropkick Murphys "Warriors Code"


1. Worst episode in the history of SOA.
2. N/C
3. N/C
4. N/C
5. N/C Tara was ridiculously out of character. Jax still doing errands like a prospect is beneath the character. After all he was the mastermind behind the fall of Jimmy O'Fallon and Agent June Stahl. Big Picture

Strawberry fields

What song do you want played at your memorial? My best friend already knows that if I die I don't want my memorial to be sad. I want people to laugh while they're telling stories about me and I want there to be at least 20 different kinds of pizza for them to eat. And I definitely don't want depressing music, so for a song to be played at my memorial, I'm choosing "Spirit in the sky" by Norman Greenbaum.

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - Jax saying goodbye to his best friend. I cried my eyes out... Second favourite - Jax: "I kind of have a few things on my plate today, like burying my best friend, so your need to be loved, worshipped and adored is a little low on my list". That was awesome! I love it when Jax puts his crazy mother in her place. She's really pissing me of lately. Business with Nero - I like that idea very much. Nero is great and I want him on the show for as long as possible. Jax and Tara's debate - maybe it's not the best timing, but they have to tell him at some point soon. Wendy is right. How would Abel feel if he found out one day that his parents lied to him all this time? Ashley Tisdale's appearance - she wasn't very important with everything else going on, but she was fine. C+?


The show had some interesting points outside of the wake and those were Jax telling Gemma what for then which culminated th entire show of Gemma and her failures: not being able to pull alpha over Tara and the interactions between Gemma and Carla, she obviously felt that she could use Wendy to her advantage though I don't think Wendy was going to fall for her crap. Nero is a person who is grounded by the disabled son I see he might have connection to more than we know and Jax's deal with him seems mostly a play to keep Gemma from blowing up someone else's world and Nero was quick to agree the problem is Carla our first counter Gemma that when you watch her you see a woman who might be just as neurotic. I think that the home invasions are being driven by clay... But I am confused as we usually have a peek in with Clay's deal but it is obviously being done by some of the Nomads for unclear reasons. Just watch the opening of the first show when Greg the peg shows his leg and we see it again when Unser gets beaten what else was in the safe well clay would know wouldn't he?


I think Jax is right to go into business with Nero, Nero has a well laid plan (pun intended) and Jax seems to like the sex business (Cara Cara) I do not think he should have asked Nero to stay away from his Mom...Jax and Tara are both right about Abel, he will need to know, but he is too young now and they best tell him in a way that does not down grade his Birth Mother (I have adopted children)As for Ashley Tisdale, I didn't even know who she was before this and I think anyone could have played that part, she looked like jail bait, but I guess that might be a good thing in the escort business, lol...Little Wing will be played at my wake both Hendrix and SRV's versions.


i thought it was a really good episode but i don't really see what the point of tellin the kid wendy is his mom now would be i mean he's like 2 he probably wouldn't even have a clue what any of them were talking about. i really didn't think they used tisdale enough considering all the hype that they made about her being on the show i mean they could've had anyone say those six lines and play that part really. i think jax saying bye to opie is goin to be the turning point for things for him, and its going to get a lot darker for jax now that opie is gone. i loved tara hammerfisting carla with the cast on her arm though kurt sutter has a great way of using violence that it almost seems like if you watched it later without the violent part it wouldn't make as much sense.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Clay: You want distance, you got it. I don't even know who you are anymore.
Gemma: Why don't you bounce my face off the floor. Then maybe you'll recognize me.

You know what, mom, I kind of have a few things on my plate today, like buying my best friend, so your need to be loved, worshipped, and adored is a little low on my list today.