The Big Bang Theory Review: Nude Revenge Wiggle FTW

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Are mummies and zombies the same thing? Okay, what about this one from Raj:

If a zombie bites a vampire, and the vampire bites a human, does the human become a vampire or a zombie? Or a zompire? | permalink

Thankfully, "The Parking Spot Escalation" was not about zombies, mummies or vampires. Instead, it was all about a parking spot. Sheldon may not drive or have a car, but he didn't like it one bit when Howard was given his space. A hilarious battle began, which got even better when the women sided with their men.

Sheldon's Parking Space

Sheldon may have gotten his parking spot back in the end, but it was Howard that definitely won the war. Sheldon's idiosyncrasies led to the fight, but they also set up for him to get played to a greater extent. While Sheldon stole Howard's Iron Man helmet, spray painted his name back on the parking spot and left Amy's car in the spot, those paled in comparison to Howard's antics.

Howard hit Sheldon where it would freak him out the most. He started out a tad weak by taking Sheldon's diploma, but the follow up was classic payback. Sheldon's spot on the couch is close to sacred ground and Howard defiled it with his naked body. And, no, he didn't stop there. He used Sheldon's computer right on his naked lap. Ha! 

Of course, Sheldon tried to outdo his friend by getting into Howard's new car in the buff, but a birthday suit will never bother Howard the way it does Sheldon.

In the end, Raj convinced Howard to give the parking spot back to Sheldon to end the war. Not to be out "bigger person'd," Sheldon agreed to let Howard use the spot until he learned to drive or got a Batmobile. If I had to put money on one of those, I'd guess that Sheldon would get a Batmobile before he ever learns to drive.

And the settlement came in time to prevent a permanent blowout between the gals. Bernadette and Amy stood steadfast behind their men. While the guys fought through pranks, the girls went full force on the verbal insults.

Amy: Well, Howard's never gonna go to space again, but Sheldon will always be a genius.
Bernadette: You're right. And, I'm sure Sheldon will get a fancy parking spot again if and when he makes a worthwhile contribution to science.
Amy: If and when? | permalink

Bernadette: Gosh, Amy. I'm sensing a little hostility. Is it maybe because like Sheldon's work, your sex life is also theoretical?
Penny: Damn.
Amy: Well, at least, when we do make love, Sheldon won't be thinking about his mother. | permalink

Penny got that right, damn! We knew Bernadette had that in her, but Amy? Wow. In the battle of the women, just as Howard came out on top, so did his wife, Bernadette. She had the best zingers and even had Amy's car towed. The big loser was Penny. She ended up with a busted up face.

Though, perhaps, the funniest exchange of the entire episode was when Sheldon went to the cleaners to get his couch cushion cleaned. Check out those jokes and more in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section.

Favorite prank? I have to give it to Howard. It would have been awesome if he just sat in Sheldon's spot and didn't move, but to do it naked ... he won it right there!

And for the women? Bernadette's "sex life is also theoretical" zinger was accurate and a touchy subject for Amy. Between those two moments, Team Howard and Bernadette won.

Who do you think won? What was the best zinger or prank?


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i thought it was very funny. love howars prank with sheldon's spot him stiing there in his birthday suit and having the laptop on his lap.
but the amy stuff way over the top. when can she go away realy it was so ooc for sheldon to go in the backseat with amy. and dose amy have kill someone befor we get rid of her she broke peenys nose can get rid of her now please'


(continuing) Seriously, Bernadette's comment on Amy's theoratical sex life was so good XD I loved also when she admitted being the one who towed Amy's car. I hope we'll see more of that side of Bernadette soon, she's great ^__^ The only thing that damped things for me was the running joke about Amy's bikini wax. The first ones were funny, but by the end of the episode these were the only moments I didn't laugh.


Although the episodes of this episodes weren't bad, I just realized with this one how little I laughed until now. This episode was hilarious! I laughed the whole episode, from Leonard's opening scene with Sheldon (I love those tiny bits of moments where Sheldon and Leonard are a team) to Sheldon's ending scene, and from the prank war between the boys to the zingers from the girls. Seriously, Bernadette's comment on Amy's theoratical sex life wa


i loved the girls' scene in this episode! I was laughing so hard that tears rolled from my eyes (even now as I'm typing this). i also think howard won the best prank. sitting on sheldon's sacred spot.. NAKED!!

Sue ann

I kept flinching at the horrendous obnoxious Sheldon, back to Season 2 manners. The most memorable thing about this episode for me is that Amy took Sheldon into the back seat of her car, lifted her skirt to show him her bikini wax job, and Sheldon looked at it, did not scream, did not leave, and just made a fairly reasonable comment about it. Who'd'a thunk it?


It was a Mini Cooper S All 4.


Me too, that's the reason that led me to this site. I want to know what the model of the car. It was really pretty. :)


I want to know what the name of thst car that was on Big Bang Theory 11/29/2012

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Raj: Okay, here's another one: if a zombie bites a vampire, and the vampire bites a human, does the human become a vampire or a zombie? Or, a zompire?

Howard: Meanwhile, you still don't have a car.
Sheldon: Don't try to change the subject. This is about a parking space. It has nothing to do with cars.