The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Making His Mark

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The Vampire Diaries featured a break up, a hallucinatory return and one seriously bloody axe murder this week.

Indeed, with an awakened hunter in town and a shady professor wanting to know his every move, there's plenty for this week's Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi to discuss.

Pull up a virtual chair now and gather around, TV Fanatic. Let's talk about "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: I'm holding a tumbler of bourbon in my hand as I type this and acknowledging two more references to Alaric. I absolutely love how the show hasn't forgotten about everyone's favorite history teacher. These small touches expose Damon's soft side... and mine, dammit! I really miss that guy.

Leigh: Elena's fight with Katherine. Considering it was a really a fight with her own psyche, it was like a schizophrenic therapy session on steroids. It was all of Elena's own thoughts, so it was really interesting to hear her admit certain things.

Miranda: Elena and Damon on the bridge. He was the only one she could actually see during her hallucinations. The only one who didn't appear to her as someone else. I have theories in my head about why this is, none of which would probably turn out to be true. Runner-ups are Alaric mentions and the hint of a Damon/Matt Bromance. Am I the only one who thinks that'd be awesome? Because I think that'd be awesome.

Steve: Matt and Miranda have already discussed the best two, so I'll go with the random, almost off-handed line by Klaus that The Five once haunted him for 52 YEARS before they "just stopped." Took the new generation of hunters quite a while to find a vampire to murder, I guess. As Damon said, Klaus is like a billion years old. Half centuries are like drops in the bucket of undead life for that guy.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

More surprising: Jeremy killing Chris with an axe, Jeremy making a funny joke about killing Damon or there being a worthwhile storyline involving Jeremy?

Matt: That Van Helsing line killed me. We've been building for a bit toward Jeremy as an axe-swinging hunter... but who knew he could also crack me up? Who is this guy and what did producers do with the old Jeremy Gilbert?!?

Leigh: Don't you have to behead hybrids to kill them? Jeremy knows enough by now to do things right. I guess overall it would be Jeremy having a worthwhile storyline.

Miranda: Jeremy killing Chris with an axe. I thought his weapon of choice was the meat cleaver. But really? They had the element of surprise on their side and Jeremy's first kill couldn't have been a good, old fashioned stake-to-the-heart? Lame.

Steve: He really was killing it last night in many respects. Glad Jer is finally getting a storyline - arguably the show's most intruging one no less. So many directions this could go in.

Will you miss Chris?

Matt: Yes. Can we just move on? I can't talk rationally about losing him yet.

Leigh: Who?!? Just kidding. I think Caroline needs to care a little more about Tyler and Hayley in mourning. Everyone is always trying to save Elena. Other people suffer losses, too!

Miranda: I shed exactly no tears. Someone had to die and it obviously wasn't going to be one of our main vamps. Sorry, Chris. It was for the greater good.

Steve: I feel bad for the guy and all, but the writing was on the wall. Or Jer's wrist. Epitaph: R.I.P. Chris, The First of Many Supernatural Beings Dispatched In The Name of Young Gilbert's Mark Filling In.

React to Elena splitting with Stefan.

Matt: It was very well done. I think we all grew tired of the love triangle last year, but Elena's turn had already freshened it up on The Vampire Diaries Season 4. I was shocked here by how open and honest she was with Stefan. An adult, mature, sensible conversation?!? It looks like Elena learned something from Hayley about teen drama. She doesn't have time for it at this point and had to just cut to the Damon-loving chase.

Leigh: Natural progression. They love each other but it wasn't working anymore. It would've been unfair for Elena to stay with Stefan when she knew she had feelings for someone else.

Miranda: YES! FINALLY! Sorry. I've been waiting for them to break up so we can have more hot balcony scenes with Damon and Elena. Stefan and Elena haven't sizzled for me outside of The Vampire Diaries Season 1, but Damon and Elena? The hotness. It burns.

Steve: Unlike the overblown, underwhelming "choice" Elena struggled with throughout The Vampire Diaries Season 3, her enhanced connection with Damon has felt organic this fall, and has been integrated nicely into the season's overall narrative. I also like that they broke up abruptly last night when this could've dragged on for months. Stelena vs. Delena needs to be kept fresh in order to remain interesting.

Who should Stefan date next?

Matt: Let's just say he has a history with her; she's desperate for love; she's already lying in wait for someone to awake her from a slumber; and her name rhymes with Treebekah.

Leigh: Hmmm, let's get a sexy guest star up in here!

Miranda: Easy. Dr. Fell. Stefan likes his girlfriends human and she needs a vamp-blood supplier. It's a win-win. And then this show would be so meta it hurts.

Steve: Hayley. Tyklarolineley is just not getting it done as a Love Square. Add Stefan and make it a Love Pentagon, though? Feel the excitement.

On a scale of 1-10, how evil is Professor Shane?

Matt: I'm going as low as 1.5. I don't believe he's actually evil. His intentions are likely pure, he may think he actually has the best interests of the town in mind. But that doesn't mean he's not a danger to our supernatural heroes and heroines. (NOTE: Either that, or the answer is 49 because he's somehow Silas The Witch and just wants to live forever and everyone is screwed!)

Leigh: I'm going with 5 because I still haven't made my mind up about him yet. Need more info.

Miranda: 11.5. If I didn't trust him after seeing the map on his wall, I really don't trust him after hearing that Silas talk. And I think he witchy ju-ju'ed Bonbon with that "come to me" business. And Matt doesn't trust him. I'm thinking he's the keeper, or bringer, of the greater evil coming to Mystic Falls. Plus, an exhibit on the occult at a high school? No. That doesn't happen. Creepy creeper.

Steve: I'm with Leigh here. TVD has done a nice job of keeping us guessing with Shane; shrouding his motives, past and well of knowledge in ambiguity makes for a definitive, non-committal 5.


1. The break-up scene - great work by Paul Wesley and good dialogue written by the writers. 2. Jeremy making that decision and realizing what he is getting into - oh wait, that was off-screen! 3. He seemed sweet! 4. It was actually Stefan splitting with Elena and good for him! Honestly, it wasn't working the past few episodes since the writers have clearly decided to rename the show into Delena diaries, so yeah, I am glad Stefan walked out of this relationship with a weirdo chick. 5. I think he should undagger Rebekah, get Klaus and go hang out and that could be the best spin-off ever! Or....just hang out more with Caroline, cos she is awesome! P.S. I can't believe people are saying Stefan should date Meredith..ok, just becos Ian and Nina are going to be a couple on-screen as well, that does not mean Paul and Torrey should automatically be one too - Stefan barely had scenes with her. 6. Hello, his name is Atticus- he can not be evil.

Spindae 2o

1.Fav scene!?
Elena and Kat rulled it this week! This time Elena really proofed she is a good actress and I believed her every step on er way!
I didn't saw it coming when he took down Chris. The Axe was a nice touch so! And now it's up to him and the writers to see where it's going!
:( I was really sad as he went down. I liked him for 3 minutes and than he got killed right away! TVD style! XD
I didn't saw it coming! I knew they would go this way but I wanted a big blow up! Her cheating, Stefan going mad etc etc. But this was a nice game changer, let's see how it will develop!
Caroline is my natural choice! But I love Foorwood so it will be nice to see where it goes.!
6.Prof. Shane
Let's say 5! he has his own agenda! but he is probably good but wants to save someone he loved!


Oh wait, she didn't see Klaus during any hallucinations. But I still don't think it's that important.


"He was the only one she could actually see during her hallucinations. The only one who didn't appear to her as someone else. I have theories in my head about why this is, none of which would probably turn out to be true." Damon appeared to Elena as Connor at the beginning of the episode, it was why she ran out of the house and allowed Klaus to snatch her away. And she could still see Klaus, too. I don't think it's that important.


I don't trust Prof. Shane at all, not one bit. I think he is fixated on & obsessed with power, has traveled the world "ten times over" looking for power sources, has decided witches are it, right after Silas. Why does he even HAVE the grave marker of Silas??? He is cultivating his alliance with Bonnie in order to what? Wake Silas up / bring him back and then what? He is up to no good, he just seems wide eyed and friendly.....


1/ Damon and Elena scenes.
2/ loved Matt and Steve answers. I remember him killing a hybrid on their porch in 3x10 but I still can't get used to him doing the kill.
3/ Matt, Steve, Leigh and Miranda answers.
4/ Matt, Steve, Leigh and Miranda answers.
5/ No idea but I don't think Rebekah would be an option, not after what he did to her in 4x04.
6/ Matt's answer.


I was really amazed and impressed with the breakup, the actors, the approach, all of it. One of the best scenes ever between these two, felt very authentic and appropriate. Although, if all feeling are magnified, why then were her feelings for Stephan not even stronger still? In her "Katherine" hallucination we discover just how certain Elena is that Stephan will not love her as a vamp. "Katherine" said that Stephan hated her as such, so this must be Elenas fear...and maybe she is right. Do we know? Did she ask him, or just assume...? So is she gravitating towards Damon because of this and because she is now comfortable being this darker self with him...I have to say, for someone who is as old as Stephan, he is not very mature or well versed in relationship communication. She's still a teen! And no offense teens reading, but there is a huge difference when one has a bucket load of life experience to draw upon...or does not. Her confusion makes sense to me, his actions are exasperating. I love Damon's honesty. I look forward to seeing this play out, I was very bored with the (lack of) Elena and Stephan dynamic.

Strawberry fields

Professor Shane on the evil scale - it's hard to tell at this point, but that Silas stuff creeps me out, so I'll give him a solid 7.

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - Damon and Elena talking in her room, holding hands. I knew from the start that he will have his brother's back and tell Elena about the cure. I love him so much. Plus, all the references to Alaric were beautiful and heartbreaking. More surprising - I wouldn't call those things surprising. I would call them AWESOME. Will you miss Chris? Oh, come on. The guy we've met 5 seconds ago? I feel bad for Tyler and Hayley, but that's it. Elena splitting with Stefan - I really like what the writers did here, the break-up feels natural after she turned. She's different now and sometimes it's not possible to hold on to the past. Life goes on, things happen, people change. Something that was right once may not be right anymore. I'm just hoping Delena will get a real chance now. Who should Stefan date next? As long as he moves on quickly, so we don't have to watch him pine and whine, I'm good with anyone he chooses.


I think Damon will turn elena down because of Stefan. Their getting together will be dragged. Damon will be uncertain if only elena the vampire wants him and human elena won't so he will wait untill they get the cure and elena will have to make her choice one more time after becoming a human again :) this time it will be Damon:)))

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