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Grimm Season 2

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

On the Grimm season 2 finale, as the attacks involving the undead continue, Nick asks Monroe and Rosalee for help.

"The Walking Dead"

Nick and Hank wonder if there are zombies in Portland when they investigate people who are turning up dead more than once on Grimm.

"Kiss the Muse"

A muse-like Weson causes problems for Nick and Juliette on Grimm.


Juliette begins to remember romantic feelings she had for Nick while NIck begins to wonder about the existence of Weson aliens on Grimm.

"Ring of Fire"

Juliette seeks help dealing with memories of Nick while an active volcano may bury Portland in lava on Grimm.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"

When she's called up for jury duty, Rosalee asks Nick and Hank for help in stopping a Weson defense attorney who's trying to get a murder case overturned on Grimm.


Nick and Hank go after a Wesen killer while Juliette makes some headway with her memory issues on Grimm.

"Mr. Sandman"

Nick and Hank stumble across a Wesen that feeds off its victims tears when they investigate the death of a woman who ends up dead just after going blind on Grimm.

"Natural Born Wesen"

When a group of Wesen rob banks using their natural disguises they break a sacred code and Juliette's memories start to return on Grimm.

"Face Off"

Nick has to investigate his own crime while still dealing with the truth about Juliette and Renard on Grimm.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"

On Grimm, Adalind returns planning revenge against Nick, Juliette, and Hank while Monroe is surprised at the spice shop.

"To Protect and Serve Man"

On Grimm, Hank begins to question an arrest he made in the past once he factors in his new knowledge of the Wesen world.

"The Hour of Death"

On Grimm, Juliette turns to Capt. Renard as she works through her issues with Nick and is a gruesome murder connected to another Grimm.

"La Llorona"

On Grimm, Nick believes there may be a link between recent child abductions and a legend that links back to his family's history.

"The Other Side"

On Grimm, the death of a high school student has Nick and Hank on the case while Monroe must handle a surprise visitor at the spice shop.

"The Bottle Imp"

On Grimm, Hank and Nick have to handle an unstable father and daughter as they investigate a gruesome murder and Monroe runs the spice shop for Rosalee.

"Over My Dead Body"

On Grimm, Angelina returns to tell Monroe that his relationship with Nick may be putting him in danger.

"The Good Shepherd"

On Grimm, after a robbery Monroe investigates a Wesen church. Nick tries to reconnect with Juliette while he's being stalked.


On Grimm, while investigating an accident Nick uncovers a dangerous Wesen disease and Rosalee and Monroe come in contact with an infected creature.

"Bad Moon Rising"

On Grimm, when the daughter of an old friend of Hank's goes missing, Nick looks into why she disappeared.

"The Kiss"

On Grimm, more is learned about Juliette's condition as Monroe and Rosalee race to save her life.

"Bad Teeth"

Nick deals with his mother's death on the Grimm Season 2 premiere. Elsewhere, Renard works to reconnect with his estranged sibling.

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