Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Will Die?!

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Last month, a deluge of potential Gossip Girl finale spoilers hit the web, with photos from the set and rumors of weddings, children, arrests and endgames circulating faster than you can say "Til Death Do Us Part."

What's real? We'll find out for sure what goes down December 17 ... but what about the events leading up to the grand finale? Well, read on for some crucial details on the second-to-last episode (spoilers) ...

Nate, Chuck, Dan, Blair and Georgina

In the penultimate installment of Gossip Girl, scheduled for December 10 ...

  • There will be a plane crash.
  • Someone will DIE.

That's all we've got for now; the two events may not even be related, and the details of the downed aircraft are being kept closely under lock and key. However, TV Line confirms at least one major character is on board.

What do you make of this scoop? Who do you think passes away in the ninth episode of Gossip Girl Season 6, and under what circumstances? How will this set up the following week's Upper East Side swan song?

Share your comments, theories, predictions and opinions with us below!

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chuck will get on the plane.. there will be a plane crash but he WONT die!
bart dies..


i really hope Bart Bass dies cause after what Chuck and Blair went through ALL seasons they deserve each and live a happy ever after.. they should be together.. i think Chuck and Bart are going on a plane and Bart dies as much i don't want him to die cause Chuck is horrible when he lost his farther the first time so i hope and prayer its not Chuck..


@b, I agree with you that everything in finale must make sense and that do not be hasty! And you're absolutely right about Sage and Steven! No one is interested in their story, they are completely irrelevant characters and have spent the majority of time in the 6x02 and 6x03 episode, and seems likely to continue in the 6x04 and 6x05. You're absolutely right production of series is wrong to give so much time visiting actors, instead of being focused only on the main characters! I understand that Stephen is a mixture of Carter / Ben / Gabriel, as Sage is mixture of Vanessa / Jenny / Georgina, but that Serena is still with Stephen after in the 6x04 she learned that he had an affair with her mother, Lily, it's totally stupid! I think that 6x05 episode will be similar to 1x06 and 1x07 episodes, especially the latter because Serena would think that Stephen wants to propose her, as Blair thought of Nate in 1x07. Too much time is spent on Steven and Sage, and too little on the main characters!


Let Chuck be the one to die, please. And let the Derena wedding not be real, she shouldn't end up with that bastard. He deserves to be alone.


I wish it were Dan but it wont be.


Sounds pretty clear to me. There will be a chair wedding, then chuck will have to leave for work. Die in a plane crash. And then blair realize that she's pregnant.
Then flash forward to her super life five years after eiththe baby and her successfull career. The end.


@zoran let's just hope that the finale and where each character ends up and who with makes sense and isn't a rushed and out of nowhere I have to say I'm upset that in pictures from the finale I spotted Nate with Sage I think we can all agree that none of us want her in the finale I was hoping shed have made her exit from the show by then and it's not much the character as it is actress playing her seriously she's the worse decision the casting directors have ever made on the show I can't even stand the walk she walks or I guess a better word for what she does is sulks lol


I'm throwing this theory out there since we've forgotten about her, but Jenny would be the only logical candidate left to be gossip girl. If it's her death that would be a literal end to gossip girl. (Also it wouldn't be too detrimental if they ever considered the possibility of a movie)
Either that or Dan just because I dislike his character the most.


@ b, I watched episode 6x01! It is true what Dan told Blair, but you have to look at the big picture, the context in which it is told. Dan said Blair that because he was angry at her as why and how her break up with him! Had nothing to do whether they loved because we know that Blair only loves Chuck! You forgot that all summer Dan would not answer to calls of Blair, not because he loves or does not love her, but because he was hurt with the way how she left him! Remember the beginning of season 2, although Dan and Serena broke up at the end of season 1, Dan went to look for her in Hemtons, and there Dan reconciled with Serena! That is a mutual love! Sorry I did not know that you're not a fan of Dair! At least we can agree on something - we both hate Dair!


the whole cast dies, series over and out!

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