Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Will Die?!

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Last month, a deluge of potential Gossip Girl finale spoilers hit the web, with photos from the set and rumors of weddings, children, arrests and endgames circulating faster than you can say "Til Death Do Us Part."

What's real? We'll find out for sure what goes down December 17 ... but what about the events leading up to the grand finale? Well, read on for some crucial details on the second-to-last episode (spoilers) ...

Nate, Chuck, Dan, Blair and Georgina

In the penultimate installment of Gossip Girl, scheduled for December 10 ...

  • There will be a plane crash.
  • Someone will DIE.

That's all we've got for now; the two events may not even be related, and the details of the downed aircraft are being kept closely under lock and key. However, TV Line confirms at least one major character is on board.

What do you make of this scoop? Who do you think passes away in the ninth episode of Gossip Girl Season 6, and under what circumstances? How will this set up the following week's Upper East Side swan song?

Share your comments, theories, predictions and opinions with us below!

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Gossip Girl S06 E04 Full
Ep Name: Portrait of a Lady Alexander
Air date: 11/5/2012


Gossip Girl S06xE04
Ep Name: Portrait of a Lady Alexander
Air date: 11/5/2012


Out of topic, but you guys, Gossip Girl is pregnant! Kristen Bell is expecting her first baby with her fiancee.


Maybe all the investigation Chuck is doing about Bart and Dubai makes him (Bart) angry and he, somehow, tries do kill Chuck by making his private jet explode on the air. Nate finds out the plot and saves Chuck, then Chuck and Blair go to confront Bart, he falls of the rooftop and Chuck is arrested (the wedding scene)for killing his father. Or he enters the plane after his father's deatth, there's a crash and he disappears, making everyone think that he's dead to catch the real murderer... Just guesses, we will have to wait!!


nobody said that somebody will die in the plane crash, just that somebody dies, which we already know --> bart, duh.
all the mains are in the flash forward scenes


I think Eleanor will die.. so Blair will inherit the company and the Waldorf fortune... her mom's suddden death will make her want to quit wasting time with Chuck so they will marry. Maybe if we're lucky Lily and Bart will be on that plane too.


Put everyone in a plane and let them die, I coulnd't care less tbh. This cheap tactis the writers have to ''schock'' the audience and get views are stupid as fuck, I'm pretty sure when that plane scene airs is gonna be dull and blant. Goodbye GG.


I'm so sad but i think it will be chuck who dies. Because the writer will definitely have a dair reunion!:(


The Sage character is so ridiculous, I'm ready for her to go away now, there's no way Blair OR Serena would have let her get away with the stunt she pulled and how the heck is Nate even into her? It's SO dumb.


I really don't think it will be any of the main characters to die, that would be a cop-out by the writers to make a DRAMATIC ending, however I wish it were serena to die. I think given her dramatic and destructive nature it would make sense for her to "live fast and die young." But I agree with others that it will probably be Bart who dies. They did it once and it worked, why not again? Obviously he's not going to reform any time soon.

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