TV Ratings Report: No Buzz for Gossip Girl

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XO, X... NO?

Gossip Girl kicked off its final season to just 770,000 viewers last night, a dramatic 33 percent decrease from the show's May finale, while Castle enjoyed a slight uptick and Revolution dropped a bit from the Monday before...

Nate, Chuck and Dan

8 p.m.
The Voice: 12.6 million viewers
Dancing with the Stars: 13.3 million
How I Met Your Mother: 8.1 million/Partners: 6.3 million
Bones: 7 million
90210: 1 million

9 p.m.
The Mob Doctor: 3.4 million
Gossip Girl: 768,000
2 Broke Girls: 10.1 million/Mike & Molly: 9.4 million

10 p.m.
Revolution: 8.2 million
Castle: 10.5 million
Hawaii Five-0: 9 million

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I can live with 90210 ending this season with notice, but I just hope all the core couples are dealt with and it ends with a retrospective.


GG's ratings are an embarrassment...even for the CW. The show should've ended 2 years ago.


unfortunately as much as I love G.G I think its necessary for it to come to an end this season. It was good while it lasted and I will continue to watch it till the end, and will be one of my favourite shows forever

Matt richenthal

@b: True, but compare it to other CW shows. It's the lowest-rated scripted drama on the network.


the CW is not on cable, so many of the CW upcoming shows most-likely will have a very low rating.....


As B said GG has very high online viewings and always in the top 10 for itunes compare to Vampire Diaries which barely cracks top 25. Here's my issue for the voice, I get confused why so many people watch this show but then don't buy the winner's music when it all said and done.


Gossip Girl's numbers are bad but its a show that is watched oneline like most cw shows


No on cares for GG anymore... Not surprise. GG ratings have been awful since last season. I'm afraid this is 90210 last season too :(


I believe it's a real shame that Gossip Girl has such bad ratings... I mean, seasons 4 & 5 were definitely bad but it's seriously G.G is the only teenage show that brings so much references to culture, arts, FASHION and has good dialogues (c'mon, weren't Blair & Georgina amazing last night ? Even Dan !) Coming from Paris, I know I'll get depressed as the best fashion on tv will be over in 9 weeks ! 90210 is getting bigger rates, WTF ?! :)


This is just awful for the CW and it is definetely a bad sign for 9O21O. 1 million is just terrible and I guess the show will not survive another season. I am from Brazil and I don't know exactly what to think of these numbers, but I believe the ideal would be something around 2 millions, right? I mean, so the show gets a new season... I am happy for the voice. I prefer "The X-Factor", though... What are your exepectations for tomorrow's night premiere of "Arrow"? There has been a big buzz here in Brazil around this new series. I am definetely hoping for the best! What numbers could we possibly expect? :-)