Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Andare Pescare"

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We're back with the latest edition of the Sons of Anarchy Round Table.

In this installment, TV Fanatic staff writers Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Carla Day are joined by Lindsey Roecker of to breakdown "Andare Pescare," in which Gemma went back to a very dark place and Frankie Diamond ate a body full of bullets...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Gemma's heart-to-heart with Jax. She was stripped down and honest and vulnerable and he still ordered her to sleep with Clay. It said an awful lot about both characters and where they are right now.

Christine: I have to go with Nero getting the love birds for Gemma. We just don't get to see many sweet moments on this show and I found myself wishing she'd tell him the truth about Jax's ultimatum and incredibly sad because I knew she wouldn't.

Carla: Eli's reaction after opening the back of the truck and finding Frankie Diamond. He may be a cop, but he crossed the line with his deal with Jax. What did he expect? In fact, the whole interaction between Eli and Jax was memorable.

Lindsey: I have two: the opening scene with Jax and Abel. We see a lightness that hasn't really been shown much this season since the death of Opie. The second was where Gemma was seeking confirmation (from Tara mostly) that if she did what Jax offered that she'd be welcomed back into the family. We've all seen Gemma sacrifice for her well-being or for a greater goal, but now we are seeing it be for the good of the club as well as the sake of seeing her family again. Jax knew she wasn't alright and yet asked anyway. He knows that if it comes down to it, Gemma will be his downfall.


Tara making like Otto with the perfume: WTH?!?
Matt: I really have no clue. We've seen Tara fully accept the life she has chosen this season, even sitting in the passenger seat while a body was dumped in her truck. But I can't compare that to her decision to go under the hood of her own car based on the same scene that drove Otto there.

Christine: WTH?!? pretty much covers it. The scene with Otto felt so sad and pathetic that her reaction to it really surprised me.

Carla: That was just crazy. Tara loses it in the oddest of ways. I really don't know what to say about her reaction at home.

Lindsey: Umm, yeah. Don't know what was in the perfume... but man. Tara's been on a dark path herself since the almost kidnapping Sons of Anarchy Season 4. I don't know if it was because Jax said "hold that thought" or just a crazy psychological connection to Otto or what. In a sense, they are both broken. Still speechless.

How should Jax handle Juice?
Matt: Pardon the VERY obvious pun, but squeeze him. Far better to use Clay's most trusted ally in the club against him via blackmail than his very own mother.

Christine: I love Juicy! But I don't know how he gets out of this one. Jax has gotten even more brutal since Opie's death. Things do not look good for Juice.

Carla: That's difficult to say. Since I, as a viewer, know the whole story, I think Jax should cut Juice a break. What I hope happens is that Juice trades what he knows about Clay for his life and perhaps even continued membership in the club. I'll be sad if Juice is killed.

Lindsey: In the eyes of SAMCRO, a rat is a rat. No matter who you're trying to save or what you're trying to save. There's always a choice, as Jax said. Juice really could've come clean at any time, which he did (half-truthfully) to Chibs. Will that come out? Juice could still be valuable to Jax, as Frankie spilled the beans on the Nomads before being taken out. But that may be where his usefullness ends. I think Jax will make a decision that will not sit well with him nor the others.

Nero: Too cheesy or too awesome?
Matt: Beyond awesome. However - SPOILER ALERT! - I just got off the phone with Jimmy Smits and her warns of a "turn" to come for Nero. It will involve "weaponry," he added.

Christine: Just awesome. He's sweet and funny and badass all at one. Plus, he's played by Jimmy Smits. Need I say more?!?

Carla: Love Nero. He's a loving guy. He has a questionable past, but for now, I think he is good for Gemma. The birds were an awesome and fitting gesture.

Lindsey: Too awesome. At first I was leery about him. But as we've seen more - his history, his son and how he's helped not only the club but Gemma as well - I've enjoyed watching him on the show. That's not to say there weren't some cheesy moments, but the awesome ones outweigh them.

Who would win in a fight, SAMCRO or The Mob?
Matt: Probably The Mob. But at least no SAMCRO member would go crying to a psychologist afterward!

Christine: They're both ridiculously violent, testosterone-driven organizations... but the Mob has more history behind it and probably a much longer reach.  SAMCRO could find itself in trouble.

Carla: Probably the mob. They have a far greater reach and more manpower than SAMCRO. The Sons are small fish and could easily be squished by these Italians.

Lindsey: SAMCRO has more members and better reach to other charters, as well as ammunition and supplies


I dont want jackson to kill Clay and i think clay is awesome and hot and compared to jackson he's cute and hot.


clay and jackson is awesome and coolest and they are both cute , hot too. i love of sons of anarchy and do you know that there is real sons of anarchy and i know but i've been going through some bad stuff and i've been carrying a weapon and i'm only 18 years old and i don't know what to do anymore and i think about stuff and even it's not the right thing to do and i've had some bad stuff in my life and i grow up with pain and i want to someone or somebody and i can't control my temple that i feel pain and send me email back cause i just somebody to talk about this kind of stuff. later gators.


If Clay can get away with all of the betrayal he has committed, then surely Juice can get away with this one thing. At least he is remorseful. Clay killed JT, caused Donna's death, killed Piney and organised the break-ins. Obviously he's a major character so he's not going to be killed but the so-called Club Rules are broken whenever he gets left alone after committing a betrayal. Juice is a young man and the club is his family. The Chief and the US Attorney chose the most vulnerable to be their snitch. He had no choice. Tig killed Pope's daughter and set her father onto the club. Can't this action by Tig be seen as a kind of betrayal?? Opie was killed for god's sake. Jax may bang on about the rules but he sees fit to break them when he sees fit. Everyone seems to be forgiven for thing so why not Juice. Seriously, if they keep killing off the main characters then why would fans keep watching. It takes several seasons to love the characters and new ones would have a long way to go to get any respect from fans. Forgive him. Maybe give Juice a 6 month ban or something, or take his cut and treat him as a rookie again.


The Italians are more resourceful than samcro please.
Samcro is peanuts to a mob of Italians.
Jax has gotten darker but he still looks good doing it. What Tara or any woman does in private in her own home is PRIVATE. Has far with Otto has she stated she is an old lady and protecting her MAN. No more what Gemma has done in the past {remember tigs@ her}. What do you think back then and now if both of them would confess? Tara is a young bride and a young old lady. Luann what did she used to do married to Otto. And lyla married to opie ENOUGH said. I love this JAX. Loved the other has well. But has opie as said the GAVEL changes you. I Like Nero & Gemma
They are in first stage in romance BUT her decision to prove herself that she want her family back and family is the most important thing her love life has to come second. She is a big girl she can handle both. Or just tell Nero the truth, that's too easy. Loved it when NERO told clay I don't make mistake unlike you.

Jaxs girl

1) My favorite two sceen were (1) when Nero gave Gemma the love birds and (2) when Gemma showed up at Clay's house at the end. He was so glad to have her talking to him again he was gazing across the table at her like a love sick puppy. Gemma has a long row to hoe. 2) That was just wrong!......nuff said. 3) I don't want Juice to die, but I'm afraid he will. He has to pay for Miles. 4) AWESOME! 5) Probably SAMCRO


Tara's a CREEP. If she was a man everyone would have said so. And if it was Jax allowing another woman to do filthy things around him he'd be massacred. It's truly amazing to me when others say that Tara's too good for Jax. In my opinion, he's too good for her.


The Italian mob in CA is not nearly as powerful as in NY and other parts of the country. That's one of the reasons that they haven't been featured as much as other gangs on the show. Black, Hispanic, and Asian street gangs along with outlaw motorcycle clubs control the majority of organized crime

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