Nikita Review: Crazy Bitch Turned Hero

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Percy may be dead, but his legacy lives on at Division... much to Nikita's dismay. 

In "True Believer," a former undercover operative, Mia, got picked up during a raid on a domestic terrorist group, Third Wave. Despite, Nikita's distress at Mia being left undercover by Ryan, she was determined to get her out. The old Division may have left their operatives behind, but not this new Division.

Nikita Questions Division

Of course, nothing is ever as it seems in the Division world. Mia turned on Nikita and Alex after they saved her and shot Alex. At least she wasn't a good shot and Alex was up and about quickly.

Just like last week's mini-Nikita mission, Nikita's encounter with Mia reminded her of herself. Their face-off at the Third Wave operation site hit a nerve. Mia's declaration that she became hopeful when Nikita went rogue against Division, but then was let down when instead of destroying Division, Nikita kept it running. Wow.

This was one of the only times we've seen a Division operative speak about Nikita's break from Division in a positive way. I wonder how many actually cheered Nikita on internally, while they were forced to chase her down?

Nikita held firm when Ryan wanted to take Mia out at the arena. This was the second mission in a row that Ryan was quick to want to exterminate the target and Nikita was against the order. In this case, Ryan was justified, though. Since Mia did shoot Alex.

The Third Wave sham was unexpected especially since Mia seemed to be close to Joshua. Wouldn't a good agent have been able to figure out that the terrorist angle was just a scam to get more business? Joshua must have been very good at keeping his real plans from the group.

In the end, Mia sacrificed herself for an "innocent" boy from being shot and perhaps blowing up the arena. Ryan was right when he said that Mia died a hero and Nikita was to thank for that.

With the differences in opinion lately between Nikita and Ryan, their heart-to-heart was touching to see. Though, I'm not sure Ryan will be able to keep his promise of no more active missions. The President has a tight hold over him and it doesn't seem that he has shared that with Nikita or anyone else.

Will they be able to stay on the same page? Doubtful. They will continue to butt heads over missions and the direction of Division. I hope that Ryan doesn't become corrupted by the power. He was an honorable man before he took this role, but it will be a challenge to maintain that integrity. Nikita may have to continue to keep him in check.

Odds and Ends

  • What happened between Birkhoff and Sonya? It's been three episodes. They really should let us in on the secret soon.
  • The competition between Birkhoff and Sonya is a good thing though. It will push each of them to work even harder.
  • Birkhoff Unmanned Tactical Robot -- BUTR.
  • Finally a Sean and Alex moment. He's only staying because of her. She's only staying because of Nikita. I'm not sure they could be happy together without the thrill of the mission. Or, that Alex would want to leave that behind. They need to have their date!
  • Was Mia one of The Dirty Thirty? I'm guessing not, since Ryan knew she was still undercover. So, that leaves the count still 28/30 outstanding.


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I thought it was full of holes, even for a Nikita episode (which I normally love, despite them). If she'd gone rogue, why phone up Division seconds before she was about to get captured? How did she go all the way from getting picked up to a super-max prison? How the balls did they, after guns started getting fired and their only mode of transport had gone, did Nikita and a heavily injured Alex escape from the prison? Why do all left-wing activist groups get portrayed on TV as easily-led terrorists? And so on and so on. It's a great show, and I love the cast they have, but they need someone to read through their scripts before they start filming them.


It was un-Nikita like when she kept her back at Mia during the Arena scene....I kept saying "shes gonna jump her" and sure enough she did. It was a great episode though.....The hour always zooms by and i never ever get bored.


Good character moments but its getting formulaic. Alex is too well known to impersonate a prison guard.


It was a good episode. It was great seeing Nikita not give up on Mia and still want to help her even after she shot Alex and shoved her out a window. It was a cute moment between Alex and Sean. I don't think Ryan will be able to keep his promise but I think he'll try or he'll try and keep it from Nikita. I really want to find out what happened with birkoff and Sonya. Can't wait till next episode Owen Amanda are back.


Awww the last scene is touching between Ryan and Nikita. Please more scenes like this, I hate to see Ryan be corrupted by the immense power. I thought this was a strong episode with a great ending for Mia. I was annoyed when she shot Alex, but Joshua was manipulative and she was weak. She died a hero, who understood what she did wrong. And right. Also loved the moment between Sean and Alex. They sure need their DATE! I understand his worries though, but I'll break down if Alex leaves Nikita. OWENNNNNN is gonna be back next week. I'm so glad. Miss seeing him with Nikita too. LOL


I hated Mia and I'm glad she was killed in the end.
Was glad to see Alex in on a mission regardless of the repercussions.
I do think Mia was part of the Dirty Thirty seeing as she was in a file full of the rest of them and Ryan 'blanked' her out and closed her case, as well the file. I could be wrong though.
Though I didn't think this was a strong episode, it was still great. Next week will hopefully be fantastic with Amanda back and Owen starting back again this time on a regular basis.

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Something happened, Alex. I went there to kill this crazy bitch and I found myself looking in the mirror.


Ryan: Nikita, why do you think she turned?
Nikita: She shot Alex. I don't care.