90210 Review: Love and War

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No matter what Naomi does, she's destined to get screwed. Should everyone on 90210 just stop plotting and scheming already? Nah, then we'd have no show!

But "Hate 2 Love" really did showcase how bad Naomi's luck has been lately. In her quest to keep Max, she has pretty much drowned his entire business.

Annie and Colin

As endearing as Max's efforts to create peace between the two most important people in his life can be he's overlooking one major point: His business partner and best friend kissed his wife and had it photographed just to mess with him and prove her guilty. I said it last week and I'll say it again: I don't know how the blame fell on Naomi for this one.

Now, in a move that was like "taking candy from a baby," Colin was able to use Naomi to hack into Alec's phone and then the whole server of Max's company. Was this Colin's intention all along? I thought the girls met him and he sent over drinks when he recognized Silver from her nude photos. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised that Colin turned out to be a douche nozzle because Annie has dated some real hot messes over the years; including the time she spent as an escort.

Liam was Annie's best boyfriend, but now they are basically complete strangers to each other. Though I loved "Lannie," it turns out that I might actually prefer him with Silver. Well, it's not so much that I prefer Liam with Silver, so much as I prefer Silver not with Navid.

What happened to Navid anyway? He used to be the moral guy on this show, the one who sent Adrianna to rehab because he loved her so much and who took his own father to task when he found out about the underage porn stars. He's made quite the 180.

Using a sex tape to take someone down is never the answer; doesn't Navid watch Gossip Girl? At least it's not the answer if you want to win in any way shape or form. Liam will hate him, Silver will hate him and Dixon is a witness who will probably side with Liam considering what a jerk Navid was to him last week. 

Dixon and Ade are a whole other mess. Honestly, they just don't belong together anymore. Granted, she shouldn't be cheating, but they should face the music and the fact that there were major problems in their relationship before the accident even happened. Riley's advice in that respect was pretty spot on. And if Ade isn't interested in being with Taylor, please send him my number thanks.

Taylor pretty much had the best line of the night when he was talking to Navid:

I can't keep all with all the drama in your crew. | permalink

Wes Brown, this isn't your first go-around on a CW soap. I expect you to know the ropes by now!

Truthfully, it's hard to have a teen drama on for a bunch of years and not shake up the different relationships. You don't want things to be monotonous and then all these shipper wars start and fandoms go crazy. But if you can't sell the chemistry, it shouldn't be in the storyline. I think for the past few years, most of the couples on this show could sell things well and when they no longer couldn't, they called it quits.

It seems like the time has come again for the relationship evaluation on 90210. What do you guys think? Who should stay together and who should finally split? Hit the comments! 


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Omg finally someone else sees the horrible orgy fest in this show and notices that Silver is the worst of them all. Navid and Liam are better off w/o her. I love Ade, however it's annoying even seeing her in all these forced relationships. If they can't get ahold of this orgy fest I won't be able to keep watching this show. Liam is hott, but not hott enough to keep me watching as he is forced into lame relationships as well. They should all just give up on relationships and just sleep with each other openly if this b.s. keeps up.




Definitely not do any thinking. Id just go with it :)
Is Silver taking her bipolar meds, because she seemed awfully obsessed with Liam. Honestly, Navid is trying uber hard to impress her, and she's like, sorry Navid I can't talk now, btw where's liam? Oh liam, I am super glad that reconnected, I can't wait to show you my sexy moves, I know you'll love it, and on the plus side, I'm empowered by it. (Ok so this is obviously over exaggerated)
Navid needs to take Taylor's advice and just forget about Silver for awhile. After all, they do live in Cali, so there's not a lack of beautiful women. Or he could just ask Annie how she is able to always have a 'love' in her life. He could ask Liam for help too, but he'll probably recommend an acquaintance, or tell Navid to go back to Princeton, hook up with one of his teachers and then call it a day. Or Navid could simple do an (L)Adrianna (patent pending...Jk),find a rando in Vegas, hook up, and BAM, your in love.
Anyway, this episode was entertaining. I hate to love it.


This was a lot better than the last episode.
The feud over Max , between Nay and Alec is still taking its course....blah, I can't wait until Alex is taken down so we can move on from this. It was nice to see Naomi had the upper hand for awhile, and than she lost it once it was revealed that Colin had hacked Max and Alec's company. Boo!
Speaking of Colin, he sort of looked like Jasper in one scene, I think it was when Riley was calling him out on his lies and 'tourist' knowledge. And Riley...his scenes with Annie were amazing and held a lot of tension. Loved the banter.
While on the subject of tension, Ade and Annie's sex talk was really Awkward. Adrianna needs to fess up, but with her luck, she'll probably get caught when she's knee deep with Taylor.
Others in knee deep problems...Liam. Sex where people can see, never, I mean NEVER, ends well. His smart ass prof should've known, this as well. But hey if I was in that situation when Liam takes his shirt off, I'd definitely NOT think and just go with the flow :)
Silver, is she taking her bipolar meds, because I got the vibe that she was obsessing over Liam. I mean hello, Navid is dying for her attention and she's like sorry Navid can't talk now, btw where's LIam. oh liam, im super glad that we reconnected...I can't wait to show you my new sexy moves, I know you'll love it. (Ok so this is over exaggerated).
Navid, take Taylor's advice, and forget about her, she's obviously not currently into you!


first of all NELLY FURTADO perfomance sucks!!!!!!!!!in the show,dis american singer is getting worst!!!even dixon seriously sucks!!all he do was DJ and sing,dat simple,ohh,i HATE DIXON,DAT FUCKING BLACK BITCH!!!they should screw him out from the show,i think ade and taylor meant to be together,and ANNIE ahhhh she just waste of time for the show,she always gt wrong boyfriend


In Season 3, Navid cheated on Adrianna with Silver. And Adrianna sent Silver's naked pix to the whole school.
Now in Season 5, Adrianna cheated on Dixon with Taylor. And Navid released Liam's sex tape to the whole audience.
Navid & Adrianna are so meant for each other.

Sarah silva

I also agree that Silver and Liam are good together!

Sarah silva

Very sneaky what the writers are doing with Riley and Colin, making us think that Riley is the jerk and Colin is the sweet one! I knew as soon as Max said they were hacked that it was Colin. I was really hoping that Colin would be the one to help Naomi take down Alec. However now Max will be upset at Naomi when he finds out it was Colin,eventhough she did nothing worng. Max and Naomi are perferct together but it the writers are going to mess with their relationship then I will not like it!
Back to Annie, she needs a long term relationship and if it is with Riley then I hope she will be okay with the sexual limitations.
Liam, why are all the girls (besides Annie and Silver) that he gets together with so annoying?
Naveed he is becoming a jerk!
Ade, break up with Dixon already, stop cheating on him!


just put sixon back


As far as the show goes, I actually have no preference of who ends up together anymore at this stage. They're all adults and regardless of what viewers want, the writers will continue to try out all the characters with one another till they see a perfect fit. Adrianna and Dixon are clearly over, as Navid and Silver just seem to keep pushing each other further away, while Annie and Liam don't really know what they've had seeing as they both continue to bed-hop. Ironically, Naomi is the only one who decided to enter a stable relationship this season. Overall, I hope the writers do decide to put another couple together by mid-season and keep them together, because if the show keeps pushing and forcing characters, they'll lose more viewers.

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