NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Shaggy, Ass Slap, Surfing and $50 Shots

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NCIS: Los Angeles continued to freak me out again this week. The last couple episodes were about old Soviet nuclear bombs that were hidden away throughout America and here we find out the government is developing microscopic surveillance devices.

Scary stuff!

Both are even more frightful in the hands of our enemies. And that's what happened on tonight's "Skin Deep." The ups and downs of money. Kevin Stone was willing to sell the tech to cover his losses from day trading. It looks like the Navy needs to look more closely at who's working on sensitive projects.

Kensi and Deeks Surfing

The case had a modern day twist because someone recorded Stone's death on a mobile phone and uploaded it to the Internet for all to see. Call the cops? Nope. Instead, let's try to blackmail a brutal murderer for some cash. Doesn't that sound like a brilliant idea?

Surfers Sonny and Lance really had no idea what trouble they were bringing down on themselves. It cost Sonny his life and Lance will have to live with that for the rest of his. It did provide an intriguing off-shoot of the investigation. It's not often that a Navy case would involve the surfer world.

Even though it was a serious situation, Deeks and Kensi were able to have a little fun while working undercover. Beers, $50 shots ... make that a double, and a bar fight. That ass slap was ... memorable. I'm not sure Kensi will ever let Deeks forget it.

Despite the initial false lead that Lance gave Deeks, the team was able to track the real killer from the full murder video. He was Clint Sears, known to be connected to Al Qaeda. His plan was to hand off the device to a Turkish diplomat, Semih Demir, who was cozy with the Iranians. Since Demir had diplomatic immunity, they had to grab the device from Sears first.

Enter another scary big brother situation: Eric manipulated the traffic signals to slow down Demir, while the NCIS team moved in on Sears at the ceramics studio. Brilliant, but again, freaky what the government can do. Maybe Lance isn't too far off with his conspiracy theories....

NCIS saved the day. They recovered the device and then went for a surfing lesson! Well, Deeks and Kensi surfed, while Callen and Sam looked on from the beach.

Odds and Ends

  • Deeks: How's your beach body? | permalink
  • Yes, they played "Secret Agent Man" while Deeks was undercover surfing. Hilarious.
  • Loved all the Shaggy references about Deeks. 
  • Some dude: Bad karma, Shaggy. | permalink
  • Why do the bad guys always run? Always!
  • Nice moment between Lance and Callen when they reflected on their time in foster care.
  • Food truck nonsense was funny, especially when Sam didn't get his Curry Shrimp because "Shaggy" got the last order.
  • Nate was mentioned during the autopsy. When he is mentioned, it usually means he is returning soon. Will he be back?


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I think that the ASL I Love You sign in place of Hang 10 was a subliminal slip by Kensi. Deeks and Kensi are in love with each other, not sure which one is most resistant to admitting it. I sure hope that the producers actually go down that street...


Forgot to mention the curious comment by Hetty on the phone to Callen regarding the op resolution and Lance's reunion with Freedom..."funny how people find their way in life" ...curious to see if this is a clue about G's past and future. Gotta love NCIS LA :)


This epi goes down as one of my faves this season. Loved the awkward "hang loose, Bro" at the beginning leading to the surf scenes, the bum slap, the "hope you choke on your liver"' the hippies the scooby doo comments, hilarious!!! Enjoyed the drama, the misdirect and getting played by Lance and always the chases . And too bad, Callen and Sam weren't surfing at the end, would have enjoyed seeing them in a wetsuit. :) :). And Kensi surfing at the end with no experience? Felt like she was hustling Deeks with the hang loose hand signal ;)


The ass slap was the absolute best part. He did it as part of the act, but you know he was waiting for a great opportunity to do that anyway. And he got away with it.


Great episode,as usual.Was anyone else really bothered by the tremendous stupidity of Lance and Sonny with that video? OMG, that was insane! Who would do that?! Seriously!
Loved seeing Deeks in a wetsuit,but woulda loved Callen and Sam in one,too.Loved the scene in the bar with the guy recognizing Deeks,and then when the guy at the hippie commune asked Deeks if he knew him from somewhere and Kensi asked "How many of these guys have you arrested anyway?" Too funny.Then came,"Oh,yeah, you look like that guy from Scooby-Do!" ROFL Methinks they need to be really careful about sending Deeks undercover into seedy dive bars.
The interaction between Callen and Lance was really nice.It gave us a little more glimpse into what made G the man he is today.


I loved this episode, because we got to see that hottie Deeks in a wet suit, which is always yummy, and because he was so funny throughout the ep, slapping Kenzi on the bum, making all those funny one-liners...I really am hoping that he and Kenzi get together, even if it is just for a little while for a romp in the hay!And I love that Kenzi is such a nerd she didn't know the 'hang loose' sign for hands. Funny stuff. The second best scene in the ep was Callen talking about foster care with the kid who took the video. So much pain those kids go through, its heartbreaking. Oh, and it is nice to see Hettie getting in there and taking control of the ops room and telling people where to go and what to do! She's small but mighty! GO Hettie!


What's not to love about this group from the "tekkkies to the hotties," it's all good-Hettie too! Best NCIS in my opinion and not to be missed!


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