Grey's Anatomy Review: Change of Heart

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While Grey's Anatomy was all about Cristina and Meredith last week, "Second Opinion" went back to involving pretty much every cast member.

For some of the characters, this worked. For a few others? Much was left to be desired.

Derek With Callie

Yay for Cristina being back (although I still wish Dr. Thomas got to join her at Seattle Grace)... but I was prepared for her to be more mean towards the interns. And although her intern nicknames were hilarious, I rather liked seeing her be the teacher in her own blunt way. She always nails her comedic lines as well as the emotional ones, so really it was great to have her a part of the team again.

At the same time, I loved that Bailey worked her magic on Arizona and sort of tricked her into coming to work. It was a genius idea that could have easily backfired. Arizona belongs at work.

But can Derek ever work again? The emotional moments of Callie admitting that Derek wouldn't be able to operate was heartbreaking. She didn't want to admit it, with their follow-up conversation only adding to the stress. These two are friends and seeing them angry and upset was a great moment.

So it was a positive shift when she recanted and began to offer up numerous ways Derek could recover. I hope he does get to.

As for Owen, I completely understand his outburst on Cristina's work. He just wants to protect her and it was fantastic when she realized that he was the one pushing for her to come back. Is there a chance for thaeir relationship here again? Any at all?

I'm not sure if Cristina is ready for something like that. She did decide to move in with Alex after all.

And I enjoyed getting that old school vibe of when they used to all hang out together. Even Meredith naming off all the problems that Alex had with the place was a fun touch.

It's definitely enjoyable seeing those lighthearted scenes take place, as great as it is to see Jackson squirm with awkwardness around Webber.

I couldn't help but laugh at Jackson getting the dirty email from Webber followed by his mom. And to top it off, Webber telling Jackson he really wanted them to be together was perfect. What an uncomfortable situation.

But of course, with the good, comes the bad.

I'm not digging April's Jesus rants. I get her feelings and frustrations and confusion, but it just feels tiresome. And sure, maybe Jackson digs a little crazy, but I'd like to see them develop beyond the whole "let's have sex, awesome, you're bumming Jesus out" routine.

And as much as the episode was all about sparking change and the recognition of moving forward, I could have done without the intern Jo and her puke-infested patient. It just felt forced in trying to prove that she could prove herself.

In reality, there just felt like a lot was going on, which is usual for the show, but I think I would have been okay with only focusing on a few of the characters in addition to the plane crash damage assessment.

The final result was a shock. They're going to sue the hospital and essentially Owen? That's going to cause a lot of personal drama in that work environment.

Overall, this was a fair episode and something of a transitioning one, but easily forgettable in a pretty good season.

Now I wonder what other dwarf names the interns will get...

What did you all think of the episode? Are you glad Cristina is back? Are you surprised the lawyers want to go after the hospital?


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You may recall that in the plane crash episode Owen had all of his calls forwarded and it wasn't until several hours later that he listened to the several messages from Boise and realized something was wrong. It's a stretch but they could be suing on the basis that if Owen took the calls they would have realized sooner and they could have been rescued earlier. I'm not sure how else you would actually blame the hospital for the crash. It will definitely create some major drama which is what the show is all about.

Avatar the scene shows the whole gang...alex, meredith,april,cristina..


I liked the episode and it is nice to see Christina and Meredith back together and Christina with her funny nicknames. The elder Dr taught her so much in a short time so I think that will come out more and more. Glad Alex bought Meredith's house. It's the only home he's ever really had, since as a kid he was in foster homes. It's hilarious that Christina and Alex would end up as roommates. I thought there was a bedroom for her and Meredith's and Derek's. I don't think that the Dr's will let them sue the Hospital. How can they hold the Hospital responsible for the airplane crash? That is too far fetched. It should be the airplane company. They are all Dr's so they have enough money. I think it is principle like Derek said in making sure it doesn't happen again. The only thing I did not like about the episode is April. Her story line is crappy. Please stop it now.


@tess - Owen should protect Cristina from??? Now that she has returned to SGMW he isn't her proxy, as she can speak for herself. She left HIM twice. The first time when she told him she was leaving for Mayo after SHE persued him to have good-bye sex & again after he cared for her to get her back on her feet after being rescued & returned to him & she gets in her red car & drives off & then she has a sex-friend while she is still MARRIED to Owen. I'm not sure how much more people think this guy should do for her? Little Miss Independent can be by herself, ALL she needs to do is visit an attorney & file for divorce - it's as easy as that. But that is not what is about to happen ... they love each other too much, their communication level is a minus 50!! Neither of them can stay at the firehouse without the other!


I loved all the Meredith/Alex scenes, loved that the house stays in the family, and love Alex/Cristina living together. Still hoping Alex gets a love interest and a decent story that's about HIM sometime soon. I hate Owen dragging Cristina down. He's not "protecting" her. He's trying - again - to control her and its disgusting. So is the mind boggling stupidity of April and Avery. They're a PSA for why 12-year-olds shouldn't have sex. I usually like Bailey but wished she'd STFU this week. Hate AZ, don't miss her, wish she'd stayed home - off screen. I'd rather see the new interns than anything about her.


What incredible timing! Cristina returns from the Mayo Clinic just in time for Owen to not be her proxy and therefore not eligible to hear that the lawyers may go after the hospital. How would it have been handled if he were still her proxy? The only thing Owen is guilty of re: the plane crash is not listening to his voicemails. But since the Boise hospital didn't find another way to contact SGMW as their people got incresingly concerned. Baily is still being underused. Her idea was great and she handled Arizona beautifully, but she needs to be Baily! Wow, no damage to Mer's house (apart from her height markings) from before she and her friends took over?! Finally, this hospital seems to take on new interns every year or so; Baily would have a whole bunch of senior Residents—duckings getting ready for their boards. I know viewers can't keep tract of everyone, but it just bugs me!


It's a new Cristina, older and wiser but still the smart ass she's always been, so I'm enjoying her return to Seattle Grace. Naturally there would be a little friction between Yang and Owen but the seed has been sown for a truce if not a total reconciliation? Love is still there, but just how much is hard to say. Very happy that Arizona took the bait and is back IN the hospital. Just in time, too, before Callie goes off the deep end of despair! I'm with our reviewer on the "jesus rants," enough is enough. Apparently it needs to be separation of church, state AND Grey's Anatomy! Either get on with the relationship or give it up! Cheers for Derek and hopes are high for his return to the operating room. It's just GOT to happen. That will be a fine day for everyone. Still a fan but is Shonda spending too much time with Scandal? Hmmm...just a thought? Do you think she has the same fan base on both shows????


I enjoyed this episode watching the used to be interns now be the bosses and seeing how much things have changed for them. They are treating the new ones like they were treated and it's a kick to see. It's time for Karev to grow up and his buying the house as a first step is good. It also kind of keeps it in the "family"for Meridith. Happy to have Christina back but could have used more time with her and her buddy where she was. The elder Dr. taught her so much about being human and I loved their exchanges. That should have gone on longer in my opinion. The lawyers suing the hospital for putting them on that plane is just nuts. Should be suing the plane manufactures or the airline not the hospital. Since the pilot was also hurt in the plane wreck he should be in the settlement with them. For me as a watcher from the beginning I can remember the main characters feeling just like the interns do now. They were terrified of Baily back then. Now the interns are terrified of them. Such great writing on Shonda's part.Keep it coming Shonda!


sorry I pushed the button too fast lol. If they sue the hospital, it's true it's not gonna help preventing other accidents from happening, it has nothing to do with what the survivors wanted. I don't think they'll go through with it either, maybe they'll just think about it to create drama for a while but that's it !


@Ace I totally agree with you, if they sue the hospital

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