The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: A Clue About Connor

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It was perhaps the most intriguing aspect of "Memorial," one of the best Vampire Diaries episodes in recent memory:

Jeremy - and only Jeremy - noticed a series of tattoos on the arm of Connor Jordan, the new hunter in town. What did this say about the supernatural-hating foe? Is he somehow dead? A ghost? What sort of connection does he have with Elena's brother?

Jeremy Gilbert Promo Pic

According to yesterday's E! News Spoiler Chat, the tattoos in questions are NOT related to Jeremy's ability to communicate with the dead.

Instead, they are a "map of sorts" and they relate to the fact that Jeremy is also spotted with similar markings in the above-pictured promotional image.

What does any of that mean? Your guess is as good as ours... so let's hear it! Sound off now and prepare for this week's installment via the official CW promo for "The Rager."

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Notice how he has five arrows? Hmm... I guess a clue is there!


I really can't wait to see jeremy as a hunter :)

Drea xoxo

it's to do with the 12th century flashback coven of vamp hunters. i agree with theory too that until connor kills he won't notice that jer too is apart of his destiny in life.
the gilberts were the ones who alerted the town of the vamps and designed the instruments to destroy them. thats why him and alaric were close but does this mean that alaric had this tattoo as well........

David and sabrina 2014

I wonder what else will Jeremy come up with his ghost seeking ability but I can't wait for the next episode of season 4. =)


I agree with San. A huuuge possibility :)


@gibbles: Hahahaha :-D Great! Sanguis est fatum emphasizes the theory that Jeremy was born to become a hunter. So maybe one hunter's ink doesn't show until he kills his first vampire and that's why Connor couldn't see any ink on Jeremy's arm?


I believe it means they went to the same night club last night and havent yet had a shower.


I believe it shows Jeremy's destiny as a vamp hunter. That will certainly be an issue when it comes to all the vamps he's surrounded by, none more so than his own sister.


I'm thinking that Jeremy was born destined to be a hunter and all hunters can catch other hunters by these tattoo/markings they have.


I agree it probably ha to do with being a hunter since all the Gilbert's where hunters and Jeremy is suppose to be one to or something like that.

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