Will Chuck and Blair Get Married on Gossip Girl?

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We've already mused about Chuck and Blair having a kid on the Gossip Girl finale.

That flash-forward scenario would likely entail them getting married first, however.

After this week's Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere, do you think that seems likely?

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It's not totally far-fetched, given their agreement, but it's not a slam-dunk either.

TV Line says "one of them will fail to accomplish an important item" on their personal to-do lists, potentially throwing a wrench into their plan to get together for good after spending time working on themselves.

Also, reports say we won't see B's ring resurface for another few weeks at least, and that no one other than Blair and Chuck knows of their pact. Not necessarily bad news, but it looks like hurdles remain for Chair.

Sound off on what you foresee - and want to see - for the couple below.

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If they don't get married in the last episode, i will serioustly be mad. Chuck is Blair's soulmate, Blair is Chuck's soulmate! They are perfect together, they have the three thngs that needs to be in a relationship: They understand each other, they are so funny, they wanna make each other happy(which they only can if they are together), they wanna spend the rest of their lives together, they have a connection and it always pull them back together, and they have the best sex!!! Ups, that was more then three things! but i think that explain, that they should get married and have lots of babies!!!


I swear to God if Chuck and Blair don’t end up together I wil write a 10 page hate letter to the gossip girl writers.
They'd better be endgame or I've wasted 5 years of my life watching this show, oh my God.
I hope the finale is going to be a Chair wedding, everyone's happy and well. Right, like that's ever going to happen!


Chair deserve a wedding. Chuck always wanted Blair to have her fairytale ending and she never did. Her marriage was a farce and so was the wedding. At Blair's wedding to Louis, Chuck said that Blair would not be happy as she knew that it should be the two of them up there. I like the idea that Blair tells Chuck that she is pregnant during their first dance together at their own wedding. It could be a garden wedding as Chuck said he's atheist and Blair already had a spoiled church wedding. I also hope that Chuck isn't killed. When Ed was asked in a former interview how his character would endgame, he said maybe he would be killed off. He needs to get the girl, and bring down his father. He's a man now not a boy.


I bought season five because of the scene with Chuck crying over Blair with monkey Riding in town cars with boys and even though Im a hard core chair shipper the scene where dan gives blair he last princess moment on the met steps


I think Blair will find out she is pregnant before the wedding, and she tells him when they dance... I hope that they get married and has a lot of mini Blair's and mini Chuck's with headbands and bowties!:) And if they don't get married, the CW writers are gonna have A LOT of angry fans including me!!!:)


@gabby how do you know? you are a writer or a psychch to know how these two will end up?.


One of them is going to die, bookmark me.


i don't think chuck and blair will ever get a happy ending. if they do get married, it'll be a marriage filled with darkness which consumes them, just like it always has for their relationship.


Blair and Chuck would likely never be sustainably happy in a settled, status quo relationship. The writers have developed these two characters quite well over the years, and they have matured, and they have a deep love for one another. But their relationship is twisted and dark. Those of you that want " happily ever after" -I feel like you've been watching a different show than I have these past five years! There is no way this show ends in some sappy wedded bliss for these two. Not gonna happen.


You know how Breakfast at Tiffany's is Blair's favorite movie...I think the moral of that story/movie was that you can't take advantage of people or take people for granted without consequences. Like how Holly was looking for Mr Rich/Prince type to marry for wealth, status etc. Furthermore, what I got from Tiffany's was the message that if you don't have real and sincere relationships then you will be alone in the end...just like Holly nearly was before she realised what Paul and her had. I then wonder if Blair will be alone in the end if Chuck and her don't allow themselves to have a 'real' relationship. I guess the question is if either one (or both) allow other things to get in their way (i.e. but to me it is really fear). Just a thought and I hope for all the fans who have waited for Chair I am wrong. But this is gossip girl after all so no one escapes unscathed!

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