Modern Family Review: Let's Get Phil-sical!

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In the latest episode of Modern Family, I found out something that made me love Phil Dunphy even more than I already do. That's, right guys, in "When a Tree Falls" we found out that Phil once pulled a Lloyd Dobler.

As a massive Say Anything fan, I can fully appreciate Phil's attempt to woo Claire back in the day by using the boom box-over-the head move. Even if he substituted an Olivia Newton John pop song for Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," I still give credit where credit it's due.

That said, Jay Pritchett you owe that man a boom box!

How Far Will Cam Go?

Well... you know what? I'm gonna say they called it even after Phil aggressively punched the crap out of Jay during their oversized glove boxing match. I also found that to be totally unbelievable. It was a sucker punch. Jay could kick Phil's ass at any age, let's get real here.

Jay is an alpha male and he would do well to remember that for the next time he gets insecure because he's the oldest dad at the party. Own it! Just like Manny should own his style. 

For God's sake, change out of those wingtips. You're a kid, not Nixon on the beach! | permalink

Don't feel bad, Manny, I have like one pair of sneakers myself. We all express ourselves in different ways, my friend. I wouldn't have wanted to play smash frisbee either. It seemed like a whole lot more fun hearing Jay and Phil tell stories.

However, nothing would've beat watching Gloria fake her water breaking to get Claire out of Costco jail. And all over one measly sweatshirt Claire obviously didn't mean to take? C'mon Costco, what a power trip! I wonder if it worked with the cop? Who here hasn't made up some excuse to get out of a speeding ticket? Good thing Claire didn't really end up getting arrested because not everyone looks as cute in their mugshot as Haley did.

Unfortunately for Alex, one sister is always the flawless one and some people are just more easily embarrassed than others. I totally feel Alex on that one. Then there is the combination of embarrassing and awesome, like Cam falling out of the tree!

Did this episode remind anyone else of the Saved By The Bell when the gang chained themselves to the oil rig? "Stop the drilling, stop the oil!" I love when Cam and Mitchell work together and aren't bickering. Even Lily had a few funny lines tonight. They saved Treona Helmsley! 

What did you all think of the latest episode of Modern Family?


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This show is consistently funny. There are other programs that are funny for a few minutes, but then you realize all the characters on the show have the same delivery and it gets boring in about 5 minutes. On Modern Family each character is a unique individual and the jokes and situations are tailored differently. I look forward to every episode, not just for the humor but also the underlying love these people feel for each other. In that way It reminds me of Friends, another classic family show.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode. I laughed pretty much the whole time.
I too think the Costco manager was way over the top. She just spent tons of money would she really steal a hoodie AND wear it out of the store with the tag on, it is obvious that it was a mistake, I knew Gloria was faking labor.
I too like when Cam and Mitchell work together. Can dressed as a character from Cats was super funny.
I knew that Haley would look pretty picking up garbage and that Alex would be the one to have something happen to her when she was trying to catch her sister at an unflattering time.
Once again Manny was super funny.
My favorite line was when Luke said to Phil "that guy has a huge left hook" or something like that.


I didn't say it very clearly, but I was trying to conclude that some of the more heavy handed commentary on "modern" families, like noting that the kids took different sides in the divorce, which in "real-life" happens and then each has to work through all of the changing dynamics with each other. It was also interesting and a little touching that Manny tried at one point to develop a step-brother/step-sister relationship with Claire, which both fit his character to try to do and hers to have not have realized that relationship (or "Grandma" Gloria taking Alex to buy a dress). I miss a little of it -- but this show sure is funny!


No matter the premise, the show always turns out to be pretty funny. I think it's the large cast and each one's own type of humor/jokes (like the cast in Big Bang or the old Two and a Half Men). Like, the one perfect (or Teflon) sister, Hayley! Remember when she was pretending to have a job, which Alex knew and got her family to go to the restaurant where Hayley supposedly worked ... and they never found out! Same joke, maybe--but still funny! The humor has also changed a little from early (like the difference between the big-glove fight and when Jay flew his model airplane into Phil's face (and his daughter knew it and called him out on it) ... or Claire and Mitchell arguing over :"Mommy" and "Daddy" ....


The only funny part of this episode is when Phil goes ballistic on Jay. The writers need to produce an episode that reveals how Haley was adopted, because she looks NOTHING like her parents, it's become distracting. Or better yet, just leave her off at college.


it looked like a slow episode to me in the beginning. it got better as it progressed.
you're right jay can beat the sh*t out of Phil at anytime (sorry phil)
i seriously thought gloria's water had broken. at first when the Costco manager said that if she really was having a baby or a turkey, i thought she was going to throw something at him. Claire (my second favorite character) wasn't funny today. hopefully next week/episode.
cam's costume killed me. that whole scene was so funny. i never get annoyed by him.
haley's mugshots were so hot!

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I have two brains in my body but I've never felt so dumb.


For God's sake change out of those wingtips. You're a kid, not Nixon on the beach!

Jay [to Manny]