Bones Review: They're Back!

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I hope I don't jinx the next several episodes of Bones by saying this, but I think our show is back, TV Fanatics.

While last week's Veteran's Day episode was heartfelt and moving, it was originally intended as a standalone, which left me wondering what would happen between then and the return of Pellant in January. 

"The Bod in the Pod" did not disappoint. Tonight, Bones and Booth were exactly where they're supposed to be: at the center of the show about Bones and Booth.

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All of tonight was fun, start to finish.

We weren't overwhelmed with Sweets' lack of a love life. Finally. And while he is still living with Booth and Bones and doesn't seem to be able to respect their no-work-at-home boundaries, he fell back into his place as a secondary character.

There was also balance among the rest of the team at the Jeffersonian. Hodgins seemed slightly less mad scientist, a trend I hope continues. I like him best when he's not spouting off about blowing things up.

I also love that Hodgins and Angela always seem to be the first to know when there's another character entering into a new relationship, maybe because they are the original office romance at the Jeffersonian. It's like their instincts for sussing out new lovers are as strong as Bones' ability to find evidence that's seeped into concrete. None of them have to see the proof to know there's something more going on.

Watching the two of them discover that Cam and Arastoo are an item, however unlikely, was kind of sweet. And it earned us scenes of Hodgins and Angela together outside of the lab which is always nice.

Which brings me to Booth and Bones.

One of the things that has always worked about Bones and Booth is their marriage of science and soul. Booth's heart balances Brennan's logic.

What we've seen over the course of the series are all the ways in which Booth's outlook on life has changed Bones. While she's always cared deeply for those in her inner circle, she's become a better, kinder, warmer person for having him in her life.

Tonight we watched as she let her instincts take over in their murder investigation. Her "gut" told her who the killer was and she knew instinctively that she was right, independent of any evidence to support her claim. I love the version of Bones who relies on her brain, but I also love the more intuitive side of Bones that emerges the longer she's with Booth.

And speaking of love, that last scene between the two of them, where she listed reasons for loving him and he said he didn't need any, that was classic Booth and Bones. Classic. And perfect. So perfect, the entire conversation is on the Bones quotes page.

Tonight reminded me of what I love about this show. I think Booth and Bones are back where they belong, TV Fanatics. And I'm excited.

What did you think of "The Bod in the Pod?" Let's talk in the comments section below!


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One of the best shows of late. Also am thrilled to see the thing between boss lady Cam and Aristoo. Adds a little spice to this show now that Booth and Bones are together and Angela and Hodgins are married and parents.


P.S. Above all, I was so happy that Brennan and Booth were front and center again ... just like they should be. Everyone else, go ahead and be as amazing as you can, but B&B are the gem in the center of the engagement ring. Doh! Bad analogy - but you know what I mean! : )


Exactly what you said! What an awesome episode! I LOVED it! So many wonderful things happening - B&B doing psych on Sweets (AWESOME). Hodgins translating Arastoo's poetry (Hilarious) "You are my carburetor!" Arastoo reciting his poetry to Camille (Holy crap - hot!), Brennan exploring her intuitive side with an actual HUNCH - - - LOVED IT! Booth telling the bad guy that his biggest mistake was pissing off 'My partner here'! I LOVED that - - - their relationship may have evolved, but, by GOD, they are still partners! Brennan saying "Gotcha!" B&B talking about their top three reasons why they love each other ... Booth not having reasons, Brennan finding that romantic. That was awesome! I wasn't sure I could buy Arastoo as Camille's love interest ... but we saw a new side to him last night and I'm buying it now!


I agree with sky9. I can't buy the Cam/Arastoo matchup, it just doesn't flow for me, I saw no chemistry there. I loved the ending "Why do you love me?" scene between Booth and Brennan, but that should have been the last thing we saw not Cam/Arastoo. The show is suppose to be about Bones and Booth's partnership solving murders and now private life partnership too. While I think it did come back to the Bones I love some what last night, it still has a ways to go to pull me completely back into the fold.


"The Bod in the Pod"
I still love this show. Not enough of Booth’s & Bones. Enough of Sweets already, he’s getting on my last nerve. I’ve always thought he was always jealous of Booth & Bones relationship. He isn’t the reason people watch Bones. We watch it For Booth & Bones. I must say thought, I watched the episode twice last night, Hate waiting for next one.


The good stuff was indeed back to the forefront. Brennan and Booth are a team, as he contributes to what I've called her evolution. Among the interns, Aristoo was always one of my favorites. (The other favorite is Wendell.) As my daughter was saying "ew-w-w!" I pointed out that it seemed preferable to Cam dating her daughter's gynecologist. I know Cam likes doctors, but she could evolve too. May I point out, as I have done elsewhere, that "Bones" is unique. The cast includes three beautiful women, and they do not all look alike.


I think Cam and Arastu (sp) is an interesting match. He's a quiet, deep feeling and thinking man, and just the kind that would attract Cam. Still, he definitely needs to move to another department. But then it is a TV show not reality! AND I would love alot more of the Southern-fried Intern!! Where is he? Thank God no more Daisy! Vicki


Arastoo is gorgeous...whatever gets him more screen time works!
But I liked the episode for the most part.


Loved so much of the episode--Hodgins was in high gear, and his fainting scene was hilarious!"You timed me?!" But not so sure about Cam and Aristoo. She IS his boss, and she was upset at her daughter dating an intern, and now she is! Plus she broke up with the Dr. because he was her daughter's gynecologist, so why would this relationship of boss/intern be any more suitable? I don't really see them having much chemistry either. But Booth and Bones working closely together on this case, and Bones going with her "gut" was very fun and cute! Their scene at the end was very sweet too, and echoes their history of end of episode camaraderie scenes in a very pleasing way! Less of Sweets too, which is good, though I agree that I'd like even less of him in future. A little of Sweets goes a looong way! And the Angela/Hodgins romantic scene was a very nice thing we haven't seen a lot of lately--very nice!


Cam and Aristoo I did not see coming AT ALL..that is something I'm going to have to get used too..I'm getting more and more tired of Sweets taking over Booth's job as well.. He needs to remember he's NOT an Agent.. Quite trying to act like one.Sweets also needs to get his own apartment soon. I could've used more B&B moments too, and I'd like to see Christine and Micheal more

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[to Arastoo] You're in political exile. That is so cool. In a terrible, terrible way, of course.


Booth: We believe a line between home and work is important.
Sweets: I have a hard time believing Dr. Brennan can talk about anything else.