The Vampire Diaries Review: Killer Consequences

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Elena kicked off this episode of The Vampire Diaries by stabbing Jeremy in the neck. She ended it by stabbing Stefan in the heart.

In between, there were hallucinations, unexpected returns, heartfelt pleas, professor-based revelations, a hilarious reference to Van Helsing and one seriously bloody step taken by the fresh-faced new hunter in town.

Yes, "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," TVDers. Especially when protecting our loved ones...

Bridge Standoff

What a tremendous job this hour did in tying together all characters and storylines.

Caroline, Tyler and Hayley had felt as if they were on the outside looking in on events in Mystic Falls, but here their de-siring plans came into direct (read: deadly) contact with Elena's crazy visions. We learned more about April's father... and his connection to Professor Shane... while Bonnie remains under his dangerous wing... and, of course, Jeremy is tied to both Bonnie (via their feelings) and Elena, Tyler, Damon and company (via his axe).

Everyone has a role to play, everyone is playing it well and nary a second of the hour feels wasted. That's impressive stuff.

However, I should really begin at the end, shouldn't I? The splitting of Stelena is sure to wreak havoc among TVD fans, but let's try to move past the 'shipper wars and give props for how this break-up was handled.

Unlike some issues I took with the love triangle on The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Elena was open and honest in her closing conversation with Stefan. She wasn't oscillating. She wasn't whining. She was direct and logical, based on what we've seen over the past few weeks: this really is a darker Elena and she really does have a lot more in common with Damon.

We've been told for ages that being a vampire "magnifies" one's feelings. And we've watched her bond with Damon grow. I completely bought Elena's reasoning and I appreciate that Julie Plec and company didn't drag this will-she-or-won't-she out any longer. She WILL, Delena lovers. Let the anticipation begin...

Questions for a Professor

As for the hallucinations, these were strange and powerful images. They were also revealing. A bloody Connor? A taunting Katherine? A duplicitous mother? The Vampire Diaries has gone all-in with Elena's transition, taking the time to show it from every angle. She's sorry she killed Connor... but she also admits it felt great to taste his blood.

She doesn't ever want to be Katherine... but she's more like her than ever before. She worries that she's responsible for her parents' death... and now she's also to blame for Jeremy's necessary transformation.

It's safe to say Elena is going through A LOT these days - and Nina Dobrev is positively killing (pun, intended!) each and every scene/emotion.

Oh, right, about that Jeremy fella: what a fascinating storyline! So now he's a Hunter. What does that mean, exactly? Will he develop an urge to kill vampires? Will he be pushed to do so in order to complete his map and lead everyone toward a cure?

And how does Professor Shane enter into all of this? He clearly played some role in the Pastor blowing up the Council. He eerily warned Bonnie that she best turn to him when the map is complete. But does that mean he's truly a bad guy?

He may know something we don't (correction, this is The Vampire Diaries: he definitely knows something we don't...) and his aims may very well be noble. My guess is that he sincerely wants to do right by the residents of Mystic Falls. Unfortunately, he likely believes the supernaturals that inhabit this town do not feel the same way.

My only complaint about the episode? The Caroline/Tyler tension. It just seems silly and contrived. I want to see these two teaming up to help other Hybrids and playing Klaus for their own purposes, not fighting one second, pretending to fight the next, and then fighting for real once again.

But Jeremy awakened and Connor's legacy passed on? AWESOME. Elena and Stefan having an honest conversation about the state of their relationship? PERFECT. Elena next turning to Damon? INTRIGUING. More references to Alaric? TEAR-INDUCING.

Another great episode. What did everyone else think?


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*Happy to see Caroline and Tyler not really breaking up but I understand Tyler's madness he lost a friend 'cause he helped to save another friend and got killed in the process. And to be honest it was shocking to see Caroline and Stefan so indifferent with killing an innocent person just to save a friend.I hoped she would've been more sensitive about that subject with Tyler but I hope that she and Stefan understand from now on Damon's actions to save Elena specially that they've done the same thing that they always have judged him about.
*I don't trust Professor Shane more than ever, is he related to this Silas? Is Silas the greater evil that is heading to MF?


A magnificent episode. Beside what Matt said:"What a tremendous job this hour did in tying together all characters and storylines." I loved the parallels and the symbols scenes that was great to watch.
*after watching stabbed Conner turned to be stabbed Jeremy I can say that this is the 2nd time that I was so greatful for the existance of the Gilbert ring (1st when Damon snapped his neck).


Kristian, nobody really wants to hear ur shit!!!


i loved the episode. i am sad about stelena breaking up but i serously am happy to possibly seeing delena happening. damon deserves to happy in one season and actually have a steady gf. cant wait to see what they are going with the show. love it.


Hey guys! Am I the only one who's not perfectly happy with what happened? I mean, didn't you noticed that Elena practically admitted she's become a person she doesn't want to be? Yes, she's choosing Damon but she's also saying she "wants nothing more than to get the girl who chose Stefan back". She's saying she still loves him and I simply can't see how this can turn up positively for Damon and Elena. Anyway I won't trust Elena, no matter how much open and honest, until I see what's gonna happen next!


rly mi kinda bkamng spchles n kant w8


Let's see.. New antagonist? Check. New couple? Check. Klaus? Check.


Delena is going to be fully on. They announced a couple days ago they are actually going to have sex on episode 7. So it's the real thing now! And I can't wait!


I think it is a map to Silas(the mythical immortal thing buried alive) that is Prof. Shane wants to be their when the map is complete. Also cant wait for Delena.


Loved the show. Glad Stephan broke up with Elena
and she was finally honest with him and herself. Love that Damon misses Alaric..I do too :( love that he keeps the empty seat and buys him drinks. I think the season has been good so far. I don't want Elena to be cured. She should stay a vampire.
Not sure how I feel about the hybrid/sire storyline. I do like Klaus and Caroline scenes.

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