Will Chuck and Blair Get Married on Gossip Girl?

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We've already mused about Chuck and Blair having a kid on the Gossip Girl finale.

That flash-forward scenario would likely entail them getting married first, however.

After this week's Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere, do you think that seems likely?

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It's not totally far-fetched, given their agreement, but it's not a slam-dunk either.

TV Line says "one of them will fail to accomplish an important item" on their personal to-do lists, potentially throwing a wrench into their plan to get together for good after spending time working on themselves.

Also, reports say we won't see B's ring resurface for another few weeks at least, and that no one other than Blair and Chuck knows of their pact. Not necessarily bad news, but it looks like hurdles remain for Chair.

Sound off on what you foresee - and want to see - for the couple below.

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honestly I can't imagine chuck with anyone else. They are the only reason this show survived and had they written it right we'd be getting more seasons. so either chuck dies or he ends up with Blair. I need to see the scene where they get married and play together with their kids. I need to hope that that scene is coming, or at least that they end up together. although would they really pull out the death card after Ryan and marissa on the OC? Anyway, they have to be endgame, they just have to be.


The way this shows gone in the pass few years I see chuck finaly putting a ring on that finger in the last ep since they love to drag this crap out. So if there's gonna be a wedding its a nice and short flash forward


I think they are already married and the baby is not really dead and that is was Chuck's not Louie's.......


I think the writers need to give Chair a happy ending and I am no rabid Chair fan. After the Louis debacle, polarising opinion of fans with Dair, I think it would only be fair to see them happy together. However I'm always a bit of a fan of the bittersweet ending so I could see the poetry in them being star crossed lovers for eternity.

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if they don't get married during the season minus finale then there would be no point of this show still being aired tbh. they should have cut the show on season 3/4 (depending on your preference) and leave it as that!!! do these writers not listen!! why did they not implement a max/naomi on this show and make chair yolo and elope in monaco and be done!! this is all annoying, unnecessary tedious situation that you are forcing upon your loyal fans that stuck through the downfall of GG/UES. we'll forgive if you chop chop to a wedding and fast forward to another pregnancy!!!!


Sorry about the mistakes I was ranting I've invested all this time and endured the safran sadness for blair and chuck to get married and just the thought that my time could have been wasted is upsetting hope not


At this point the Harry Winston ring is pretty much a character it's been a plot device in seasons 3(almost proposing then almost dying to keep it) 4(having blair return it to him at the train station) 5(leaving the ring on the steps of Harry Winston and Bart using it as a test of his manhood) and now in 6th and final season (Blair is wearing it on a necklace as symbol of their pact and their love) so if the writers/producers dont have that ring on her ring finger by the end of the series finale they obviously lied and led viewers on which would be huge mistake one I bet their not willing to make I also doubt the cw would let them


Probably, but I've lost interest in Blair and Chuck. Even Leighton and Ed are phoning in their scenes together and it's never a good sign when the actors aren't convinced by their own storyline. Viewers will pick up on it. Writers need to stop the fanservice and write a focus on writing a plausible story....but I guess it's too late for that now!


Of course Chuck and Blair will get married and have a baby. I am sooo looking forward to the flash forward in the final episode, because really who cares about anything else on the show?! Serena? ho-hum, whatever she has found yet another soulmate/daddy/exploitable boy, etc. maybe she will start on the first of what will be many marriages. Like mother like daughter! Rufus and Ivy? Ewww, Lily and Bart? Bah! Stupid cow! Dear sweet brainless Nate, whatever happens it won't be very interesting.


I just began watching GG in the middle of season 4 and I have to tell you, I am seriously hooked. I spent all summer catching up on netflix everynight. TBH, I loved several episodes in season 5, riding in cars with boys/the end of the affair/gg. I mean these were so very emotional. I will be devestated if Chair does not end up together. I saw an interview Ed did that was posted on utube and they flat out asked him if there was any hope for Chuck and Blair and he said yes. So I am keeping with that and looking forward to seeing them being married--even if it is the flash forward episode.

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