Dexter Review: Doom, Gloom and Va-Va Voom!

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I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: Dexter Season 7 may be better than Dexter Season 4.

While the latter featured an iconic performance by John Lithgow as Trinity, the former continues to churn out enthralling episodes week after week, each eschewing the tired concept of Dexter trying to change and instead focusing on this serial killer embracing his true identity.

With Deb unable to accept that, "Do the Wrong Thing" turned Dexter's attention to Hannah McKay, a kindred spirit to whom he can't help but be attracted - and the results were a series of mesmerizing conversations that culminated in... Dexter turning his kill table into a thrill table.

Wow. Did anyone see that coming?!?

Sizing Up Hannah

The final scene was as gripping as it gets.

The series had done such a stellar job up until that point of painting its title character as legitimately confused over this mysterious blonde. Yes, she fits his criteria as someone who deserves to die at his hand.

But she's also turned on by death, she clearly walks around with her own Dark Passenger. And with the other woman in his life so disgusted by her sibling's murderous desires, it made sense that Dexter would be unable to resist the connection he and Hannah share. Finally, someone who understands! Who takes an interest in death! Do what you have to do, Hannah told Dexter, a reaction unlike any he's ever heard from a victim lying beneath his blade.

And that he did. He simply had to embrace this like-minded soul. It was a shocking, suspenseful closing few moments. I loved every second of it, sincerely unsure how it would end.

And that was just living in the scene itself. It gets even more exciting to ponder the possibilities ahead: Deb now has her own suspicions regarding Hannah, that Sal Price guy isn't going away, LaGuerta won't drop the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation and there's a deadly serious (and awesomely portrayed) Ukrainian mob boss sitting in prison, aware of Dexter's identity, set on picking up where these two left off when he gets out.

The walls are closing in on Dexter from every conceivable point of view. He can no longer turn to Deb. Will he and Hannah go off on their own killing spree? How much will he open up to someone who has broken Harry's Code, someone who has gone around and killed innocents? Dexter may think he and Hannah are alike, but can he really trust her?

Just a great, great episode all around. Quinn's storyline is even intriguing and, well, Batista may retire and purchase a restaurant. Okay, that can't all be winners.

But from Deb and Dexter's disintegrating relationship to Dexter's new and dangerous bond with Hannah, the show doesn't need for a Trinity-like Big Bad. Dexter is providing all the chills, thrills, doom, gloom and, this week, va-va voom all on his own.


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Personally I am really enjoying this season, for the past few weeks ive been waiting for hannah's character to be expanded on more. The ending really surprised me, I knew that she wasn't going to die but when Dexter strapped her down I wasn't sure how she could survive.
Can't wait for next week, I think that maybe she might not have killed her husband and mentor or perhaps had a good reason to, one that Dexter approves of. looking forward to seeing Deb and Hannah interact as I expect it to be explosive.


This ain't the Lithgow season ....and it's fine to keep Hannah around , but come on , this is Showtime - where's the nudity in that scene !!!!.... Homeland then follows ....with an even mo' better episode than Dexter !!!


Well, I guess I'm special, because I "saw it coming". I mean it's not all that different from the Lila or Lumen arcs. The sexual tension has been building up since Dexter dropped the swab. And I wasn't impressed by the "do what you have to do." While it was a bit more sanguine (pun intended) than some, certainly others have come close to that level of resignation. I will be very disappointed if, as I expect, Dexter and Hannah become an item for any length of time. It's inevitable, because you can't have Dexter "make love" (quite the euphemism in this case, no) to her without a relationship going on for a while. Maybe it will turn out that she didn't kill her husband and her mentor; or maybe we'll find out that her husband was abusive and her mentor was a baddie. I just figured that sooner or later Dex and Deb would end up as a couple.


I was actually interested by all the Angel/Quinn stuff.


I had more under prediction but it got cut off. Basically it become Sal & Deb vs. Dexter & Hannah, meanwhile Hannah tempts Dexter to waver from his code.


My (bold) prediction: Based on the preview, we can assume that Deb is on to Hannah and wants Dexter to "bring justice" because Hannah fits Dexter's bill perfectly. The future drama is going to involve Dexter choosing between the two female influences in his life: his sister, whose career is in jeopardy and whose relationship with Dexter is deteriorating and Hannah, his true sole mate (parallel to Carrie and Brody in Homeland) who he just met, doesn't know everything about, but can relate to. We also know that there will be at least one more season after this. They can go two ways with this: be a wimp and Dexter chooses Deb. He embrases his identity as a justice bringer and Deb warms up to the idea of Dexter. Or they can be bold: Deb asks Dexter to kill Hannah, but Dexter shares an unbreakable connection with Hannah. Plus, he needs a mom for Harrison. Dexter once again is unable to kill Hannah, thus making it impossible for Deb to view Dexter as a true "justice bringer." They then join a killing team - Dexter tries to stick to his code, but Hannah tempts him to be more wild. Deb is angered and suspicious of Dexter, so she and Sal join forces against Dexter/Hannah. I want them to be bold. Maybe they even kill Deb, and Deb returns in future seasons as a foil to Dexter's dad.


Totally agree...what an episode! And I sooooo did not expect it to end that way! I am really enjoying this season!


I'm guessing you meant turned the KILL TABLE into a THRILL TABLE, no?

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