Once Upon a Time Review: Controlling the Wolf

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"Child of the Moon" conjured up another fiendishly good hour of Once Upon a Time, as the full moon came out and Red's wolfie ways showed their claws. Let's discuss, shall we?

Wolf Free No More It's been 28 years since Ruby's had to deal with a full moon curse and just when she needs it most, her red cloak disappears. Well, that's a problem.

But before the full moon comes into play, she gets asked out by Billy, aka Gus Gus from Cinderella. How cute is that? Unfortunately, a mouse is barely an appetizer for a wolf and even though Ruby turned down his date, I knew there was trouble ahead.

As Meghan Ory said when we chatted last week, does Ruby trust herself to love again? Or, more importantly, "does she trust herself not to eat somebody again?"  Yikes!

Ruby and Snow Scene

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke past Red found her supposedly deceased mommy and I didn't trust her from moment one. Anita took her wolf side a little too seriously when she decided eating Snow was the only way to avenge Quinn's death. In the end, I didn't shed any tears watching Anita's funeral instead.

It was great to see what binds Snow and Red together. Snow was the only person who accepted Red exactly as she was. Now in present day Storybrooke it looked as though David was doing the same. Ruby was right. This is her family now.

Daddy issues King George was just as much of a royal bastard in Storybrooke as he was in the fairy tale world. It didn't surprise me that he set up Ruby, but chopping poor Billy into pieces with an ax to make it look like a wolf attack was pretty extreme. It seemed as though Storybrooke could use a good CSI department that could tell the difference.

When the mob showed up to take down Ruby I had to laugh that one of them actually had a pitchfork. I know it's the tradition, but it seemed so comical. Of course Granny brought her cross bow. King George best watch out. You don't mess with Granny, who not only knows how to throw down in a fight but has quite the sense of humor too, as came out in her exchange with Belle in this Once Upon a Time quote

Belle: You have wolf hearing too?
Granny: It's not all it's cracked up to be, especially when you run a hotel. | permalink

One of my favorite scenes was Regina taking Henry to see Rumple. He really seems to have a soft spot for the boy, which makes me wonder if Henry should be calling Rumple grandpa. I'm dying to find out if Neal is really Rumplestiltskin's son.

As many expected after last week, Aurora and Henry were seeing one another in those dreams but now that Henry has the power to control them, anything is possible.

The quest for fairy dust didn't end as we'd hoped, but with Emma and Snow working on the other end to get back and Henry now in the position to communicate with Aurora, this story is far from over.


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If Neal is Rumple's son, and Rumple and Belle get together, Belle will be Emma's mother-in-law... the Charmings and Rumple will be in-laws.... since Regina is Henry's "adoptive" mother, would she be Rumple's "adopted" daughter-in-law too?


Is it just me or there is really heavy sexual tension between David and Ruby? Is that just "something between the actors or it has some purpose with the show?


Is it just me or there is really hea


How many times can I say this without sounding repetitive: darming is awesome. He is drop dead sexy gorgeous. And when he does that serious/jutting jaw look (swoon). The transformation from s1 is amazing. Lawdy that man is dreamy. I hate king george. I mean sweet jesus y do u hate one man so much. And to kill a helpless mouse?!? Really?!? Oh and Iam so glad to see henry being a kid. They made him so old fashioned in s1. Nice to see the kid pop bk up. And red\ruby did great. Felt so bad for her. And snow was usual was AWESOME


Loved everything about this show,LOOK forward to each weekkkk


@Drea xoxo - Henry is Emma's biological son. Regina adopted him, so they are both his mothers.

Drea xoxo

1) charming and red's tension is entertaining but yet sad to watch because i hope the writers make this connection platonic. charming and rose are each other's true loves, they can't ruin the fairytale story for the sake of the show....
2) our theories were correct, henry can communicate and why did they not trust aurora before nad tell her about emma's son......
3) i'm stil confused, is henry emma's or regina's son someone help me PLEASE!
4) when's neil coming to save the day and meet his son......
5) i wanted red to kill the king so that charming can remain pure with no consequences...


Yet another good episode. It might have been better if episode foccused on present sb and present fairyland especially since flashback seemed more like twilight. Does disney own that too? I do like how david has become more the hero compared to the weak loser from last year. He sure had chemistry with red this whole season. Will one fall for the other? It seems that we are getting closer to emma and snow returning. Interesting queen took henry to her enemy rumple to get him checked up (or that charming trusts queen to look after henry). Will we get a fb to see how teacher & pupil became enemies? I am guessing emma & snow will return during mid season finale. Pity 2 weeks for next episode.


Yes very glad for this Ruby/Red episode. It was a very good hour. I just seriously want them to kill George already. Especially if Cora will be making her way to storybrooke! She will definitely team up with him to wreak havoc in the world. Sucks that we have to wait two weeks for a new episode.


Since I love Ruby/Red and wanted to see more of her this season, so I was very satisfied with the episode. But since I also want to see lots of our feminine quatuor in fairytale land, I'm more and more disappointed when we only see a glimpse of them at the end of an episode. The first times it happened I barely noticed, but now I'm really getting tired of it. I'm thorn, because I absolutely love that mother and daughter are on a quest in FTL, but since we're seeing them only once every couple episodes, bringing them back in Storybrooke would at least give them more screentime. Or maybe it's time to cut back a little on the flash backs and focus more on the present FTL and the present Storybrooke. Randome thoughts:
- It's so superficial, but every time we saw present day Ruby, part of my brain couldn't stop thinking "I love her necklace, I want it!"
- We know from last episode that Regina took with her who and what she wanted. So why would she want to take Cinderella's mouse Gus??
- I am loving the bonding between Red and Belle ^__^

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