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I am officially retitling this episode to "Adorable." Tonight featured all of the mushy and adorable scenes that make you go "aww" and "oh my goodness how sweet." By the end, I had a stupid smile on my face because it was so darn cute.

In "Achy Breaky Hearts," we had lovers breaking up, reconciling and then breaking up again. From Brick and Emily ending their love affair to Wade realizing he has real feelings for Zoe, this episode pulled on the heartstrings. Hard.

Zoe & Lemon Strategize

For the most part, the episode centered around Lavon and Ruby. Their relationship was the center of the motivation for Lemon's actions and for most of Zoe's actions. Lemon was dead set on breaking them up in for her own benefit and recruited Zoe to help. Some of me hated that Lemon was going back to her "old" devious ways and the other part of me loved that she is fighting for what she wants. Then, there was Zoe who is so clueless.

Girl, come on. 

I think it's also VERY selfish of Lavon to ask Ruby to stay in the small town of Bluebell for him. If you truly love someone, you have to let him/her go, especially if that's the best thing for them. Ruby is meant for bigger and better things than Bluebell and as much as I love her character on the show, she simply should be elsewhere. Lavon said, "jobs come and go." Well, maybe in your small town - but this is a down economy where gigs are hard to find.

I died in the scene when Lemon brought a cake for Lavon and he was confessing all of those things to her. It was by far my favorite moment of theirs this whole entire series. Jaime King did such a brilliant job; you could just see the pain and longing Lemon felt for Lavon. When she finally made the decision to help him get Ruby back, it was in that moment when saw just how much Lemon has changed and matured.

Remember when everyone hated Lemon and wanted her gone? Look at her now. I knew from day one she'd be the one character that would grow more than anyone else. (Can I just say how much I loved Zoe and Lemon partnering up? Now they just need to become best friends!)

Elsewhere, Brick and Emily are adorable and I am terribly sad that they broke up! Poor Brick. I truly feel sorry for him. He was finally happy and excited to be in a relationship and then they end it. I didn't see that coming, honestly. *Sniff*

Then there was Magnolia, who I will admit I love more and more as each episode progresses, putting aside her stubbornness for her father's happiness. Her and Brick are both growing and learning how to live without Lemon in the household and I want more of this in each episode.

That little boy who was making friends with Wade has to be the most adorable little I've ever seen. His personality, his accent and his cute little chubby body had me smiling and constantly laughing. Can we bring him back? I would love nothing more than to see more of his cute talents on Dixie

Normally, I think the Wade and Zoe dynamic is one of the most boring parts of the series, but tonight was not the case. Wade FINALLY realized that he has more than just "friends with benefits" feelings towards Zoe. When he told Zoe that George didn't care they were sleeping together, my heart broke for him. Zoe, once again, is clueless. Get it together, woman!

Wade is better than George and he is the one that should end up with Zoe. Why? They are opposites and it'll be so interesting for them and their dynamic will spark. Zoe and George are boring. Sorry, but Wade and Zoe are my endgame. I am starting to believe that Wade feels the same way. 

Now Wade just needs to grow a pair and fight for his woman! 


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Zoe looked really disappointed after Wade turned her down. I hope he lets her know he will not be a substitute for George. She really needs to let him know she appreciates him and stop taking him for granted.


These concerns about inconsistency are just one of the reasons I think we lost out when they didn't show us George figuring out W/Z's relationship continued after the premiere. That would have been an important character development moment for him, and instead we got told instead of shown. How upset was he? When and why did he decide that he was "kinda ok" with it? Was he more upset with/felt more betrayed by Wade, his lifelong friend, or Zoe, his supposed love? Is he starting to realize (like most of the audience) that his feelings for Zoe were not real and simply an excuse to get out of his wedding? Like I said, I'm actually mostly OK with how Wade has been written this season, but the G/Z branch of the triangle is indeed very frustrating and that's because they just expect us to make the jumps with the characters when they start making declarations of feelings instead of actually showing their relationship to us.


George hasn't completely and suddenly fell out of love with Zoe, he said his "kinda" ok with her and Wade because he has to be, seeing as he knows she's got a thing with Wade now. And like Zoe told him, she wants him to find himself and have fun because she didn't want to be his rebound. So he can date who ever he wants in the meantime.
As for Zoe, i think she has some feeling for Wade but again maybe only because she wants him to be more like George because that's the kind of guy she goes for. She still holds a torch for George because she didn't like the idea that he was ok with her and Wade, she hoped he would unhappy about it.


That is the sign of a man in love whose is experiencing heartbreak. As for Zoe, although I do think she has feelings for George I think at this point in time it is more a habit than actual love. I don't think she was ever in love with him. It is an idea that she has clung to for over a year since she first entered town. She is afraid to let that picture and fantasy go. She also doesn't act like a woman in love. She has had many opportunities to be with George and experience her fantasy and she has found every excuse to not go through with it. She'd rather cling to the fantasy than actually have the reality.


For me the GZ side of the triangle has always been inconsistently written going back to last year. So adding in this season it isn't any different. There has been little to no real development on that end. It all started with Zoe's insta-love. I'm still not convinced when George even fell in love with Zoe. As of the wedding day he loved both Lemon and Zoe. Day after the wedding he was all gung-ho for Zoe. He also easily accepted the dating advice. So to see that he is now sort of ok with Wade being with Zoe it just goes along with the same pattern. I actually never believed that he was in love with Zoe. Sure he might have been attracted to her, but I believe that she was a breath of fresh air from Lemon. He was suffocating in that relationship with Lemon (although I do want them back together in the distant future). Someone else mentioned it. He was devastated when he found out about Lavon and Lemon and then again when that song came on in NO. That is the sign of a man in love whose is experiencing heartbreak.


The inconsistency is the major flaw to me too. In my opion the show is in such a hurry to get through a storyline that it's misses details. For instance, until this episode we were led to believe George was madly in love w Zoe but now he's okay w her seeing Wade - that doesn't make any sense. No body fells out of love that fast. I need to know why he came to that conclusion ...more then some stupid story about how he and Tanzy connected...supposedly he connected w Zoey not to long ago and she was his true love. I idea that he wouldn't wallow in a little pity after being rejected by Zoey (after the wedding) is crazy. Zoey is the queen of flip flop. After all that hurt she caused Wade in the past you would have thought she would be a little bit more considerate of his feeling but instead you see this character who is clueless of her past actions. This is annoying.


I AGREE Wade needs to leave Zoe alone and grow on his own. That girl only cares about two people... herself and George Tucker. In her mind Wade will always be meaningless when it comes to George.


Completely agree ReneeM. There was definitely character growth this episode, like there has been in many episodes in the past however; it's the consistency of these new developments being continued into episodes to come that I get annoyed by. We find a new piece of information about a character's background or their thoughts/feelings on something and then it could be as soon as the following episode that it's easily forgotten. So yes, I agree "the writers of HOD are very inconsistent in character development; it's the weakest part of the show". I'm still going to try to find time to re-watch the episode though. I've said it before but it's definitely Wade and Zoe's chemistry that has me returning to the show (they're definitely not boring in my opinion).


Felt very badly for Wade. While I had liked them as a couple, Zoe's total cluelessness and passive meanness to him make me think he deserves better. Still can't see George with Tansy; I think Wade called it, she would be his placeholder girl. And they seem to belong in totally different worlds. I agree that George does not act like a man in love. Sorry to see the writers are going to draw out the Lavon/Ruby storyline, because she clearly does not belong in Bluebell, and Lavon does. And YES, the writers of HOD are very inconsistent in character development; it's the weakest part of the show.


OMG OMG Poor Wade! And Poor Brick too! That last scene was heartbreaking. I'm not sure it the writers mean for the viewers to dislike Zoe, but that's kind of where I'm at at the moment. Is it fair, probably not. But I think Wade (and everyone else's actually) growth has been so great this season that Zoe not realising his, or her own feeling, is starting to tick me off. Loved the advice George gave him. Speaks volumes about their friendship.

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Conor: Why you avoiding George Tucker?
Wade: He suspects I have something that he believes he should have. If he found out I, in fact, did have it. He would be upset.
Conor: What do you have?
Wade: Uh... Um... A cookie.

Magnolia: Did you just text me?
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