American Horror Story Review: Who is Bloody Face?

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Nothing is as it seems on American Horror Story: Asylum. That has been clear from the beginning. Though what was revealed on "I am Anne Frank, Pt. 2," was so out there that it redefined the word shocking.

Dr. Thredson sure had everyone fooled. He came across as the only sane one at Briarcliff. He presented himself as someone that cared about the patients and their treatment, but that was all a facade.

Arden's Secrets Are Revealed

As unexpected as his reveal as Bloody Face was, it makes sense. He relished in his superiority over others, discounted everyone else at Briarcliff and manipulated people into doing what he wanted. Kit confessed, Lana trusted him and he convinced Sister Jude to do what he requested.

Poor Lana! She thought she was escaping the horrors of Briarcliff to follow her dream, instead she ended up someplace even more dreadful. Dr. Thredson is going to be an even worse nightmare than either Sister Jude or Dr. Arden. A skull for a mint bowl? Skin as a lamp shade? Freaky! Is he really going to torture her straight using her dead partner, Wendy? That will make his previous attempt seem like a fun adventure. How ironic that he appeared so compassionate then.

If Lana survives her time with Dr. Thredson, he is right about one thing: she very well may win a Pulitizer for telling his story. She just has to survive first!

The story of Anne Frank fell a little flat for me during the two hours, but the final reveal made it all worthwhile. Was she just a crazy mother that believed she was Anne Frank or was she really Anne Frank? Either way, her appearance introduced the idea of Dr. Arden as a Nazi and showed that people are not always who they seem to be. Anne Frank is now a mother named Charlotte, Dr. Thredson is a sociopath that murders women and makes lampshades out of their skin, and Sister Jude is a drunk and slut who formerly wore a nun outfit. 

Dr. Arden's cure for Charlotte's post-partum psychosis was frightening. A lobotomy! She went from possibly delusional to the perfect mother and wife. The music and filming style of the Charlotte's past and present outside of Briarcliff was disconcerting. It had the feel of old-school B-movies with an eerie science fiction soundtrack. Neither really worked for me, since this was not an alien related story. Or could it have been?

On this show, I wouldn't doubt it. What we do know is that Grace was visited by the aliens and Kit's wife, Alma, seems to be alive and pregnant. What is going on with this? I have no clue, but it's a story I definitely want to know more about. It's being parceled out in minuscule pieces.

With all the tortured souls around her, Sister Jude may be one of the most damaged of them all. She ended up a nun to repent for her hit-and-run killing while drunk. As soon as she re-entered the real world, she started down a self-destructive path of drinking and being as easy as they come. Will she end up back at Briarcliff as a patient?

American Horror Story: Asylum has done a brilliant job of building up this depraved world and characters. Just as a few questions are answered, more complicated ones come up. The story has now moved outside of Briarcliff with Dr. Thredson and Lana in their own crazy world, Shelley left in the school yard, Kit arrested and Sister Jude doing ... something.

I wasn't sure if the second season could hold my attention as much as the first, but it definitely has done that. It's an entirely different story, but it is certainly creepy and full of mystery. I'm hooked!

Did you see the reveal of Dr. Thredson as Bloody Face coming? What do you want to see happen next at Briarcliff? Do you believe that Charlotte really is Anne Frank? 


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Thanks goodness - a storyline for Quinto at last!


I suppose the aliens adbduct whoever Kit bangs


Look at these, the synopses for the coming episodes on wiki:
6. An enigmatic little girl is forsaken at the asylum. The Monsignor makes a Faustian deal with Dr. Arden. The genesis of Bloody Face is disclosed.
7. Sister Mary Eunice is petrified to discover that a dark angel has descended upon Briarcliff. Kit makes a brazen move to be reunited with Grace.
8. A homicidal Santa wreaks havoc on Briarcliff. Sister Jude faces off with the Devil. Dr. Arden has a startling encounter in the Death Chute. So we know Kit will be back. I'm a little confused about Sister Mary Eunice. Wasn't she possessed? And Sister Jude faces off with the devil? That something I won't like


Ok. Got a theory. Lana's gonna get conversion therapy to turn her into his companion and those 3 bloody faces are part of the resulting couples brood.
There were three fake bloody faces scaring the couple and one actual one...right? That's what I remember seeing. What are you talking about?


It's so amusing that the clues fall right in, but I never even looked at Dr. Thredson. I was too busy with Dr. Arden to pay any attention to Thredson, but now if I look back, it falls in perfectly.


-baby? Was it an Aliens baby? With only 8 episodes left, I hope everything is answered shortly!


I was just completely and totally speechless after learning that Dr. Thredson is Bloody Face! Honestly, I expected Monsignor Timothy Howard if anything seeing as his character has been downplayed and hiding away from the camera more than any other character.
Speaking of which, I can't believe he turned against Kit and took Lana! I thought he was truly trying to help Kit, but clearly he was just trying to protect himself. But poor Lana, why was she chosen by Threadson? He already took her partner, so why take her? Continue her Aversion therapy? Pure craziness.
As for 'Charlotte', I still did believe her story behind Anne Frank. She may not be able Anne Frank herself, but I do believe that she did study everything enough to know what she was talking about. Besides, after everything we've seen Dr. Arden do, her accusations weren't surprising at all.
In addition to everything else, what the hell was going on with Grace? Were the aliens impregnating humans? Was Alma pregnant with Kit's baby? Was it an Alien's baby? With only 8 episodes to go, hopefully all the questions are answered soon enough.


Well, I was suspecting him for some reason two weeks ago, but then with basically convincing Kit that he had killed all those women and the cops pointing out the reasonable fact they should be following up on that to do what BF does, he needs some sort of medical (or furniture making) experience, I knew. I wonder if he is just really supposed to be a more Bundy like Ed Gein. I am really confused over both the alien storyline and the demon possession storyline. First, if Sister Mary is possessed, other than being a little manipulative, her ultimate goals seem to actually be, you know, good. Getting Sister Jude to face her past might make her actually better be able to help people. And, well, Shelley can talk however painfully, I suspect that Arden might be joining Kit in a local jail cell relatively soon (that might be fun). Second, I have no idea what is going on with the aliens. Like, the demon storyline might be explained by disassociated personality disorder or that something got knocked looked in Mary's head when she passed out. When only Kit was claiming the aliens, I thought maybe those three thugs had flooded his house with their headlights, broke in and made him watch them rape and kill Alma and Kit basically snapped from this reality (totally understandable) and just blamed aliens. Then when Sister Jude saw an alien after her bender on Communion wine, I thought maybe she had suspicions about Kit's innocence and combined with her own guilt, she came up with that alien image. Then, until Alma showed up, I thought Grace was just freaked out over her sterilization. Then, Alma...I am really still looking for the natural explanation of that one.


I was so...shocked when i realised Dr. Thredson was Bloodyface! When i heard him say to Frank to tell sister Jude that he never actually worked for Briarcliff i was like ''What the f@@ing f@ck!!! Run Lana, run!!!''. And the thing is, it makes so much sense now.How didn't we see it before?
I loved the ''Anne Frank'' arc and i really hope we'll get to see Franka Potente again before the Asylum ends. I'm still convinced that she's Anne Frank or at least that she met her...I mean not many people with psychosis get obsessed with Aushvits. Oh, i hope Arden has the exact same ending as the victims of his operating table!
I still don't get the alien sl. It seems so...random. But Evan is rocking his part... I still hope it's not actually aliens. They could do aliens in season 3.


The second season started and you - us viewers - had no character you rooted for (while in the first season you instantly rooted for some characters or for all on them, bad or good were they), so you thought: "ok, the second season is garbage". WRONG! Now you have plenty of character you root for: Lana, Kit, Grace, Anne Frank in these 2 episodes, poor Shelley, and even Sister Jude - Jessica Langea alone deserves TEN emmys this time around. I'm really hooked. And there so many hidden homages (Silence of the Lambs, Stepford Wives, Dressed to Kill, etc.), I simply ADORE this show!

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