The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: A Campus Visit

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The Vampire Diaries heads in two very different directions on next Thursday's "The Five."

  1. To the 12th century.
  2. To college.

And in the following sneak peek at the episode, we see Bonnie, Elena and Damon arrive on the campus of the latter, with Bonnie aiming to assist her friend and Damon aiming to... take aim at some coeds.

Check out the clip now:

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David and sabrina 2014

These are some historical flashbacks but I can't wait to see what else will happen. =]


Ok.. Is it just me or am I not getting why they are at campus? And how does Bonnie know anyone who works there since that professor is becoming her mentor.


I missed bamon interaction.I wish julie at lest give the bamon fans friendship!!


Lets face it people. We don't watch Ian for a stellar or Oscar winning performance. He is really good for a show like this. He is hot and that's why we love about him.


Ok, can everybody please chill out, it's a show, don't watch it if you hate it. And big B: did anyone in the last moment of this clip have a look at Ian s behind please? The jeans are perfect, the body, the look. It's the typical dilemma every woman has when she looks for a man. We all want evil but in the end and deep down we know the nice guy is better for us. My hubby is like Stefan, nice guy with a dark side. However sometimes, in a short moment I drawn to guys like damn because they are fun, lively and vibrant, they get out of your comfort zone into something new. But there is fine a line between too much fun and not enough fun so that is why I watch TVD, so please enjoy every scene where Ian is in especially when he takes his shirt off!


@Amie Lol you know he is desperately in love with Elena, that means he loves dull and boring girls. Elena is the most dull and boring character in this show.


And please, Bamon is never happening, nor should it. Bonnie is dull and broing and Damon had never expressed any interest in her what so ever beyond her witch shills.


He has the audacity to tell Matt of all people that he should have died instead of Elena, after the way he treated Vicki and turned her into a vampire out of pure boredom?


@Everyone, guys, it might be just a show but that doesn't mean they can do all these things and expect people to be ok with. Abuse is a serious issue and no one on the show has ever called out Damon on it. No one. Also remember that in this video Damon was talking about his college years, as in before he came to Mystic Falls and this in not the Damon we see now on our screens. If s1 was any indication as to how Damon treated people and women, I would not be surprised if Damon's behaviour was a hundred times worse when he went to college. What makes you think he didn't treat girls the same way he treated Vicki and Caroline? Maybe some people are ok with what they see on this show but I find it completely disgusting that on shows like TVD and GG abuse does not get punished. Anyone remember the episode of GG when Chuck smashed the glass window an it cut Blair's face? The made Blair feel sorry for Chuck ater that! Has Damon ever apologised to Caroline for the way he treated her? He has the audacity to tell Matt of all people that he should have died instead of Elena, after the way he treated Vicki and turned her into a vampire out of pure boredom? Sorry, I just can't watch these shows through pink glasses and be like oh its just a show. Because to some it can be just a show but for others it serves as a guide on treating women.


It's a show people!!!

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