Nashville Review: I Cross the Line

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How far would YOU go to succeed?

"You're Gonna Change (or I'm Gonna Leave)" gave us an inside look at three different musicians at three very different points in their careers, facing that question in one way or another.

What I like most about Avery cheating on Scarlett to get ahead is that it might break the two of them apart enough to give the former his own arc. Following his girlfriend around, and helping her with - or getting in the way of - her success just isn't enough to make Avery an interesting character.

Juliette Dates For a New Image

Turning him into the d-bag who gets dumped because he even thought about cheating with a prospective manager was a smart move. It gives him some depth. You could tell he kept going back and forth in his mind on how far he thought he could go, even to the point of a quick make out sesh before running back home to his girlfriend.

You have to give props to Scarlett for getting out of dodge simply because Avery was considering hooking up with Marilyn as an option. She didn't need to know whether anything actually happened or not. Someone who will even think about doing something like is not the right guy for her.  

I'm sure it isn't over between the two of them. But for now, it should make things between Scarlett and Gunnar even more awkward!

Unlike Avery, Rayna Jaymes has long since made it. She's an icon. She doesn't need to make sacrifices for her career, right? Apparently not.

For some reason. she loved the sound that this rock 'n roll producer creates, so after hilariously getting shot down because she's a "mom" with an "SUV," Rayna got him to talk through shear confidence and aggression. Well, that and letting him know she had listened to one of his rare live sessions.

The major sacrifice for Rayna, though, came after that. She stayed up all night drinking and making music with Mr. Rock 'n Roll. The result was apparently fantastic, as Rayna seemingly creates winning tracks while black out drunk on whiskey, but I'm worried about what it might mean to the future of her family life.

Teddy seemed fine about her coming home hammered at two in the morning, but he has plenty of stuff on his mind. Will it start to wear on him if it continues? And what will it do to her relationship with her kids? How far will she go to keep her career relevant?

Finally, there is Juliette. She's not trying to make it, she's not holding on to past success, she's just a current country star. Unfortunately for her, the decisions she makes are what cause her problems.

Stealing caused her publicist to make Juliette do everything she can to get back in the good graces of America. If that means showing up at a charity event at the zoo so be it. If that means dating a "choir boy" quarterback for the Titans, so be it.

Juliette reluctantly agreed to do what her publicist wanted in order to get her image back to a place that the public doesn't hate her anymore.

But when she started to hit it off with fake Jake Locker, using the knowledge of football she gained from her daddy being the defensive coordinator in Remember the Titans, Juliette just got herself into more trouble. The paparazzi got the best of Mr. Nice Guy, and it was time for Juliette to pay up.

Did she pay off the photographer simply to keep her fake relationship as squeaky clean as it began, and stay country music's favorite young singer? Probably not. This seemed more like it was doing something for a boy that she liked.

Now that they're going to "stay in" together, as all NFL quarterbacks do on the weekends, maybe Juliette has found something - or someone - to ground her. Will that prevent her from getting into trouble? Maybe. Will it be less interesting? Again...maybe.

I'm still not all that engaged with the political story, but if it's going to turn into everyone playing dirty - and people lying to each other all the time - maybe things will start to get interesting. Teddy lying to Rayna about not knowing her dad was involved with Coleman getting arrested is certainly a good start.

It was another quality episode of Nashville, even if it did have a severe lack of Deacon Claybourne, but what did you all think of "You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)?" Are you still digging the vibe? Are you interested in the politics? And what's the worst you would do to become - or stay - a star?

Note: The episode titles have all been Hank Williams song titles up to and including "You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)."


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Am I the only one that wants Deacon and Rayne together!?!? They have tons of chemistry and I think their past story would be intresting to find out, like maybe Rayna's oldest daughter is really Deacon's.... Also, love Juliette and the new football guy!


I love Juliette. She's spicy!
I also really like Avery, which made it hard for me to see him cheating on Scarlett. I had liked his character so much just until then. He still seems to be the most real one somehow. I mean, Scarlett had never done any music and lucked into the spotlight, while he had been working SO hard for SO long. That must have been hard so I understood the way he was acting. Anyways, let's see if I can forgive him for the cheating ;)
He had a great performance by the way. Awesome singing! Things I still don't like about Nashville:
-Rayna. I just can't stand her. So boring.
-Rayna's relationship with Deacon. It's just so unhealthy and too much drama.
-The political arc. I even started skipping it now... The younger people on Nashville are the most interesting to me. Juliette, Scarlett, Avery, Gunnar. Give more of them :)


Sean and Juliette: Good guy going for messed up bad girl. (sigh) Story of my life. I was really hoping that Coleman would be the one person on that show that would take the high road and show integrity. If he leaks those photos, that's going to crumble Rayna's world. The only question is whose arms will she run to - the new producer guy, or Deacon? FINALLY - Scarlett has left Avery's selfish a$$ behind. But NOW what's gonna happen? Gunnar's found a new lady, how is the poor guy going to manage this? Deacon remains my favourite character on this show.

Sarah silva

Sorry I mean' t Jake.

Sarah silva

I am glad I stayed with this show. It is getting good. I never thought I would say this but I really like Juliette.
Scarlett should have left Avery a long time ago. He wasted no time hooking up with that chick.
I like Juliette and Sean.
I felt bad for Coleman until we saw that he was the one that took the photos.
I am looking forward to the next episode.


Loved the episode. Like everybody else I was bummed that Deacon had such a small role, but the ep reinforced a few things about Deacon: 1. He's a good family man, 2. He's a good friend. I'm torn about Avery getting his own arc. He's not that interesting of a character to me. Shady, backhand dealings are a dime a dozen in the music industry, so I personally prefer every other musicians' story in this show. Now that Rayna is making her own music, I hope Deacon can come out of her shadow. Also, I may be in the minority, but I'm glad there weren't any Deacon/Rayna scenes. They were too melancholic towards the end, and frankly bumming me out. It'd be nice to see Deacon interact with some other characters. Finally, YES to the new Juliette story arc. I've loved that b!tchy, mean, broken girl since the very beginning. I hope this choir boy grounds her enough to get on the same playing field as Rayna. Then the two can hash it out, country style!


Juliette trying to redeem herself is laughable because she's not the least bit sincere about it. Not surprised at all at the political arc turning dirty...... How long before Rayna sleeps with this new guy? Deacon WAS ON last night......just didn't have a huge part ........ Glad Scarlett left Avery..........


I liked the ep but not quite as much as some of the others though due to the lack of Deacon. Overall I like the Deacon/Rayna relationship and I like her interactions with Lamar as well. I love when Scarlett sings but I really don't care about Avery or the politics and though she's supposed to be the star, I'm already over Juliette. In some ways I feel like the most authentic character is J D Souther's Watty White and find I look forward to those scenes. I also wish we'd get more singing from the little girls. In this particular episode I enjoyed Rayna's head to head with Marshall and also the small scene between Deacon and Coleman and I absolutely hated the political mess. We just got through the presidential elections. The last thing I want to see is more of political ugliness.


Love this show. It is one of my new favorites


No episode of Nashville is complete without hearing Scarlett sing! Now that's she's gotten rid of that downer of a boyfriend, maybe she'll be able to kick her sure-fire singing career into high gear. Of course I'm no fool, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Avery but he's in it up to his eyeballs with "that woman" now and he'll have to do a major "mea culpa" to get back in Scarlett's good graces, much less a boyfriend who "done her wrong!" Is that her next single? Could be! I'm ready for Gunnar to find his rightful place by her side and see how that goes? He's sure a LOT nicer guy than Avery. OK it's politics as usual but I'm rooting for the good guys and I have a feeling that in Nashville politics, the good guys have a better than 50/50 chance of coming out on top! At least I hope so, cause being the "country capital" is a lot different than D.C. or NYC for that matter, and here, rural and down home still ought to mean something...something good!

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