American Horror Story Renewed For Season 3; Jessica Lange to Return!

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American Horror Story has been renewed for a third season by FX, with Season 1 star Jessica Lange set to return in the next incarnation of the horror hit, the network announced this morning.

The Ryan Murphy-helmed series will officially be back for Season 3 next year. Production will begin over the summer and the show will premiere in the fall, as it has each of the last two years.

American Horror Story: Asylum (Season 2) ends January 23. No details yet on Jessica Lange’s role or when or where the series, which switches location and era each season, will be set.

Still, great and well-deserved news for AHS and its fans to say the least!

Jessica Lange as Constance

What kind of character would like to see Jessica Lange play on AHS Season 3?

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I hope more of the cast comes back. It would be amazing to see evan peters, tassia farmiga and zachary quinto back too.


#AHSfx season 3.... c1870's - c1890's. Wild West, Bayou voodoo, sort of old school american tall tale. all kinds of possibilities with vampires and zombies. ghosts and demons. and the lovely Jessica Lange can be the beautiful bar maid in the saloon in a near deserted town. AMerican Horror Story: Ghost Town. that's my idea!


Jessica is a crazy good actress. I hope Zachery Quinto returns as well. He was brilliant.
I just hope next season concentrates on either psychological horror purely, or horror-horror. This one just keeps getting my hopes up and then crushing them.


I'm glad the show got renewed :)


I'm glad to hear that AHS has been renewed and that Jessica is returning; she's such a good fit for the show. Hopefully they tone it down a little, seeing as this season has gone beyond craziness with aliens and what not. It'd be interesting to see if Lange will play a good character next season, seeing as she's always in between good and evil, yet always sways towards the evil side more often.


No Scandal?? That's the best show on tv.

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