Grey's Anatomy Review: Change of Heart

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While Grey's Anatomy was all about Cristina and Meredith last week, "Second Opinion" went back to involving pretty much every cast member.

For some of the characters, this worked. For a few others? Much was left to be desired.

Derek With Callie

Yay for Cristina being back (although I still wish Dr. Thomas got to join her at Seattle Grace)... but I was prepared for her to be more mean towards the interns. And although her intern nicknames were hilarious, I rather liked seeing her be the teacher in her own blunt way. She always nails her comedic lines as well as the emotional ones, so really it was great to have her a part of the team again.

At the same time, I loved that Bailey worked her magic on Arizona and sort of tricked her into coming to work. It was a genius idea that could have easily backfired. Arizona belongs at work.

But can Derek ever work again? The emotional moments of Callie admitting that Derek wouldn't be able to operate was heartbreaking. She didn't want to admit it, with their follow-up conversation only adding to the stress. These two are friends and seeing them angry and upset was a great moment.

So it was a positive shift when she recanted and began to offer up numerous ways Derek could recover. I hope he does get to.

As for Owen, I completely understand his outburst on Cristina's work. He just wants to protect her and it was fantastic when she realized that he was the one pushing for her to come back. Is there a chance for thaeir relationship here again? Any at all?

I'm not sure if Cristina is ready for something like that. She did decide to move in with Alex after all.

And I enjoyed getting that old school vibe of when they used to all hang out together. Even Meredith naming off all the problems that Alex had with the place was a fun touch.

It's definitely enjoyable seeing those lighthearted scenes take place, as great as it is to see Jackson squirm with awkwardness around Webber.

I couldn't help but laugh at Jackson getting the dirty email from Webber followed by his mom. And to top it off, Webber telling Jackson he really wanted them to be together was perfect. What an uncomfortable situation.

But of course, with the good, comes the bad.

I'm not digging April's Jesus rants. I get her feelings and frustrations and confusion, but it just feels tiresome. And sure, maybe Jackson digs a little crazy, but I'd like to see them develop beyond the whole "let's have sex, awesome, you're bumming Jesus out" routine.

And as much as the episode was all about sparking change and the recognition of moving forward, I could have done without the intern Jo and her puke-infested patient. It just felt forced in trying to prove that she could prove herself.

In reality, there just felt like a lot was going on, which is usual for the show, but I think I would have been okay with only focusing on a few of the characters in addition to the plane crash damage assessment.

The final result was a shock. They're going to sue the hospital and essentially Owen? That's going to cause a lot of personal drama in that work environment.

Overall, this was a fair episode and something of a transitioning one, but easily forgettable in a pretty good season.

Now I wonder what other dwarf names the interns will get...

What did you all think of the episode? Are you glad Cristina is back? Are you surprised the lawyers want to go after the hospital?


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I hope they don't go through with it. Derek's speech was about making sure this doesn't happen again: to send a message to hold the plane company accountable. How will suing SGMW accomplish that? So dumb.


The attorneys should go after the charter company or the plane manufacturer. It's weird to think that SGMW is liable for a plane crashing. I think that they're only going after SGMW because it's a private hospital with deep pockets.


I also agree that going after the hospital is stupid and, from the attorneys' perspective, a conflict of interest. Aren't those attorneys on retainer BY the hospital?


@Daron Meredith's house isn't millions of dollars. It's relatively priced. You have to remember that general surgeons, while not making millions of dollars (unless you're Derek Shepherd, Preston Burke, and Addison Montgomery), still make a sizable income: anywhere between 250-400k a year; sub-specialist make more, and although Karev is just a peds surg fellow, Webber helped Karev get the most bang out of SGMW's buck: loan forgiveness, signing bonus, and relocation expenses added to his base salary.


Can't stand the stupidness of Jackson and April. I was sorry to see her come back on the show. Grow up. I hope Shonda dumps this story line.


suing owen is the most absurd thing ever written in the entire life of this show so aches my heart to even think about blaming owen for the crash...i literally had to remind myself about ten times that this is just a show n that there is no owen paying for this in real life...and am NOT the usual tv show freak drama queen...the end disgusted and unsettled me like nothing else in a really long time... :/


I'm nervous about Owen and Cristina.... As long as they're apart, it's going to be the same old drama it has been for a year now, but if they get back together, I think they're making a huge mistake and compromising themselves in really unrealistic ways. The kids issue is really non-negotiable. I remember a Shonda interview from sometime last year where she said that the kid issue was the dynamic she wanted to explore. In particular the fact that some women, honest to god, just don't want kids. But obviously Owen is crazy about kids (remember him with Zola last week?). So in my opinion they really don't belong together, but them being apart is causing a whole bunch of tired and frankly boring drama. As for Jo, I think she's fine. Not great, but not worth all the disdain she's getting around here.


'm so glad Cristina's back, but i too wish that the awesome Dr. Thomas went with her. Another great episode, and i did not see the whole 'let's sue Seattle grace/owen' at all! I have to disagree with you on the Jo case. I loved it! Especially when Alex kept shouting at her to change her shirt. I really hope Jo and Alex get together soon!

Sarah silva

It is nice having Christina back in Seattle!
It is also nice seeing Alex finally realize he has to grow up, stop calling people dude, and sleeping with interns. (in his own words).
I think it is neat that he bought Meredith's house. I hope Christina moving in with him is just temporary, because eventhough Owen is being mean to Christina the cat was let out of the bag that he fought hard to have her back.
I have to admit, it makes no sense to me why they would suggest sueing the hospital. If Christina was still in Minnesota and Owen had to be there in Proxy would they still have suggested that? I really hope they do not agree to that and go through with it.
I am happy that Bailey was able to get Arizona to come to the hospital, that is what she needed! The CG effects they are doing with her is fantastic!
No new episode for 2 weeks.


Really good episode and I'm so happy Cristina's back!!
i loved how Arizona got to work and i was really worried that bailey's plan might totally backfire..
oh the memories in Mere's house

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