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The Vampire Diaries Clip: Making a Date

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In our exclusive interview last week, Candice Accola said Caroline was "110%" behind Tyler and implied that Forwood would be just fine going, well, forward.

But then Caroline needed help from Klaus and agreed to go on a date with the Original, which didn't exactly sit too well with her formerly sired boyfriend.

What will this mean for the couple? We'll have to wait a few days for "My Brother's Keeper" to know for sure, but the following sneak peek gives hope to Klaroline fans everywhere, as Klaus takes Caroline up on her promise and the two make plans to attend the Miss Mystic Falls pageant together.

With some ground rules, that is. Watch the clip now and let the countdown to Thursday night begin...

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@Trish They're always releasing two webclips before an episode airs. The second one will most likely be Delena, don't complain yet. Imo it is refreshing that the sneek-peak was NOT about Elena for once. I'm a fan of variety.


UMMM. Why couldn't the sneak be a Delena clip?


I can't wait to see this!!! Klaroline Klaroline Klaroline Klaroline!!!!!


Awww, these two are actually cute together. This is what VD does to us...can't decide between Stefan/Elena or Damon/Elena and Tyler/Caroline or Klaus/Caroline! Gahh!


As much as I love klaus and caroline together, I gotta admit: making klaus chase after is very off putting and out of character. Bring back old kluas and let him get his dignity back.


God that was so lame, omg i can't believe it. He is becoming that blonde bimbo's lapdog and people actually like it? FUCK U PLEC. I swear i'll cut that fat bitch


Go to tumblr and see what this webclip has caused. :))


These two are so entertaining to watch!


soooo much chemistry between those two, BTW, JOMO is GORGEOUS!


awwww this is so cute :)

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