Gideon Emery to Lead Pack on Teen Wolf Season 3

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Gideon Emery will play a major role on Teen Wolf Season 3.

As first reported by Zap2It, the actor (currently appearing as Booth on Last Resort) will come on board this popular MTV drama as Deucalion, the head of the pack of Alpha werewolves that entered the picture on the Teen Wolf Season 2 finale.

Gideon Emery on Resort

Look for the leader and his pack to try and turn Derek and Scott against each other, while tearing Beacon Hills apart, when the show returns this summer.

Yesterday, we reported on three other Teen Wolf casting notes:

  • Charlie and Max Carver will play twin wolves in this new pack.
  • Felisha Terrell will portray the first female alpha.
  • Adelaide Kane will take on Cora, a young woman with a connection to the Beacon Hills line.

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I have no idea who those four young people are, being introduced as wolves LOL Also, time to remove Colton's pic from your banner, eh? :(


An alpha leading a pack of alphas. Oh, the irony. Sounds like a great season ahead!


Ooh..good casting, I can see him going snark for snark with Derek and frustrating Scott to no end. I do wonder if the way they will try and set them apart is to realize they need to offer Scott something that will protect people and feed into that need of Scott's rather than focusing on Derek, who, well, we all know is not necessarily the best Alpha. Because if they are not careful, Derek and Scott will realize that they are basically like brothers.

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