Switched at Birth Review: Hold Nothing Back

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Remember the old Real World slogan "when people stop being polite and start getting real?" Well... damn, it seems like the latest episode of Switched at Birth was going by that mantra!

In "The Trial" everyone was forced to be truly honest about everything - and I'm not just talking about in court.

The Trial Begins

Because the trial was probably the least riveting part of the episode, I'll just give Angelo MVP right now. His speech were perfection. Of course, actions speak louder than words, so let's keep up the good changes, Angelo. 

Somebody who has always been a parent to Daphne, whether she's asked for it or not, is Melody. I don't think Melody was in any way trying to be catty when she was warning Daphne about dating her older boss. Yes, she dated Jeff for less than a month and Daphne has been like a daughter to her for 17 years; it's clear which one of these people she truly cares about. Daphne may be too immature to realize that Melody isn't necessarily jealous, so much as actually concerned.

Melody might be a little jealous, Jeff is pretty hot, but I stand by my belief that she was genuinely trying to give good advice. But as it often the case with giving people advice who don't really want it, they're going to do what they want anyway. That includes Daphne showing up at Jeff's house after they both acknowledged that them dating wasn't the smartest idea. 

Anyway, Daphne knows what she wants and she went after it. Were you surprised that Daphne wasn't a virgin and Bay was? I feel like they've given us a lot of hints about this, but I can still see it being pretty surprising to the audience. In Bay's words:

I don't exactly give off a virginal vibe. | permalink

Fair enough that Bay might not give off a virginal vibe, but right now she's giving off a really troubled vibe. It took a few weeks of an iffy street art/new friendship storyline with Zarra for Bay to be real with Kathryn about why she cares so much about that friendship. Bay thinks she could have turned out like Zarra if their lives weren't switched. Sure, maybe their backgrounds would've been the same, but Bay is forgetting one key ingredient: Regina.

Regina is a compassionate and strong mother. She raised a great daughter, something many of us have agreed on. Maybe Daphne's not making the best choices right now but as far as rebellious teens go, Bay is definitely the troublemaker. Bay grew up with both parents, on the wealthy side of town, and had a great education. The environment doesn't necessarily make the child. 

After John's intense scolding at the end of the episode, it's clear that relations are going to stay strained between Bay and her parents. I honestly can't believe the way he spoke to her. I was truly shocked by that. I was not, however, shocked that she ran away to stay with Zarra. 

The girls are both struggling to find themselves, which is normal for every teenager. Hey, maybe they need some advice from Emmett, it seemed to work for Toby!

What did you all think of this week's Switched at Birth? Did Daphne and Jeff have sex? Do you think Bay deserved that scolding? What do you predict for next week's fall finale?


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Chef thing to blow up. I actually like Chef, but it doesn't change the fact that their relationship is inappropriate and I can't wait to see Angelo punch him out. It sucks that poor Travis and her cook friend his name escaped me have both expressed interest and she's ignored and treated them poorly because she's hung up on a man she shouldn't be with. I like Emmet and Toby as friends and the tine spent on them.


Bay has been harder to tolerate given some of the stuff she does but she still gets a raw deal. There isn't a time when the Kennishes aren't on her case....they do it even when it's unwarranted and unjustified. They always outcast her. I hate this entire zarra storyline and I wanted to smack bay with this money stuff . John and Katherine treating her the way they did didn't technically bother me but because they always nitpick when it comes to her it was difficult to watch...again. I agree with the person who said Angelo is the one parent that tries to understand her. Even though everyone else continuously puts him down and she used him herself. Daphne is agitating too. She isn't behaving maturely. She mistakes bitchy and heartiness for maturity. It isn't.I'm just waiting for the


*near as lost as Zarra was. That's why I think Toby was right in saying Bay has more of Kathryn in her than she knows, they're both quite similar in jumping to conclusions.


Furthermore, I thought it was unfair for Bay to compare her actions to those of Toby (throwing him under the bus) and using the "he's your flesh and blood" excuse. He screwed up, but he learned from his mistake and he moved on. John was just as tough on him as he was with Bay so I see no favoritism. She on the other hand has deflected responsibility for her actions because in her mind she was helping a friend in need and that's okay. There's only so much of an identity crisis you can have before you start hurting the people you grew up with around you. She's romanticized the friendship with Zarra to a point where she's trying to become someone she's not. I will give kudos to Kathryn for at least trying to understand where Bay's coming from as her reasonings were understandable and I can sympathize with it. On the other hand, I don't think she would've ended up like Zarra at all. Even if she was raised by a single mother, with Regina and especially Adrianna by her side, she'd be nowhere near lost like Zarra.


To play devil's advocate, Bay would gain nothing by telling J&K about Daphne's affair except to be blatantly vindictive and that's not who she is. As harsh was Kathryn or John were in their words to Bay, that's reality also. Parents will say things that sometimes unintentionally hurt when they're disappointed in you, but I don't see why that should let Bay question their love for her. In one instance, she was quite harsh in her "What are dads for?" comment to John a while back. Just because she's a teenager and is hurting doesn't mean she's unaware of how much words can't hurt either; that's exactly why she says them, albeit with remorse later on, but she dishes out what she can't take? It goes both ways.


I do feel bad for Bay, and feel like she needs someone on her side. That being said, I do not feel like John was out of line. If that had been me and I stole from my mom, I would have gotten a lot worse than a stern talking to. I feel like Bay is always crossing the line with lying and always sneaking out. And stealing is the worse, especially from your parents. And from his job. Its not like it was $20 out of a purse. I really do feel that if she had just been up front they would have given her the money or tried some way to help. Bay is my favorite character, but she was wrong and at some point you have to deal with the consequences. Being the "one switched at birth" excuse can only go on for so long.


I love this show. It is extremely relatable to me. I look at Daphne and Jeff with awe. I was 17 and fell in love with a 27 year old man. I was treated with love and respect. We broke up when I left to go to college.


One more thought. If I was Bay, I would have told them Daphne's seeing her older boss, because really? Daphne thinks she has all this moral high ground in telling Bay that taking the money is wrong, yet what she's doing wouldn't be seen as any better by either set of parents...


I'm also curious if Melody will say anything to Regina about Daphne and Jeff. I like the pair together, but I totally understand where Melody was going with the 'not fitting in with your/his friends' speech. It makes total sense. I can't picture Jeff hanging out with Daphne, Emmett, and Bay at all.


I understand where Bay is coming from on the whole Toby thing. It just seems like everything Bay does wrong is magnified to twice the size by the Kennishes. The use of Alex last week in an attempt to redirect her was the wrong choice. Kathryn should have put her in art classes or something unrelated to guys. I wasn't surprised that Bay went to stay with Zarra, but I think it's a bad idea. Hopefully we get to see some Regina/Bay bonding next episode and Regina's the one to talk sense into her. Maybe Bay will move into the guest house with Regina?
Along those same lines, I'm disappointed in John. He makes no effort to understand Bay, just dimisses her as a 'problem'. Has he considered this may be why she feels the need to express herself in street art? Because her own father won't acknowledge who she is? He seems to just write his children off when they aren't doing as he expects. I don't see him putting in effort to connect with them when there's a problem, and I'd like to see him try.
I'm also curious if Melody will say anything to Regina about Daphne and Jeff. I like the pair together, but I totally understand where Melody was going with the 'not fitting in with your/his friends' speech. It makes total sense. I can't picture Jeff hanging out with Daphne, Emmett, and Bay at all.

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