The Vampire Diaries Photos: Dancing with Delena

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May The Vampire Diaries have this dance?

As detailed earlier in the official synopsis, Mystic Falls will come together for another pageant on "My Brother's Keeper," as the November 29th episode is chock full of dresses, dapper looks... and Delena?!?

That's likely the main takeaway many fans will have from the following episode photos, which depict an aggressive Klaus; a partying Jeremy; and, yes, a slow dance for Damon and Elena.

Click through the images now and return to TV Fanatic the moment this evening's new installment ends for a thorough review of "The Killer."

Delena Dance
Klaus for a Kiss
Quite Dapper Damon
Caroline F.
TVD Bromance
Gabby Douglas on The Vampire Diaries
Salvatore Staredown
Elena Gilbert in Pain
Confounded Elena
Jeremy and Kegs
Klaus as a Date

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David and sabrina 2014

Even though Delena moments can be pretty annoying at times(mostly all the time)but I can't wait to see what else happens throughout the show. :P


Anyone know where you can buy Elena's black dress from episode 407?


I don't know why but whenever I see these 2 (Damon & Elena ) my heart beats accelerate as if I'm the one who's in love. I'm so happy and excited specially after Carina MacKenzie saying that their dance scene is not a hallucination or a dream. Can't wait till 29 November!!!! :)


If this Delena scene is a hallucination or a dream, I'll be so pissed! Enough with the teasing already!


Stefan could go away for good.. the worst character I've ever seen. I don't believe that this Damon and Elena dance is for real, I think she is hallucinating as always in the best Julie Plec style. Boring stelena should also break.. it's overdue.


yey Claus and caroline!


Is Klaus about to kiss Caroline??


Finally man. After 3 full seasons of stelena, people got tired.


This love triangle is becoming boring!! enough of this silly story line who cares if silly Elena chose Stefan?! They are good together boring! Demon should get a new love interest.


is stefan leaving? maybe he finds out delena and then leaves. he has dignity

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