Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Will Die?!

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Last month, a deluge of potential Gossip Girl finale spoilers hit the web, with photos from the set and rumors of weddings, children, arrests and endgames circulating faster than you can say "Til Death Do Us Part."

What's real? We'll find out for sure what goes down December 17 ... but what about the events leading up to the grand finale? Well, read on for some crucial details on the second-to-last episode (spoilers) ...

Nate, Chuck, Dan, Blair and Georgina

In the penultimate installment of Gossip Girl, scheduled for December 10 ...

  • There will be a plane crash.
  • Someone will DIE.

That's all we've got for now; the two events may not even be related, and the details of the downed aircraft are being kept closely under lock and key. However, TV Line confirms at least one major character is on board.

What do you make of this scoop? Who do you think passes away in the ninth episode of Gossip Girl Season 6, and under what circumstances? How will this set up the following week's Upper East Side swan song?

Share your comments, theories, predictions and opinions with us below!

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    My money is on chuck....saw him boarding a plane....


    It doesn't say here that the plane crash and the person dying are related.. Bart dies, but not in a plane crash. By falling from a building.


    Hey guys! I have a question for the viewers, I have watched any of season 6 episode since the first episode(which I wasn't a fan of) so without revealing anything at all (please no spoilers I'll cry) How is this season so far? Is it the proper way to finish of GG? Let me know your thoughts :)


    Rufus will die, I have a feeling he will find out Ivy was playing him and he will commit suicide. That way all the other characters will have some sort of epiphany based on who they want to spend the rest of their lives together with. Therefore, Dan + Serena will forgive each other and get back together, Chuck and Blair. No idea about what will happen to Nate but he has never really had a proper plot on the show anyways. The death of rufus, or a death in general would provide the show with an excuse of bringing back Jenny and Eric in the first place.


    Ok. Enough. Im a flight attendant and im tired of planes crashing! I love Lost, but that was it. Then greys anatomy. then revenge. now gossip girl. Thank god is not that easy to crash an airplane!


    Please kill dan


    Please kill Serena. Put her out of her misery please... not Chuck. If Chuck and Blair doesn't end up together then I'm sure the writers will be murdered by the fans of this show. I love them but I really wish for Dan and Blair. They're just so perfect together~


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