The Vampire Diaries Picture Preview: Welcome, April!

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On October 25, The Vampire Diaries fans will be introduced to Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley, a young woman from Tyler's past.

So promises the official synopsis for "The Rager."

However, that beloved actress in that new role is NOT featured in any of the just-released photos from the third installment of Season 4.

Who and what are depicted below: Grace Phipps as April Young; a very distraught Rebekah; a frightened Damon; and Damon and Klaus seemingly getting along like old chums. Hmmm.... try to determine what that is all about and click around now:

April and Rebekah
Matt vs. Rebekah
Classic Damon Salvatore
Klaus and Damon
Rebekah Image
Duck, Damon!

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David and sabrina 2014

Who knows what will go on with these characters but I can't for season 4 tomorrow. =D XD


April is the Pastor's daughter.... which makes that scene very interesting, given that the Paster is the one we see in the first episode of the season in Elena's house with his men surrounding Stefan with guns.


Which role is April Young ment to play in Mystic Falls? It was mentioned somewhere, but I actually forgot...


P.S. So glad to see Damon's hair do back to normal looking...cos it looked awful last season.


Yes,yes,yes,yeeessssssssss! JoMo is back as Klaus! And soon enough! That photo of him just made my day!


This is the hotest serie in entire planet,every oone know it,its not that scary,its interesting and teaching.Keep it up vempire diarie crew,

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