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Tonight's Criminal Minds served as a brilliant and heartfelt backdrop to a story that serves as a grateful nod to military veterans. 

It had it all: personal sacrifice, honor, "no one left behind" and, most importantly, appreciation for the personal sacrifice of our nations' military.

Rossi Investigates a Homeless Man's Murder

The UnSub in "The Fallen" became unhinged after being ironically kicked off his firefighter job because he had contracted TB after saving two infected homeless people from a fire. The twig in his mind evidently snapped to the extent where he felt an OCD compulsion to "cleanse" the homeless population through the liberal use of fire and bleach. 

In this case, the more compelling story - that of the history of Rossi and Sergeant Harrison Scott - became entangled with the UnSub's when Scott grew determined to help his fellow homeless friends not become victims of Mr. Clean. How cool to see that first 1969 flashback - to the tune of "Born on the Bayou" - when we saw Rossi at age 19, reporting to Sergeant Clark.

Particularly revealing is the motivation for Rossi, a man who - as recalled by this week's revealing interview with Joe Mantegna - is independently wealthy and still feels the need to work in the BAU:

Rossi: Do you know why I joined the FBI?
Sergeant Scott: If you say...
Rossi: Because of you. You can say the Corps changed me, or the war. But it was you who made me honest. | permalink

This compelling second second story also painted a picture as to why this particular veteran - Sergeant Scott - ended up turning to the bottle.  There are so many veterans who end up this way, each with their own unique story. This served, I think, as just one possibility.  

Rossi: Why don't you come back with me? I can get you a room.
Sergeant Scott: This is my home David.
Rossi: This is no way for a war hero to live.
Sergeant Scott: Do you know how many veterans are on the street?
Rossi: Too many.
Sergeant Scott: More every day. | permalink

Sergeant Scott had lived with a secret for too many years: that, in a time where the nation sneered at Vietnam vets, he had been ordered to take credit for the actions of a third Marine (Private 1st Class Anthony Hernandez) who had thrown himself on a bomb in order to save Rossi and Scott. He seemed to be punishing himself by drinking and living among the homeless: typical and just one of the countless stories of veterans who live on the streets today.

Rossi: Hernandez? But why?
Sergeant Scott: Why did he do it? Or why did I take credit?
Rossi: Both.
Sergeant Scott: The short answer is: I was ordered to. We were fighting a PR war back home. The government needed a face - a living face - to parade around to solicit support for an unpopular war. I was chosen.
Rossi: And Hernandez?
Sergeant Scott: He was paying a debt. He was being a Marine. He died so that we could live.
Rossi: And you couldn't tell anyone. | permalink

So moving to see the final scene, where Hernandez is finally honored, and to see his grandson accept the posthumous award on his behalf. I know it's just a story but sometimes you can't help being affected, especially when watching Rossi and Scott hugging at the end.

Rossi: Welcome home Marine. Semper Fi.
Sergeant Scott: Oorah. | permalink

I applaud the writers of this episode for telling a story of pride and honor, during a week in which grateful nations remembers their warriors, both living and fallen.

Final thoughts: 

  • In case you're wondering why Sergeant Scott looks so familiar: Meshach Taylor (Sergeant Scott) played as Anthony Bouvier on Designing Women.  (Not that I ever watched the show.  *cough*)
  • Correction:  Michelle Trachtenberg has been cast as a stalker, not Reid's love interest, in an episode which will feature Reid's mysterious love interest.  The episode airs early next year.
  • Visit our updated section of Criminal Minds quotes now.

So what did you think of tonight's episode, and in particular, its revelation around Rossi's passion for the BAU?


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A classic episode, but wouldn't Rossi have been too young to have seen combat in Vietnam if he was born in 1956? The war was effectively over by the time he was nineteen. The cease-fire took place in 1973. So unless he lied about his age to join he wouldn't have gone.


Still loving on this episode. I think it was the best of the season for me.


I agree with Leesa, something is off, actually started last season. Hotch is not getting the strong leadership roles, Morgan seems to be favored, but appears moody and sullen, Garcia is often made to look petty rather then her usual compassionate self, Reid is not getting his share of the pie, and JJ just doesn't suit the badass roles she's been getting. It's more then Prestiss leaving or the injection of a new lady...we noticed that Morgan (Shemar) did not appear this year at their premiere party. Rossi seems like the only guy playing to his character. Does anyone know the real story?


Wonderful episode, especially the ending. I like how they had the team split up and talked to the homeless and cops seperately; the right people talked to each group. A very heartwrenching episode and everything went together perfectly, from the unsub to Meshach Taylor to the music they chose. I would like to point out one little bit that had me laughing: Reid: Wait so she lived somewhere two months and didn't make any friends? I thought that only happened to me.


Great show! Meshach Taylor payed his role with such dignity and raw emotion. When will he be back? He will be back, right? Of course he will be back, right?


One of the best of the season. Criminal Minds doesn't always have to be mainly about blood and guts. So many of our veterans are forgotten once they serve their country. I'm glad the episode mentioned "New Directions." If the message was taken seriously by only one veteran, then it was worth it.


Quite right - Michelle Trachtenberg plays a stalker in an upcoming episode, not Reid's love interest. Thanks for the correction everyone. @Stephanie: thank you so much too for your note about New Directions. Wasn't aware of the numbers of homeless veterans - I just knew there were a lot. Sounds cliche but it's true: even one is one too many.


This episode was more character driven and was one of the best of the season. Meshach Taylor played Sgt. Scott with dignity, and the message of the show was poignant. Most of us who watch this show want to be involved in the lives of the BAU and it was great to see some backstory on Rossi.


Great honor to vets with this episode......


michelle trachtenberg won't be Reid's love interest. She's been cast as a stalker unsub.

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Rossi: I didn't know you were out here.
Sergeant Scott: Yeah. I figured I'd get me some of those California girls.
Rossi: And did you?
Sergeant Scott: Once or twice but ...after my last divorce I figured marrying just wasn't my thing.
Rossi: Yeah. Tell me about it.

I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise - Abraham Lincoln.