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The Vampire Diaries Clip: Making a Date

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In our exclusive interview last week, Candice Accola said Caroline was "110%" behind Tyler and implied that Forwood would be just fine going, well, forward.

But then Caroline needed help from Klaus and agreed to go on a date with the Original, which didn't exactly sit too well with her formerly sired boyfriend.

What will this mean for the couple? We'll have to wait a few days for "My Brother's Keeper" to know for sure, but the following sneak peek gives hope to Klaroline fans everywhere, as Klaus takes Caroline up on her promise and the two make plans to attend the Miss Mystic Falls pageant together.

With some ground rules, that is. Watch the clip now and let the countdown to Thursday night begin...

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BY FAR the best couple/posible couple in this show... i'm so in love with klauss... hope to see these two together soon... really soon


i want to like these two but he has done far too much damage .hes hurt just about everyone in the cast ! he needs to show some form of redemption before i ever ship klaroline .

David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure how Klaroline will be happening throughout the show(mostly Tylorine)but I can't wait to see what else happens throughout the season. :P =]


Klaroline omg! :)


Sorry but any guy that threatens to kill the girl or her friends (and totally would do it), isn't good enough for her!


So cute I love them.




I have to say I'm a fan of Caroline with Klaus and Tyler. I don't think I'll be upset either way.


Klaroline allways and forever :)


Klaus is so pathetic it's not funny. I can't believe he hasn't realized Caroline is playing him. Not sure whether he hasn't realized it or he doesn't care as long as he gets what he wants... I mean, just see it from his point of view: it doesn't matter WHY Caroline agrees to spend time with him as long as she DOES and eventually grows fond of him ;-)

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Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.


I'm not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't feed anymore.