Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Words Fail Him

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Jackson is pretty close to speechless in a new clip from tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy.

If you watched the Grey's Anatomy promo at the end of the most recent episode, you probably know why, but this sneak peek sets it up with a little more clarity after April shares a sudden realization with him.

His reaction? Along the lines of what you'd expect in that situation ...

What do you think? Is this really happening, or will there be a twist?

For four additional clips from this week's show, follow the link to watch ABC's previously released Grey's Anatomy sneak peeks and share your predictions for all things "I Was Made For Lovin' You" below!

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Would April want Merideth and Derek to adopt the baby? That would be WAY too painful IMO. Even a character lacking the sense to use birth control religiously ;-) surely has enough sense to see that's a bad idea? It would drive a boatload of storyline though.


The promo seems to suggest that Kepner will go and see Mer about being 'late'.
If Kepner is pregnant will she expect Avery to marry her? I hope it's a false alarm. I can't see Kepner passing the boards in June 2013 if she's a mom!
Perhaps Constance Zimmer's reoccuring role will be as the OBGYN at SGH. GA doesn't seem to have any docs from OBGYN department at the moment


seriously ,all SGMW doctors don't know what's the birth control? how to use the condomm?


yahoo way 2 go :D


I found JW( jackson) has the acting problem , he doesn't know how to enter into the role of romance,poor acting skill!
SD(April )'s play talent is ok, I agree her stotyline is crap!! it was so teenage, childish !!!
a lot people didn't like the character of Teddy, but the love story of Teddy/ Henry was sweet!!
be honest, I'd rather watch new interns'love story than JacksonApril


Everybody knows it will be Meredith who gets pregnant with a miracle baby. In which Addison will have to come and deliver. Meredith will name the baby girl Lexie. This will be Shonda attempt to try and make up for killing Lexie and Mark. It want work for me even though the Mer/Der baby will be adorable. Zola will be my favorite.


jesse w can't act for crap.


Do any fans of the couple have suggestions for how they want the storyline to go? Personally, I had been thinking a pg scare would be a good option, but it looks less likely to me now, which leaves me with my main idea of: 1) Knowing Jackson isn’t ready for marriage (episode 9x3), yet unable to opt for an abortion due to her religious beliefs, April decides to give the baby up for adoption. It’s a wrenching sacrifice, but she believes a child should be raised by two stable parents, not by a single unwed mother.
2) Jackson doesn’t understand April’s motives and believes she’s showing that the baby and their relationship is an inconvenience to her. Hurt and bewildered, he reverts back to his old ways.


3) They spend the next months longing for each other, but convinced there is no future for them. When and if they confide in people, they aren’t the same people, so no one sees the big picture. The exception is Jackson’s Mom who knows her son had his heart broken, but not by whom, and knows April doesn’t feel it’s right for her to keep the baby without a husband/father for the child, but doesn’t know it’s her son’s.
4)In an echo of Merideth’s triumph at her boards despite the stomach flu, April manages to pass her boards despite going into labor.
5)Catherine is one of her examiners and ends up delivering the baby. As she’s admiring the baby, she recognizes that he/she looks just like Jackson (the eyes?). The penny drops. She puts everything together, kicks their @sses and sets everything right. This relies heavily upon Catherine’s character swooping in and acting as a Deus ex machina. Perhaps someone else has some other ideas?


Misread so *nevermind*

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