The Vampire Diaries Review: Yes, Sire

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Hmm... I wonder which scene from "My Brother's Keeper" will have Vampire Diaries fans talking tonight. And tomorrow. And well into 2013...

Yes, TV Fanatics, Damon and Elena finally went there. Their Waltz turned into a Horizontal Mambo and and the squeals from Delena fans could be heard for miles and miles. But it wasn't the pinnacle of an romance that many have been waiting for since The Vampire Diaries Season 1.

No, there was a twist far different that any contortion of Elena's while writhing in bed: Caroline and Stefan determined that Elena is sired to Damon.

Elena Gilbert in Pain

The Vampire Diaries just can't let this triangle die, can it?

Two weeks ago, I praised Elena and Stefan's split. It felt natural, it made sense in the context of Elena's transition and her heightened feelings for Damon. It was the perfect time to have her commit to the other Salvatore brother and for the show to move on from the back-and-forth of the past few seasons.

Alas. Now we're back there again. Damon is the evil one who cheated to get the girl. Elena didn't really choose him, Stefan will be determined to win her back and break the sire bond... and blah, blah, blah. It may seem like a new tune, but it's really the same old song.

And it feels rather contrived. The Vampire Diaries is a fun, wild ride. It's best not to over-think the cliffhangers and crazy turns and storylines because, come on, this is a show about supernatural beings and, at the end of every hour, I challenge anyone to not claim they were not entertained. That's almost all you can ever ask for from a series.

But there's always a line. And here it comes across like Julie Plec and company simply invented the concept of a vampire being sired to another vampire. Has that ever been touched on before? Is there any reason to think it would make sense in this case, aside from giving the writers a convenient way to drag out the brotherly fight over Elena?

This was lame. It was a cop out. I don't look forward to the ramifications. I'm far more interested in why Hayley is working with Professor Shane and what that duplicitous teacher has in mind. I care a great deal more about Jeremy (never thought I'd write that!) and his nightmares and urges and how the awoken hunter inside of him will affect his relationship with all the vampires in his life.

Heck, I was actually invested in Klaroline this week, as Klaus was at his charming best and I believed for the first time that these two could really be a couple.

In other, disappointing words: at the moment, the show's three main characters are at the center of my least interesting storyline. That's never a good thing.

We'll see where this all goes, of course (next week? To World War II!). Up until this episode, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 had been off to the best start of any season to date. The hunter stuff has been fascinating, Elena's transformation has affected everyone around her, Phoebe Tonkin is downright gorgeous.

But I worry. I'm now afraid the love triangle will overshadow everything else. And who should be the most angry over this siring nonsense? Delena shippers! They have been waiting for years for these two to get together, yet they can't fully enjoy it  - they can't enjoy it at all, really - because apparently it isn't real.

This episode may have represented the best day of Damon's life. But it was my worst experience as a Vampire Diaries fan this season.

What did everyone else think?


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I can't agree more with you Rose!!!You cover me up...


Stefan is a hypocrite. And so is Caroline. They should really think about themselves before judging others. Stefan doesn't care about anybody but himself. He is to do whatever it takes to find this ridiculous cure to turn Elena back to human, eventhough this puts her back in Klaus' way. The fact is that eventhough she chose Stefan, she loved Damon before she became a vampire. I think that after the turn she lost her guilt about that, so she changed her choice. Stefan is willing to sacrifice Jeremy and he just keeps justifying his actions but he is just rationalizing. And Caroline is just full of BS! She is calling Damon evil and repulsive when she likes Klaus, the ultimate bad guy? Give me a break...


The Vampire Diaries just can't let this triangle die, can it? No!! The writers are too scared to make Elena choose once and for all! They think if she did chose they would lose the other couples shippers as viewers!
And this thinking is ruining the show!!!!!!!!! They just need to find the guy she doesn't choose a very good love interest and fans will be all over the new ship in no time!
Grow some balls writers!!! Thank God, Klaus and the originals are on this show, it's my only reason for watching!


Just a little intel on the sire bond thing. When you're "sired" you do what you believe is best for the person you're sired to. So even if Damon didn't "tell" Elena to do things, those were still his thoughts and intentions on situations. She has been going in and out of the sire bond since the beginning of her transformation into the vampire. Also, does anyone not remember that you need Elena's blood to form a hybrid who are all sired? So why is it so far fetched that she is sired to someone? Damon even said that it happens but it's rare, so obviously Elena has something to do with that. You guys have to look at it in a logical perspective not emotional because you're mad the Ian Somerhalder sex scene was cut into by a story line that did MAKE SENSE while Elena was hooking up with Damon like 2 days after her and Stefan broke up. Not in her character. Also, the fact is that Elena doesn't and never wanted to be a vampire and Stefan knows that so is doing everything to try and make it right for her again. She is just accepting it because Damon does (back to sire bond). She does of course have some feelings for Damon that have been built up and magnified now that she is a vampire, but have you thought about how much he would eternally love Stefan because those feelings would be magnified as well. She choose Stefan when she was human so that choice would be even more prominent. So there is something keeping that from happening. Possibly the sire bond? I know all of you have been waiting, but it's going to keep going until one brother decides its enough and leaves. Elena will never make the decision. I'm hoping Stefan and Elena because I do feel like they have a timeless all conquering love while Damon and Elena are more friendship set on fire. Don't get me wrong I love Damon, but I don't think Elena is right for him. Katherine on the other hand yes, but she chose Stefan too. Damon is always going to be the hopeless lovesick man who wants unconditional love in return and hopefully one day he will get it, but I don't think its going to be from Elena.


Elana had to be sired to Damon from the get go. She couldnt keep blood down from day one. He didnt turn her and had no intentions of turning her, so how is he the bad guy? And he was trying to help her by feeding her his blood when she could keep nothing down. If she was sired wouldnt that have worked, because he told her it should? Also, he told her to stay in Ricks apartment, not to go help jeremy, but she fought him. THEN he told her to kill Connor. Her being sired makes no since to me.


If she is "sired" I don't think even Damon is aware of it and would be very unhappy if he thought that was why she came to him. Elena has been attracted to Damon for some time and becoming a vampire has heightened all of her emotions, I think it just took a natural course. Like all couples, especially in TV land, it will be a "bumpy road" with many turns ahead. I too like the idea of Klaus and Caroline, it's obvious he really does care about her, or he would have killed her several times already. It's the socialite and the bad boy story brought into the supernatural world.


This whole sire crap is ridicules. The way Caroline explains it also makes no sense. She said Elena couldn't drink from animals because Damon said she couldn't But she was getting sick from animals before Damon said anything about it. Same with drinking from a Vampire and from a blood bag. She got sick off it and that's how Damon found out she could only drink from the vein. He didn't tell her she wouldn't be able to drink from animals or anything before Elena tried. So Caroline is full of crap. I am all for Damon and Elena being together. She had these strong feelings for him before she turned. She said he consumed her. They are good together.


If Jeremy is looking for vampires to kill I can only pray he will start with Stefan and Caroline. That whiny shrieking interupting of THE delena scene so long waiting for had me wanting to crash thru my tv set and stake them myself. What were the writers thinking and why were delena shippers to be punished like that, it couldn't have been two separate scenes - if they had to introduce that BS at all? That whole sire thing is just such crap I can't even comment i'ts just a bad joke. They must be running out of ways to keeps delena apart that's all I can say on it.


i agree with everyone.....this is a cheap shot at everything.....after awhile this jumping between brothers gets hoping that they are going somewhere with this....( and not back to stefan) inthe real wrld ppl get tired of ppl who have this on again off again relationship its a drag. a lot of ppl seem upset with what the writers are doing andi dont blame them. if elena and damon stay together there is more storyline twists and plots to draw wouldnt be a done show. but i can
guarentee the more they keep writing the story like this the more ppl will start watching something else Thursday nights


I am really glad that so many people agree with the stupidity of this episode. I really hope the writers get feedback from their viewers and rethink what they are doing. The only reason people get so into these shows or books is because the characters are believable. We feel for them and as an escape from reality, this becomes real in its own little fictional world. With that said, if I had known Elena personally, I would without a doubt believe that she has loved both brothers.. but that this thing that she feels for Damon has been haunting her for a very long time. She said in the end of last season that Damon consumes her.. before she was a vampire. She has had something building for season after season with him. I have waited a very long time for her to choose Damon. Regardless of who she will ultimately choose, I wanted her to choose Damon and mean it.. I expected that from her character based on the story that they have been telling for 3 seasons. This somehow cheapens the development of the characters for me. I thought I was living this tale with them, but now I feel like I know nothing. I always felt that the writing was exquisite on this show. Everything matched up perfectly and made sense to me. Even if she chose Stefan, I understood why at the time. This completely ruined my opinion of the writers. I have no idea how they will even bounce back from this.

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