Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Words Fail Him

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Jackson is pretty close to speechless in a new clip from tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy.

If you watched the Grey's Anatomy promo at the end of the most recent episode, you probably know why, but this sneak peek sets it up with a little more clarity after April shares a sudden realization with him.

His reaction? Along the lines of what you'd expect in that situation ...

What do you think? Is this really happening, or will there be a twist?

For four additional clips from this week's show, follow the link to watch ABC's previously released Grey's Anatomy sneak peeks and share your predictions for all things "I Was Made For Lovin' You" below!

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For what reason would April have had her tubes tied? If anyone is a candidate for that it should have been Fertile Myrtle Cristjna who says she doesn't want kids but has gotten knocked up twice. April has never to my knowledge said she doesn't want kids. The ignorance of some of you people around here is ...... I'm speechless. Educate yourselves before posting nonsense.


argh, cut off! why would she not have had her remaining tube tied ages ago? GA is dramatic fiction, so emotional torment is a good thing and I don't expect everything to make perfect sense, but I want things to feel true to character within the context of the storyline. JMO.


Love April and Jackson! The clip does make it seem more likely that it will be a pregnancy rather than a scare. For some of us, four days late is meaningless, but if April's one of those regular-as-a-clock gals, that's different. I know they've had a lot of unplanned pregnancies on GA (it is a drama), but this one doesn't require a suspension of disbelief within the story we're been shown. When April returned to the hospital, neither character knew the other would be there (and April was re-virginizing anyway, LOL), so it's likely neither had protection with them and the next few times were an unexpected "last time," hahaha. So their having had unprotected sex, while terribly reckless, is plausible. Callie's sexual encounters with Mark were also unexpected and impulsive--again, the pregnancy makes sense within the storyline. Now the actions of the Christina character drive me nuts. Here's a woman who KNOWS she doesn't want children. Why in heaven's name would she not have had her remaining tube tied ages ago? Dramas should have emotional torment, but that jarred me with its lack of logic. Sure it's fiction and things don't have to make perfect sense, but I want them to make sense within the context of the storyline. JMO.


I hope she gets pregnant and decides to go back to her farm with Jackson to raise their baby. Man, April is the worst character of Grey's, the writers can't give her a good storyline ever. It's time to make her be a badass surgeons like the others or get rid of her.


Please, not another pregnancy by mistake story. There's been Callie and Christina already. How many can there? It's 2012 and these are doctors! Also, before she sounds the alarm, shouldn't she take a pregnancy test?


It would be really dumb at this point for the writers to pull a "it was just stress" that made her period late since the characters have been having sex for months now. I'd like to actually see her be pregnant and the consequences it brings for her and Jackson. (and honestly, she's not a great surgeon, so the storyline might be better for her!)

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