Sons of Anarchy Teaser: The Hunt for Frankie

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The hunt is about to be on.

Following a Sons of Anarchy episode that saw Jax make a dastardly offer to Gemma and the truth begin to leak out regarding Clay,the FX thrill ride revs up next Tuesday with "Andare Pascare," an installment that will focus on one important question:

Who will get to Frankie Diamonds first, Jay or Clay? The future of SAMCRO may depend on it.

Watch the official network teaser now and prepare for the chase:

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Did I miss something or did Frankie Diamonds only appear in Season Five? It feels like the focus is on him a lot in the past two episodes yet before that we barely knew who he even is. It feels like a bit forced that he'd cause so much trouble for the MC and get this entire upcoming episode basically centered around him. Hummm.


Clay deserves to get Frankie Diamond. He has done lot of things for the formation of Sons of Anarchy.

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