666 Park Avenue Review: What's In the Box?

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Who (or what) is Gavin Doran?

There's certainly a human side to him, as evidenced via his love for Olivia, but it's easy to forget all the nasty, scary things that seem to surround him with every move he makes.

He's fantastic at manipulating people and getting them to do things for him. He's content in getting rid of anyone that gets in his way. It's even been suggested (metaphorically?) that he's a monster beneath the perfectly tailored suits.

And while we get to see him every episode, and in a way fall under the spell of his charm and grin, he's not really a nice guy. Yet are we to assume that the blackmailing Victor Shaw is the good guy of 666 Park Avenue or just another bad guy fighting for power?

Henry & Jane's Relationship Challenges

It's no surprise that "Diabolic" continued to build upon the many questions already swirling around the show. The most prominent one: What the heck is in that box?

I can just hear Brad Pitt screaming out the question over and over, but instead of seeing Gwyneth Paltrow's head, viewers got to glimpse the traitor Samuel Steinberg. That's not really a present I'd want to open.

However, the mysterious box that Gavin and Victor were discussing has larger repercussions than a severed head, though we can only begin to guess what's trapped/locked/stored inside.

It sounds as if perhaps a former stalker of Olivia's was put in the red box, but after seeing the one guy die from opening it, the supernatural possibilities seem endless. That and Gavin's determination to protect Olivia and stomp out his enemies.

It is interesting that both the doctor, who turned out to have a gambling addiction, and Kandinsky made it back for another episode. There's so many times where you get the feeling that characters like that will pop in and out only to be forgotten, but I like that we're exploring them further, and in a way, really seeing exactly how Gavin works to control everything.

On the opposite end of the control spectrum was Jane, losing her sanity and gaining her sixth sense. I can imagine how discouraging it would be when no one believes your stories of an ax murderer.

Jane really seemed terrified and confused throughout the episode, and for once, she made the most rationale decision in any scary movie or TV show: Get out of the haunted place.

Obviously love and her newfound connection to the ghost girl Jocelyn, her grandmother, will keep her around, but it was great to see her struggle with everything that was happening.

And the Henry and Jane fight over moving away was so grounded in reality that I forgot it was fiction. It was like a real argument, with Jane pleading for Henry to believe her, Henry frustrated with what was happening and the two struggling to keep their relationship from falling apart. Both Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable were fantastic and I hope they continue to give us great moments (although sad for the characters) like that.

I was also pleased when Henry angrily told Laurel that he wasn't single and that Jane was apart of his life. Sure, they aren't married and on paper, Henry is single, but in his heart he's with Jane. Although, I could tell that Laurel's thought process was beginning to seep through.

I can almost see characters like Laurel or even Detective Cooper causing relationship problems and maybe even mini love triangles. This is the Drake after all, home of the seductive and desired.

666 Park Avenue continues to trek along at a good pace, paying homage to scary flicks like Psycho, developing relationships and giving us plenty of questions to rack our curious brains.

With the addition of Gavin's nemesis, Victor Shaw, and the potential to really dive into the mythology of the Drake, I'm becoming more intrigued by not only what's in the box, but what it all means.


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This is a quality show - a different edge - well produced and has imagination, a little like Heroes was. Sad to see it was cancelled. Looks like we are getting more singing and reality shoes /.


I am heartbroken that this show has been cancelled. Finally something that has suspense and keeps you wanting to see the next episode. If the people out there don't get it, try using your imagination and stop depending on reality shows.


who cares they cancelled the show


I absolutely LOVE this show. After watching this weeks episode I'm wondering is Noemi's parents or grandma are somehow connected to Olivia's ex. Not sure why but I'm starting to think maybe Olivia's ex wasn't evil and Darin just made him seem evil.
The preview to the next episode alludes to Olivia's daughter being alive. I can't wait!!!


If I remember correctly, didn't Jane find out that ONE child survived from the murders? The one that survived could be her grandmother. As for what's in the box, I really don't have a clue. At first I thought Olivia was completely in the dark (or just super denial) over who Gavin really is. She burned the daughters suicide note so he wouldn't find out, in which the daughter straight up said Gavin was evil. Yet it felt like a bomb was dropped when Gavin told her it was more than just monetary tokens stolen. I think she knows to a degree about Gavin, but not everything. Henry and Jane as a couple are crumbling, fast. That PR chick that told Henry that NYC can change people was kinda hitting the nail on the head. Big city life mixed with supernatural Drake phenomena, there's gonna be a breaking point.


I like that it's not completely obvious, and it's DEFINITELY finding its chemistry.
Right-on about Gavin tempting (that's Satan's trick, yes?). Appeal to the sins - greed, vanity, etc. But is he THE devil? I don't know - seems - odd.
My impression was that Olivia's ex was something supernatural and bad, and so Gavin stuck him in a box. Lots of people stuck in boxes, suitcases, etc lol. But here is where I was confused: if the other guy who stole it opened the box, isn't the bad thing out already? The little girl is the grandmother (the adult in the photo died before being committed) but maybe she keeps the small girl presence as a ghost to be recognizable in the photo? I am sure we'll find out.


Nobody else is getting a Pandora's box vibe here? And has anyone caught the fact that Gavin puts people in temptatious situations and when they give in is when the bad stuff happens? I know that's not all that's going on but I think that's a big part of it. I think it's layered and complicated and I really like this show.

Sarah silva

This was a pretty good episode.
I feel bad for Jane but I can see Henry's side too. It is obvious they will break up and she will date the detective and Henry will date Laurel.
Once again no Robert Buckley!
I would said Gavin is the devil but I think it is deeper and more complicated than that!


if the little girl is a ghost this means she died as a kid right? so how can she be the grandmother... doesn´t seem logical. and the black smoke was so LOST.


The show is getting better for me. i love the suspense and wandering is Gavin a Spawn from Satan ! Will the good prevail? What the heck is he ! He controls and manipulates.

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