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LOVED this episode. Jonathan Frakes is an amazing director - his episodes from ST:TNG are among some of the best of the series. He absolutely nailed the cameo as the fan at the book signing (loved his saying he was the "Number One" fan!) I think he was the perfect person to direct this episode. Also love all the little nods to all the other great sci-fi series, even down to using a William Shatner "song" to end the episode. I also love that the writers are unafraid to have the leads together (hint, hint NCIS!) in a realistic way without changing the focus of the show. Finally, to the person who said that Psych started the dramedy cop show, I would reference them to NCIS which has been doing it for 10 years ;)


fun episode. But after all the teasing in the spoilers I thought the end would be sexier if you know what I mean!! Stana looked great..I don,t get where you think she looked different! She was at he USC this weekend and WOW gorgeous!! Tall, svelt and stunning. Her outfits on the show are always fabulous..I think perhaps some of us need glasses..LOL..


I love this series. I don't watch much on this network but if the continue with Castle I will be sure to watch it. I'm so glad Beckett and Castle got together. I hope the writers keep them together with marriage in the future. I am amazed every episode with the writers and all of the actors. I would like to see a full length Nikki Heat movie on ABC.


WRONG! You say that no other series could pull off this kind of episode, and that is just NOT TRUE!
PSYCH, you know that little show on USA Network that will soon be starting it's 7th season, has been pulling of episodes like this every week. Psych pioneered this style of cop show, you know procedural, mixed with comedy, mixed with romance, mixed with action and just a dash of drama and they have been doing an AMAZING job for the past 7 (yes 7) years!! So i would thank you to remember that. FYI, PSYCH did a comic con style episode WAY back in their first season, not to mention a superhero episode last season! I love Castle, i really do, but give credit where credit is due! PSYCH pioneered this style of cop show.


Great show they are just getting better the actors and writers and all the people who put the sets togeather did a fantatic job And Castle and Kate act like just like a couple and the last scene when she come out in her outfit and Castle run in the other room and she says hey Castle are we going to get it on? Love it!!:-)


Absolutely LOOOVED this episode! Spent a lot of time laughing at the Trekkie-snarking since I have long been a Trek fan--tho' way too old to go to conventions.Loved the interplay between a contrite Alexis and embarassed dad. So they didn't mention Caskett--that's the ideal for a storyline like this. Just let it BE! Last scene with Becketts' great legs and that gawd-awful mask literally knocking Castle off the bed just about put ME on floor! WTG, writers--at least on this one you got it right!
PS: So Stana has a less emaciated body--SO WHAT? She's still stacked like a brick outhouse.


LOVED this ep, but I didn't see Frake's cameo, darnit! Unless he was the guy getting the autograph from Castle at the first part, but I thought that was James Patterson or some other famous mystery/thriller author. Anyway, the references to Firefly were fabulous, and I loved that Armin Shimmerman played the fake arms dealer! And I loved that Nathan Fillion said "Shiny" early on in the ep, as yet another nod to Firefly, which was a great show. Hilarious reaction to Alexis' cosplay, BTW, and good for Beckett for calming him down about it. And that guy who played the captain of the ship was just creepy and egotistical enough to pay homage to Star Trek TOS. Oh, and I didn't think Stana looked chunky or pregnant at all, in fact, she seemed thinner to me.


Who did the cameo at Castle's book signing? Castle commented something about "how far they've fallen."


A) Where was the Frakes cameo? B) What is me, or what there a James Patterson cameo as someone at Castle's signing where he said (paraphrasing) "Oh how far some have fallen"?


I did enjoy this episode. great fun. was never a star treck fan, but this was fun.

I agree with that fact that no on made mention of the relationship between our fav duo.

Mondays are my fav night of wekk.

this show is great fun and just keeps getting better each week.

thanks to all who make Castle happens.


(I too noticed Becketts hip are looking a bit more wide than usual- Is camera adding inches to her. I would think they would be aware).

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