Revenge Spoilers: Who Will Die in Season 2?!

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With the winter finale of Revenge just ahead, we're gearing up for major "Revelations" this Sunday and beyond.

There's the small matter of the body at the bottom of the ocean, for one, plus Jack and Amanda's wedding, which you just know will be ill-fated for someone or in some way. Oh, and then there's The Initiative.

The amazing Madeleine Stowe recently spoke to TV Line about those two game-changing events, plus the horrible occurrence that awakens her character Victoria’s "killer instinct” and much more to come in the new year.

Excepts from the actress' interview below:

Amanda Shipwrecked

Regarding the wedding, Stowe reveals only that “there will be a wedding.” There will also be “at least one death,” she adds, though “a couple” is a more accurate guess. “We’ll see who gets blamed for it,” she notes.

The Revenge Season 2 premiere began with the Amanda at the bottom of the sea. But whose body went down with it? “I sort of know who’s on it," Stowe hints, "but there might be more than one person."

"I think [creator Mike Kelley] is actually still deciding.”

If so, he has plenty of viable options, given the tangled web he's weaving here in the melodrama's second season. A lot could go wrong for a lot of people. He has indicated that the body we saw is male, however.

As for the Americon Initiative and its plot, Victoria is bent on shutting it down. “Victoria wants to take down the Initiative,” Stowe says. “It’s going to be a slowly evolving thing from now until the end of the season."

"I don’t know how exactly how long Mike is going to run that storyline," she confesses. "But the initiative is definitely getting a hold of Daniel [through Grayson Global], and that brings out Victoria’s killer instinct."

"That’s all I can tell you; they’re getting their hands on [her] son, which enrages [her].”

How do you see all this playing out as Season 2 develops over the coming months? Will Jack and Amanda tie the knot? Who meets a watery grave? Share your comments below and vote in our survey:

Who will die on Revenge Season 2?

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I'm not sure who it is... I hope it's Jack, because it would be good to show that the main cast is not untouchable, and also because I never really liked that character. But he would have to get married first, because the dead body had a wedding ring.


But don't you dare touch Aiden!


Kenny, but I wish it were Jack...


It better be Declan. Nolan, Conrad, Daniel, Jack and Aiden should NOT be touched! Unless the actor wants out




I'm thinking it's Nolan Ross or someone related to him!


Well along with the person in the water being a male they also said it would be a main player. So it can't be Kenny. Well not only Kenny anyways. It won't be Alden. He signed on for the rest of this season as a regular. I don't think they'd just kill him off after that. Someone on a previous post mentioned it will probably be Jack so Emily has someone else to avenge. I think that makes sense.


I totally think Kenny (he has to get to LA for Teen Wolf and I imagine from here on out he is unavailable since they start filming in December) but I wonder who else might join him. Going to totally guess Jack getting initially blamed again but we will suspect....the friend of the Porter dad, Kenny's brother, Amanda, Declan, hell, even Aiden. It won't be Aiden on the boat though while I believe he has made himself a future perfect murder victim.


Please not Aiden. It has to be Declan.


Declan needs to die. NOW!

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