Grimm Review: Cannibals and Kisses

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It only took 11 episodes, but "To Protect and Serve Man" finally began making a hand out of some of this season’s story cards.

Hank Has a Different View

But before getting to Monroe, Juliette and Renard, let’s begin with the case.

As much as I tend to complain when Grimm decides to veer back to its procedural roots, tonight’s episode didn’t bother me in the slightest. It could be due to some of the serial arcs this season because they are slow burning, but then that would take away from the genuinely compelling case.

The reason the case was so captivating was because of the ambiguity surrounding Ferren. Even with the context of the Wesen world seven years later, and Hank wanting to do his best to make sure that he leaves no stones unturned before a man is set to death, it’s still difficult to piece together if Ferren is a man who is truly haunted by these images and reacted out of fear, or if he is something more.

No matter what the end result of Ferren’s character is, it’s great to see Hank continually expand in small moments over the course of this season. The knowing glance between him and Ferren at the end when Ferren asks if he’s seen the faces is a great example of this. Hank’s initiation into Nick’s world has been violent, to the least, and he’s stood steadfast and been an exemplary partner to Nick, but, for Hank, it’s probably nice to know that there are others with similar experiences. 

As for Juliette and Renard, the sooner Monroe concocts and cooks this potion, the better. While it’s nice to see that Renard’s little privacy circle could be on the verge of crashing, it’s hard to know just what Monroe’s actions are going to be. Monroe is very loyal to Nick, but he also has a fondness (not in a gross Renard way thankfully) for Juliette. I’m wondering if he will respect Juliette’s privacy for her sake, and try to help her out of this jam without Nick knowing.

On the other hand, it’s equally as likely Monroe tells Nick everything. Whatever happens Monroe is about to get a little more information than the Grimm side previously knew.

One final moment of interest is Nick’s conversation with Juliette about what she remembers before heading into her coma. A few weeks back I speculated since Juliette doesn’t remember her love of Nick she can look at things objectively, and while she doesn’t remember why she was crying in front of the trailer (and Nick doesn’t really want to tell her) there are still plenty of touches that have been hit upon over the course of this season that Juliette can’t explain: Bud telling her Nick is a Grimm, the cat scratch, Nick’s odd schedule and secrecy, and, finally, the spice shop.

Juliette isn’t an idiot. At some point she’s going to start piecing together that Nick is up to some kind of extracurricular activities, and if she regains her memories a lot more will suddenly make a lot more sense to her.

Other thoughts:

  • So happy to see Rosalee again! Hopefully she’ll be back before next week’s fall finale.
  • With Rosalee’s hopefully soon return does that mean we can finally get Monroe back in the field with Nick?
  • I’m now hoping for a Renard centric episode based on the plot of The Hangover.
  • Tonight’s honorary member of Juliette’s rotating circle of gal pals is Katie Walder who is in one of my favorite indie movies: Shelter.


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I agree with T. More Monroe. I really liked this episode with the added tension of the execution in just a few hours. It's great having the partners working together as equals. The final line from Monroe has to rank up there with the best closing lines of all times!


More Monroe! Less Juliette!


When are they getting rid of juliete?


The reason this story was so compelling is because it was what I like to call a Death Row Murder Mystery. Not only does the hero have to find out whodunnit, but they have to do so before an innocent man gets killed. The ticking clock makes the whole thing more tense by a factor of 10.


I truly dislike the Renard-Juliette storyline. I cringe every time one of them is on screen because inevitably it leads to the whole awkward pining thing. This whole story feels like a bid on the part of the writers to keep Juliette relevant to the overall plot without letting her know about Grimms and Wesen, but it's not working. I like Juliette, but let her know - and accept - or cut her loose! As much as I like Hank, I miss seeing Nick and Monroe working together. Maybe if Monroe tells Nick, Nick can figure out who Renard is and quit the police force. He and Monroe can work together as PI's with Hank (partnered with Wu) their police contact? Just spitballing here, but seriously - let's see more of Monroe and Nick working together!


You know, I can't understand why Juliette is so freaked out about her feelings for Renard. I mean, he knows what happened, that's why he's trying to find a cure, but her? For all she knows she's just falling in love with a new person, who happens to be Nick's boss, right, but, seriously, she doesn't feels anything for Nick anymore, otherwise she wouldn't let the poor guy sleep in that damn couch for 2 months. By now, she should have been at least smitten with Nick, which I honestly can't see. Every time they kiss is like she's kissing a brother.
If I were her, I'd probably have moved out and asked Renard on a date. Maybe I'm projecting...


I'm liking this season even more than the first. The characters are becoming even more intriguing, and it's not always cut and dry about who the bad guys and good guys are.


I like Hank. I think he's great for Nick as a partner now that he's in with all the information. It's good that Nick is not all alone and it's also interesting that his "team" consist at least of a human, a wessen and a Grimm! Monroe is the heart of this show, no doubt. And Renard is awfully intriguing! I didn't know they go on hiatus :(
I think Jason Gedtrick was fantastic in this episode, he made a very compelling character and therefore a great case of the week, which is always good for those of us who don't care so much about the procedural part.


I love Grimm but i want MORE MONROE (and Rosalie!!!) Ok Hank doesn't suck like in the beginning, but he isn't funny like Monroe to watch, it's just another caracter that I don't care about with Hank, while we got to know really good Monroe, with all his flaws, tics and strong points, his hilarious comments and his bravery...and the acting is so good, you really see he's in caracter. and now it feels as if the show builed this amazing caracter just to let it down for a....boring exchangeable one, Hank :( did we see any scene with monroe and nick these days?? are they still communicating?
Honestly, if they kill of Hank tomorrow and give Nick another partner, anyone crying and protesting??


First off, I love you idea of a Renard-centric episode based on the plot of "The Hangover". I know Monroe is fond of Juliette, and he obviously doesn't know who Renard is with respect to Nick. But Nick is his friend, possibly his best friend. I don't think he could keep this from Nick for long. Besides, what fun will it be if it remained a secret forever? It looks like next week's episode will bring together the players back in Portland. Finally. But then it's the last episode for 2012. NBC, you're so mean!

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