Grey's Anatomy Review: Change of Heart

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While Grey's Anatomy was all about Cristina and Meredith last week, "Second Opinion" went back to involving pretty much every cast member.

For some of the characters, this worked. For a few others? Much was left to be desired.

Derek With Callie

Yay for Cristina being back (although I still wish Dr. Thomas got to join her at Seattle Grace)... but I was prepared for her to be more mean towards the interns. And although her intern nicknames were hilarious, I rather liked seeing her be the teacher in her own blunt way. She always nails her comedic lines as well as the emotional ones, so really it was great to have her a part of the team again.

At the same time, I loved that Bailey worked her magic on Arizona and sort of tricked her into coming to work. It was a genius idea that could have easily backfired. Arizona belongs at work.

But can Derek ever work again? The emotional moments of Callie admitting that Derek wouldn't be able to operate was heartbreaking. She didn't want to admit it, with their follow-up conversation only adding to the stress. These two are friends and seeing them angry and upset was a great moment.

So it was a positive shift when she recanted and began to offer up numerous ways Derek could recover. I hope he does get to.

As for Owen, I completely understand his outburst on Cristina's work. He just wants to protect her and it was fantastic when she realized that he was the one pushing for her to come back. Is there a chance for thaeir relationship here again? Any at all?

I'm not sure if Cristina is ready for something like that. She did decide to move in with Alex after all.

And I enjoyed getting that old school vibe of when they used to all hang out together. Even Meredith naming off all the problems that Alex had with the place was a fun touch.

It's definitely enjoyable seeing those lighthearted scenes take place, as great as it is to see Jackson squirm with awkwardness around Webber.

I couldn't help but laugh at Jackson getting the dirty email from Webber followed by his mom. And to top it off, Webber telling Jackson he really wanted them to be together was perfect. What an uncomfortable situation.

But of course, with the good, comes the bad.

I'm not digging April's Jesus rants. I get her feelings and frustrations and confusion, but it just feels tiresome. And sure, maybe Jackson digs a little crazy, but I'd like to see them develop beyond the whole "let's have sex, awesome, you're bumming Jesus out" routine.

And as much as the episode was all about sparking change and the recognition of moving forward, I could have done without the intern Jo and her puke-infested patient. It just felt forced in trying to prove that she could prove herself.

In reality, there just felt like a lot was going on, which is usual for the show, but I think I would have been okay with only focusing on a few of the characters in addition to the plane crash damage assessment.

The final result was a shock. They're going to sue the hospital and essentially Owen? That's going to cause a lot of personal drama in that work environment.

Overall, this was a fair episode and something of a transitioning one, but easily forgettable in a pretty good season.

Now I wonder what other dwarf names the interns will get...

What did you all think of the episode? Are you glad Cristina is back? Are you surprised the lawyers want to go after the hospital?


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I love Cristina! i'm glad she's back and that awkward look between Owen + Cristina when she found out it was him who pushed her hard to be back was freaky but amazing ! Bailey + Arizona was classic Bailey which was also amazing and cool :D I love Greys! Been watching since the very beginning to the point I am rewatching it now and im on Season 4 :)


How can Alex afford to buy Meredith house? Yes he's a surgeon but not a NFL player. I really like Jo the intern it was really nice of her to help that puking homeless guy. She's great doctor. Jaskon & arizona are boring. My favorite scene was when Arizona was taking her first steps to the front door. I glad Baily tricked her into coming back to the hospital.


Aww i loved this episode! :) I loved the Arizona-Bailey part,it was so cute.I loved Crowen but i HATE that they're going to blame Owen for he crash.I feel bad for him,he's such a good guy.And i HATE that Callie is feeling guilty about Derek,poor thing,she's been through enough.I hate that we didnt see our Zola in this episode ^-^ I loved Mer's speech about her house,and i LOVE the idea about Alex and Christina moving in together.The queen of mean and Evil Spawn,i like it :D Hahahha it was so funny the part when Jackson and the chief were on the screen.
And now for the best part of the episode:JAPRIL :'D ♥♥Omg,could they be more cuter?I love that she is so crazy;one minute she is enjoying it,then the next she is guilty:you can see that she is struggling with it!And then there's Jackson,the sweetest guy on Earth,who ,looks like, was created just for her.He cant resist her! :D ♥♥ He puts up with all her craziness and her nonsense and it looks like he's a bit jealous of Jesus :D Aww and the best part was when he finally realized that he has feelings for her,that it's not just sex.They have a bond,from day one,and their chemistry is insane and he is the one to notice it first.I just WISH that April will finally realize that they were meant for each other! ♥♥♥♥


It was a really nice episode! Cristina and Alex living together= AMAZING! Have they ever been roommates in the past? I don't think they do. The lack of MerDer scenes kind of pissed me off, but I loved Meredith/Alex interaction. They have a brother/sister relationship! What Bailey did with Arizona was smart but I would like Calzona scenes soon. And more of Bailey. She needs screen-time too. I agree with that the thing April has with Jesus is becoming annoying. I love April but she needs to chill. And I would like some deeper Japril scenes that do not involve sex.Also, did you saw next episode's promo. Is April pregnant! 0_o... Jo got much more screen time than she deserved. I like her as a character, but I need to get to know her better before I don't mind having her on my screen ( instead of someone else ). Also, please please please Shonda, don't replace anyone with the new interns. The end freaked me out. Suing the hospital, is like suing their family. If they do it, they'll be stupid. Poor Owen. That would be like a back stabbing from his friends. And, also, the other people working there. Derek, Owen and Callie have a friendship with him. I WANT MORE ALEX IN MY SCREEN!


Yeah I didn't understand either why they're suing the hospital. I liked all the emotional moments with Derek and Callie. It's nice to see they have grown closer. Bailey playing with Arizona? Classical Bailey, it was refreshing, we haven't seen this side of her in a long time. I too was annoyed with April and her Jesus talk. Hopefully, when she realised it wasn't only sex, it'll change her perspective. I really see these two getting more serious and they have amazing chemistry, if only she would shut up about Jesus. I was happy to get Christina back and I found her time at Mayo with Thomas changed her in a good way.


Jo and Alex on-screen made me sick. I don't know what it is, but I just can't adjust to her. She's just comes across as really fake and like the actress is trying too hard. I know that Alex is getting a love interest this season and when Cristina moved into the house, I was all like "please don't tell me Shonda is going to put Cristina and Alex together in this season of romance?". As far as that goes, those two living together will actually be hilarious.
Everything else to me in this episode was average, however, I did enjoy Bailey's manipulation towards Arizona and the way Cristina was with her interns. Those were good moments and I hope that humour continues to play a large part in this season, because it's been way too much drama and not enough fun.


Owen will agree if Cristina want to file the divoice, I'm wondering why Cristina did not after she had a sex friend in Mayo?
Owen's still in love with Cristina for sure, and both of them lost their confidence in the happiness of marriage


I'm really getting tired of Owen. I hope he and Christina choose divorce. I've only ever seen them disagreeing on stuff and that man is too stubborn, even more than Yang ! When he's around, she's the reasonable one !


just realized - eh - this is a review for "Second Opinion" (9x6)- not "I was made for lovin' you" (9x7)- it doesn't get aired til 29th Nov! Correct please! :)


I dunno why People hate Jo so much? She is actually pretty much like Izzie! (circa season 1) - although not as good as izzie but Alex does deserve a feisty companion! Cristina is back! I'm lovin it!

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