The Vampire Diaries: Hunting for Answers

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Stefan and Damon are NOT in a fight, people.

Sure, Elena fed off Damon's blood and, yes, Stefan is against that sort of thing. But the latter makes it clear to the former in the following clip from "The Five." He ain't mad!

Besides, there's something more important to focus on: the new hunter in town and whether or not he possesses supernatural abilities. Watch the brothers sort through his stuff in this clip, but, first, Damon has to take Elena to college...

The Vampire Diaries airs "The Five" this Thursday night on The CW. As always, visit TV Fanatic soon after the episode concludes for my complete review.

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David and sabrina 2014

There are times when they're still bickering but who knows if fighting will lead them to answers as we continue watching season 4. =|


The only reason i watch this Show is because of Damon and the fantastic portrayal of Him by Ian Somerhalder. I didn't think it was possible that Ian could get any more fantastic but he proofed me wrong.


And for people who thinks Damon is always about himself. Well...What can I say? Its WORTH IT! He has something, he can take proud of! lol. And THANK GOD, he does not behave like Eldest Brother otherwise think..As one brooding and ever-so-boring-and-upset brother was not enough..We would get another..And we would get the MOST BORING pair of And I would not even watch this...lolzz... Damon ROCKS...Whether anyone likes him or not! At least they can't ignore him! :))) Thats the thing!


Oh come on... Which child thinks that Damon is being Child now? Except from season 1, I think from time to time, Damon has been more selfless and most importantly, Sane, Practical and Grown up above all. They all have some fantasy and 'Delusional' solution to problem while Damon had Practical solution. I think Damon's character has grown up so much from season 1. And as an actor, Ian is doin best! And anyways, I don't give a damn! I don't watch this show for its awesome plot and story, I watch it coz Damon aka Ian is in there. I love watching him. I am Damon and then Delena fan. So...Fuck it! I am biased for Damon and will be, FOREVER! lol.


As far as the money situation goes. I'm sure the Life insurance plus any assets/estates from Mom, Dad, Aunt Jenna, Uncle John, Alaric. More than covers them for quite a while. If they want to go to College it is not hard when you are an 18 year old with a dependant to get finacial aid


Damon isn't childish, at times he is the most selfless and grown-up of them all. When he is acting "childish" it's just a facade to cover up his bitterness and loneliness. Sure, he can be impulsive, but he's gotten so much better and is usually the one who actually gets things accomplished in Mystic Falls. If you want to call someone out for denial, selfishness, uselessness, and whining, point your finger at the other brother.


I think it´s just for a short visit (the Bonnie-stuff, new professor)


Lol, watching this, I amazed as what a child the writers are turning Damon into, when he is always like, "We are fighting, Stefan, remember". Sometimes I can;t believe Damon is the elder brother... @Amanda, yep, unfortunately its all true, Ian gets the better part of the material, although for me personally he ain't the same awesome s1 Damon, and I find it hilarious how the writers are trying to make him like s1 Damon again after making him pine like a 13 yearold after Elena for the past 2 seasons, and behaving like a total brat overall. He can't even have a simple conversation with Stefan without making it all about himself.


How can Elena even afford to go to College? Where she get the money if she isn't even holding a job?! The writers don't care about giving the viewers any info on that, I guess we are just supposed to accept that she is filthy rich (check out the car she drives every season, clothes, school, etc). Its ridiculous really, because with Klaus, we know he is rich, but how the heck Elena and Jeremy get through is a mystery because they a) don't have any relatives left and b)they have never even talked about this. Don't forget the show loves to avoid real life issues like normal human reactions and things like bills.


@Jane, so let me guess? Your a Delena aka Ian fan. That's fine. Instead of looking at the show from ONE actors side that you think is a "hottie" look at the show as a whole. Other than Ian the rest of the actors get completely disrespected and ripped off. If you're being completely unbias and honest with yourself you'd agree. I liked Season 1 because the entire cast of actors had great stories, great lines and more importantly we got to see ALL the cast. The show was an entire show. Not anymore, and to be perfectly honest I am getting tired of it. Can't see me continue watching a show that is desrespecting great actors on what USED to be a great show.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Klaus: I was feeling benevolent.
Stefan: You're never benevolent.

You're the one whose getting me through this, no matter who teaches me how to feed.

Elena [to Stefan]

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