Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Second Opinion"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Second Opinion" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Steve Marsi have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Christina: For the first time in a long time, nothing stuck out to me.

Sean: The awkward Jackson talk. Having him try and be the go between for his mom and Webber's emails were hilarious.

Steve: There were a bunch that I really enjoyed this week, chiefly Meredith naming off all the problems that Alex had, and Bailey working her genius magic to con Arizona. Well played, Miranda.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. What did you think of Cristina's return?

Christina: It's about time! I liked when she realized that Owen was the one pushing for her to come back.

Sean: Yes! I still wanted Thomas to go with her but I'm glad she's back to where she belongs.

Steve: Man, she's the best. Grey's Anatomy Season 1 seems like an eternity ago, and the show is totally different now, but Sandra Oh's performance has been a constant throughout the show's run. It was great to see her back in her element and dishing out the one-liners left and right, with the deeper emotional complexity just below the surface.

3. Do you think any characters didn't get enough screen time this week?

Christina: I think there was a fair amount of screen time for everyone this time around. There's also quite possible too much time given to April.

Sean: I think everyone got a fair amount of time but I would have liked to see Alex get some more to do. I am curious how the roommate situation will work out with him. 

Steve: I'm always partial to what's left of the original cast: Meredith, Bailey, Derek, Richard, Alex and Cristina. I like the new people (some of whom have been around a long time in their own right), but any plot line that focuses on them is viewed through a different lens, at least for me. Maybe this is part of the reason I loved the Mer/Cristina installment.

4. Can Jackson and April make it work or are they doomed to fail?

Christina: I can't say I care. April is dreadfully annoying still.

Sean: They seem to want to work together and I don't mind if they do. That said she needs to stop with her Jesus rants. They sound forced and will not only drive Jackson away, but me from caring about them together.

Steve: No, Jackson and April are not the General Motors of relationships. Too big to fail, they are not by a long shot. That said, I think they can make it work if things go right and they are prepared to dig deep.

5. Is suing the hospital a good thing or a bad thing?

Christina: It's majorly bad. Things are going to get heated, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Sean: Can they? Should they? Either way it's going to cause a lot of drama that I'm curious to see unfold.

Steve: Bad. I can see both sides, but if it's me, I let it go and move on. Then again, that's boring TV!

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments below!

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Can you guys please change the header of Grey's Anatomy?
Its the same old picture you have for ages, change it to the new one please. And surgeriessssssssss! We want more cases and surgeries! I want some neuro action please!


1. Best scene - toss up between Cristina finding out that Owen was the one who pushed for her to come back and Mer/Alex talking about the house and all of them growing up there. 2. Cristina's back!! Beyond awesome. So, so happy! 3. Screen time seemed evenly distributed, but I still think they could do with a few less characters. Too many new ones. 4. I don't hate April, but I did truly hope that she would have stayed in Ohio. She didn't have to stay on the farm, maybe just be a doctor out there. I am a spiritual person and even I am sick to death of her rants about Jesus. Either drop it or go to a sex addicts group for help. Or find a local pastor for counseling. This is just stupid and exceedingly annoying. 5. The suit needs to go away. Take the offered settlement and forget suing the hospital. I can't see where the liability would rest with them, but perhaps that will come out later. It's kind of like biting the hand that feeds you.


Ouch. So much hate for April on here! Actually April and Jackson are my new favourite couple. I think they have great chemistry and I've always loved those two. They had a lovely friendship in the precious seasons and I'm excited to see it turn into something more. However, I do agree that she needs to tone down the Jesus rants because it's getting annoying. She needs to make her peace with that.


1. Best Scene was with Bailey and Arizona. I like them together, it was a nice scene and hopefully means that Arizona is on her way back. 2. I called it! I hope that she uses her time to teach some of the new interns. Now that she doesn't have to focus on leaning because she basically is awesome at her job, she does need to learn how to love and maybe even have kids with Owen. 3. There was the perfect amount of everyone this week. I think there should be less April though. 4. Don't know and Don't Care. 5. I sincerely hate the lawyers involved in this case and I hope that the lawyers Owen will have to hire to defend the hospital will eviscerate them. I know a smart lawyer would file a motion to disqualify Arizona as a participant because it wasn't the hospital that put her on that plane, it was herself. Had she not gotten all mad and stuff Alex would have been on that plane and it would have been Alex's leg that was cut off.


1. when Cristina realized it's Owen pushed her boss hard to get her back
2. we can see Cristina's working in SGMW so happy,she should like Dr.Rusell's style
3.core character can't get enough srenntime isn't a real problem ,the stupid lawsuit is too long, too boring
4.what happen to Jackson and April in S9 ? no fun? no chemistry?
5.suing the hospital for what? seeking justice? ask for more money?


ok need an exlaintion how is suing the hospital going to help Owen and Cristina's marriage when is this so called hope going to come cause its getting kinda annoying


1. Arizona & Bailey, hands down, most moving and meaningful scenes of the night. 2.Love Cristina! 3. This April crap has to stop. 4. Most boring awkward couple, ever. 5. I just want everyone involved in the crash to get rich. but NOT sink SGMW in the process.


1. I really liked the way Bailey reeled Arizona in. Smart and funny! 2. It seemed to be written a bit abruptly, but what the heck---I'm glad she's back. 3. The screen time seemed fair. I spent most of the Mer/Christina episode wishing we could spend more time with other characters too. 4. I adore the Jackson/April pairing! The "nice, but awkward girl finally lets her hair down and the guy who’s always been just her pal comes to realize she’s the one he wants" story has certainly been done before, but IMO it’s a classic for a reason. I'm not even sure that's where they're heading, but I still get happy and excited thinking it MIGHT be that archetype. 5. I'm just not interested in the suing storyline yet, but perhaps it will surprise me. They could bring in some unscrupulous corner-cutting which led to an unsafe airplane...something like that would zip it up a bit. Frankly, I would have thought the hospital far more likely to be sued over the hospital shootings. It's clearly very poor security to let a lone gunman wander about killing people at will.


Sofia would get all of Mark's money


1. Arizonawalking in the hospital, and Meredith recalling old events in the house to Alex.
2. About time! I loved her interaction with the interns, brings back old Cristina, but also it seems that this time, it's not to be mean, but to teach.
3. Too many characters--with the interns and a couple patients, a lot happened so yeah, not a lot of screen time from the characters whom I actually find amusing.
4. Who cares? This storyline is so annoying and got way too much screen time. I can't even remember the last time I saw April practicing medicine.
5. Bad for the relationships, which means good for drama!

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